DENVER (CBS4)– Biker clubs often complain they are discriminated against. State lawmakers are debating a bill that would protect motorcyclists from fashion discrimination.

“My friends and cohorts have been asked to leave because of the clothes they’re wearing,” said Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club member Riff Raff Verschuy. “Some gave all and we feel we deserve to be able to go where we want for the freedom we fought for.”

Verschuy is an Air Force veteran and a member of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club. He and fellow member Ray “Nite Train” Hoskinson are tired of bikers being thrown out of restaurants and stores because of how they dress.

“Not every biker is a troublemaker any more than every Muslim is a terrorist,” said Hoskinson.

State Representative Joe Miklosi, a Democrat representing Denver, is sponsoring a bill to ban discrimination against leather-clad motorcyclists with patches showing their affiliation. The bill would add unconventional attire to a list of protected categories alongside religion, race and sex.

“A young gentleman carrying a six-month-old child to buy baby formula was escorted out by overzealous security because they didn’t like his attire. That’s wrong. That’s discrimination,” said Miklosi.

Miklosi is running against Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican representing District 6. He disagrees with opponents who claim the bill is politically motivated.

“I’m a First Amendment disciple. I want to make sure they’re not judged by their attire when they walk into an establishment to buy a burger,” said Miklosi.

“This is part of our speech. This tells who we are, what we fought for,” said Verschuy.

Comments (5)
  1. Gary says:

    Bad idea in my opinion. I would rather know who doesn’t want my money. I ride and I wear leather with a patch on my back. Not that I agree that this is a 1st amendment issue, but the first amendment is to protect you from the government. Not from individuals personal opinions of you.

    1. Geo. says:

      I ride also, and I’ve never had a problem with finding a biker friendly bar or restaurant, or hotel. The patch thing is bar owners not wanting rival “Clubs” getting into it, in their establishments…it has nothing to do with discrimination. I don’t know about you Gary, but part of riding is having at least some individualistic or rebellious spirit in you, even if you’re only a weekend warrior you should have some of that in you to put two wheels on pavement. Jeeeez….these whiners sound like the people you see on Dr. Phil or Oprah. Government shouldn’t tell me how to live or tell business owners how to run their establishments…Period!

  2. bob says:

    how stupid!!!! This is just another case of government “intervention”.

  3. Tom says:

    Think, I know how hard that is for a politician, what problems you create. You pass a law like you propose and a group just wanting to get on the news forms a “BBB” association. That being the Bare Boob Bikers. They all wear shirts with a holes where their boobs stick out. Both men and women so you can get them there. You can’t legislate them out because that is what your law is suppose to protect. Too late to think after you create the mess. You want to change a restaurant policy, get non bikers to join your boycott against them, they’ll change.

  4. Kevin says:

    I can’t say I ever remember being told I could not be in a store, resturant or bar, in fact I find the majority of people are interested in what I wear and ride cause they only wish they could be like me and other bikers. I want people to see me and I really don’t care what others think if they disagree with who I am. I wear what I wear cause it’s what I want to wear it . Im free in my world and their slaves in theirs and any biker reading this knows what im talking about.

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