DENVER (CBS4)– The mother of murder victim Alicia Martinez said she will not listen to what was expected to be gruesome testimony in the courtroom on Wednesday. Instead, she said she will focus on getting justice for her daughter.

“My daughter has been gone for over a year now. And I just want the people to know that she will always be remembered and that she will never be forgotten,” said Vanessa Martinez.

Martinez, 16, disappeared after a party in 2010. Prosecutors say her friend’s mother, Jacquelyn Perea, took Alicia to a party off Decatur Street in Denver and gave her marijuana. Perea left Alicia at the party.

perea jacquelyn Mother Of Murder Victim: She Will Never Be Forgotten

Jacquelyn Perea (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Several days later, her dismembered body was found in the garage of the home where the party took place. Edward Romero is charged with Alicia’s murder.

According to the autopsy, Alicia Martinez was shot twice in the head and her body was cut apart after she was dead.

romero edward Mother Of Murder Victim: She Will Never Be Forgotten

Edward Romero (credit: CBS)

Francesca Pagliasotti is on trial this week, accused of helping clean up the murder scene and lying to investigators to protect Romero, her boyfriend. Defense attorneys are expected to bring up a history of domestic violence between the couple.

francesca pagliasotti1 Mother Of Murder Victim: She Will Never Be Forgotten

Francesca Pagliasotti (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Vanessa doesn’t understand how someone who knew Alicia could even be accused in her murder.

“She knew my daughter, my daughter loved her and her kids. My daughter trusted her and her kids. She was a neighbor to us. And for her to do what she did, and not let us know, to hide everything. For her to act like nothing happened is appalling and it’s just unbelievable,” said Vanessa.

Vanessa said while searching for Alician, she went to the home where her daughter was last seen and talked to Pagliasotti and Romero. Both denied knowing where she was, even though her dismembered body was inside the home.

Pagliasotti is free on bond. At a recess from court on Wednesday, she left court shrouded by her entourage.

Romero’s trial will begin in June.


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