DENVER (CBS4)– Colorado is home to a large population of certified divers, so it’s no real surprise it’s also home to an amazing deep-sea dive where divers can talk to each other.

CBS4’s Justin McHeffey caught up with Wendie Murray of A1 Scuba to get a lesson on not just the new technology but the fish at the Downtown Aquarium.

That technology allows divers to communicate underwater, as long as they enunciate clearly.

“If there’s something we can do to help you enjoy the experience better, we can kind of tell you that underwater instead of you trying to guess,” was Murray’s assessment of the system.

That means divers can ask questions and get answers inside those tanks at the aquarium.

“Why is this shark so calm?” was one thing McHeffey asked, just feet away from the shark.

Murray was able to answer right back. “Nurse sharks are bottom feeders so they typically stay on the ground unless they want to move.”

The system enables to Murray to share facts about the number of stingrays and turtles in the tank as they swim by.

downtown aquarium A Chance To Dive With The Fishes In Downtown Denver

Downtown Aquarium (credit: CBS)

“That’s a green sea turtle,” she says, pointing. “We actually have two females in the exhibit, they are 65 to 70 years old.”

Being close to the humans in the tank also means Murray knows which fish gets the most attention.

“You can just see people’s eyes when the grouper comes around the corner. It’s a Volkswagen bus-sized fish.”

A1 Dive offers several ways to dive with the fish depending on your certification level. There’s even an option to snorkel.

And for Murray, it’s clearly the perfect job.

“I’ve been diving for 10 plus years and some of these things, I’ve never seen in the ocean. This is my office. How could I not love it?”



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