WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Westminster police are looking for a man who may have tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl.

The incident happened Monday in Westminster near 110th and Harlan. Police say the girl called a friend when she thought someone was following her.

Police say the crime was completely random, which is why people in the area are on alert.

On Monday the girl says she was walking home and had a feeling she was being followed. Shortly after that police say a man attacked her and tried to pull her into the nearby open space.

westy kidnapping map Westminster Police Say Man Tried To Kidnap 15 Year Old

(credit: CBS)

“She got nervous, she called the friend and she ends up crossing the street and the chain link fence is where he finally is up behind her and grabs a hold of her,” Trevor Materasso with the Westminster Police Department said.

Two vehicles then drove by, and that may have scared the man off.

Meanwhile, the girl was talking to her friend who had called 911. The friend said the following to a 911 operator:

“Hi, I was just on the phone with my friend who is walking home from her boyfriend’s house. … and then he told her to put the phone down and she said no and he was like ‘Just put the phone down.’ And then she was like ‘Please don’t, please don’t,’ and then the phone hung up.”

The girl was able to run away from the man to a nearby home.

Police say the suspect is about 5-foot-5. He’s likely in his mid 20s with short dark hair. He was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans.

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  1. Tay Smith says:

    When has Westminster ever been considered “the hood”.

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