DENVER (CBS4) – Police in Denver have arrested a man they believe is connected to a string of bicycle thefts.

Sonny Jackson with Denver police said Richard Goodface, 32, is suspected of stealing high-end bicycles and immediately selling them on Craigslist.

Anyone who purchased a bicycle from Goodface via Craigslist by calling (720) 435-6027 may be in possession of stolen property.

Jackson said Goodface would often give the name “Bear” when attempting to sell the bikes.

Anyone who believes they may be in possession of one of the bicycles is asked to contact Denver police by calling (720) 913-2000 or take it to the nearest police department.

“It is also believed that several bikes were taken from storage lockers or areas that the owner might not realize they are missing,” Jackson said in a statement. “Please check on bicycles that have been in storage during the winter.”

  1. denvervet says:

    Goodface? More like “Faccio Bruto” as the Italians would say (ugly face). I have had 3 stolen since moving to denver 6 years ago. All locked. One was behind an iron fence in a parking lot which only tenants here can get to, the thief must have scaled the damn fence. I hope this “faccio bruto” is found guilty and goes to jail a long long time.

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