DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver-area mother who wrote a check for nearly $400 to a door-to-door salesman who was selling meat says her story should be a warning for people in similar circumstances.

Two door-to-door salesmen recently came to Heidi Boemper’s home. She says the men were selling chicken and beef and offered her what sounded like a great deal.

“He offered two boxes of meat for the price of one,” said Boemper, who was tending to her children at the time and was somewhat distracted.

The price was $398.

“I was hesitant to buy the meat, and he actually said he would throw in another box of meat,” Boemper said.

The deal got even better — now it was three boxes for the price of one.

“I thought it was a great deal,” Boemper said. “I took the bait.”

Boemper wrote a check and made it out to the salesman. But soon afterwards she got a bad feeling.

“I had kind of a sick feeling to my stomach saying ‘I just spent 400 bucks on meat and I didn’t ask him (important questions)’ … he didn’t have a brochure. I didn’t get a phone number,” Boemper said.

Boemper then contacted her bank to cancel her check.

“It was too late. He cashed it in under an hour,” she said.

Boemper tracked down the salesmen on Facebook and sent one of them a message. She still hasn’t received a response.

“I’m pretty embarrassed. I made a really quick decision and I’m not like that,” she said.

The Boemper family is now stuck with all the meat, and although they tracked down the manufacturer and learned it is all fresh they still aren’t quite sure about it.

“We’re not a 100 percent certain that it’s good. When you can’t get a hold of your seller, you don’t know if they are standing behind it or not,” Boemper’s husband Jonathan said.

Additional Resources

Consumers do have rights in these kinds of sales, 4 On Your Side Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks reports.

“If someone comes to your door, check the dealer and get a brochure. Read the label on the package. And with a product like meat make sure it is in a refrigerated vehicle,” Brooks said.

The following are helpful links in such situations:

USDA’s Door-To-Door Meat Sales Facts Sheet

FTC Facts: The Cooling-Off Rule, When and How to Cancel a Sale

Comments (13)
  1. Dave says:

    It’s more of a lesson to her. Whose buying meat from door to door salesman?

    Good articles on

  2. Chad says:

    Are you seriously kidding me? THIS made the news? This is by far the most pointless story I have ever read in my life. What moron actually thought this was a story? Out of all the things happening all over the world you decide THIS is news? Pathetic, please fire whoever thought this would make a good story and give me the job, clearly their not the brightest crayon in the box.

  3. JAG says:

    So the story is that some lady bought some fresh meat at a good price? Thats what I got out of it . . .

  4. Nathan says:

    This may be the lamest story I’ve ever seen on this site. Slow news day?

  5. Wayne Walters says:

    perhaps it fell off the truck, thats how we get many of our best deals.

  6. bell407 says:

    I only buy medicine and home repairs from door to door salesmen. Why take a risk with meat?

  7. Mom in Arvada says:

    Come on people use your head.. These same sales people came to my door in Arvada last week looking like meth heads. Why on earth would you ever buy meat from some creeper at your door? There is no “deal” that would sound good enough to make me pay $400 for mystery meat!

  8. Snorlax says:

    As a rule, I don’t even usually open my door unless I am expectinig someone. And I NEVER do business at my doorstep. If you want to sell me something so badly, come by my office.

  9. LB says:

    This headline looked like something out of The Onion. What a no-brainer. I’m sorry this happened to you, Ms. Boemper, but…derp!

  10. Mugwump says:

    A good rule is to never, ever buy anything from a salesman that comes to your door. I bought fruit once thinking it would be delicious, but I was mistaken. I think these people go dumpster diving at the grocery stores and try to convince us it’s fresh produce.

  11. J.Q. Public says:

    I have some “Meat ” to sell her!

  12. Robert Gift says:

    Looks like good meat and probably is.
    How many pounds?
    Maybe it was a good deal!

  13. S.R. says:

    Thought that I would post on this. I know about the company and the sales people go door to door with REFRIGERATED freezer cars (or whatever you call them). They sell you meat at a really good price and it’s phenomenal meat! My husband and I usually buy one box of about 61 pieces of USDA approved cuts of steak and it lasts us at least 2-3 months! They have a website and a guarantee of replacing any cut of meat that has a hint of freezer burn before 1 year. I think it’s a good deal and I wouldn’t buy anything that I can’t look up and find out about.

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