DENVER (AP) – Colorado-based U.S. Attorney John Walsh says enforcing federal laws against selling marijuana near schools is a legitimate use of his resources.

Walsh made the comments in a letter dated Tuesday to Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett, who had sent Walsh a letter this month saying federal prosecutors should back away from enforcement actions against medical marijuana dispensaries that follow state and local laws.

Earlier this year, Walsh’s office sent letters to 22 Colorado dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools, telling them they needed to close or move. More letters could be coming.

Colorado law allows limited uses of marijuana for medical reason, but the drug is illegal under federal law.

Walsh told Garnett that enforcing federal laws to protect children from drug abuse is a core responsibility for his office.

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Comments (5)
  1. chad says:

    lets get rid of this guy Walsh. He needs to worry about real criminal issues not waisting time on a well regulated well run medical marijuana businesses

  2. The Boss says:

    I agree, dude forgets he works for me and I am his boss…Wait, thats been the u.s. government since the begining of the 20th century. Prohibition strikes at the very foundations of what it is to be an american….

  3. The Boss says:

    p.s. I see nothing wrong with the school rule…Although I see dispenserys as a pharmacy not a liquor store I believe these bans are unnecessary (Dont forget about the sugar and caffien readilly available right across the street), Better safe than sorry is always a good policy…

  4. Reality says:

    These people don’t seem to understand how many people enjoy pot.They are out of the loop. Prohibition has not worked and will never work. They seem to think locking people up will solve the problem. Power trippers and fools.Saying that,I think I will go burn one……..

  5. Reality says:

    The wife and I moved to Florida from Colorado a few months ago. They jail people here for small amounts of pot. Then they take their money and make their lives miserable. They think they are going to change anything? I wonder how many have tried it? I wonder how many get that alchohol buz going while they laugh about someone they busted? Their excuse is booze is legal,pot is not. Man made alchohol-God made pot. Who do you trust more?

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