DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Mammoth are used to winning — and winning big. So when the team lumbered through a mediocre season last year, general manager Steve Govett decided to do some major retooling.

Govett kept his leading scorer John Grant Jr. and surrounded him with a bunch of rookies. It’s safe to say the youth movement is working because the Mammoth are off to a 6-0 start — the only undefeated team in the league — and Old Man Grant is on pace to shatter the single-season points record.

When Grant looks into a mirror, he sees a 37-year-old lacrosse legend who has rewritten record books. That’s why he needs a couple of young guys to remind him how old he is.

“He’s our idol. It sounds a little corny but it’s true,” forward Jamie Lincoln said.

Lincoln is 25 years old.

“He was always that guy; him and John Tavares were the two guys that I would watch whenever I could,” forward Adam Jones said.

Jones is 22 years old.

Grant, Lincoln and Jones have carried the Mammoth all year. They’ve accounted for more than half the team’s goals.

“I pass the ball to these guys and they put it in the net. It’s that simple,” Grant said.

They have a special chemistry for three guys playing together for the first time. They call themselves the “Wolfpack” and the do everything together. There’s no sense of a generational gap.

The Mammoth are back home on Friday against Buffalo. They head to the All Star game on Saturday.


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