JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A Jefferson County man was held in jail after refusing to get a license for his dog. Now he and his wife are fighting the fine in court.

4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger wanted to know how many others don’t have licenses and face the possibility of arrest.

Matthew Townsend and his dog Wolfie fought with the law and got bit. In unincorporated Jefferson County all dogs must have a license — Wolfie did not.

“He’s a service animal for my autistic daughter,” Townsend explained. “So I didn’t feel it was necessary to pay fees; it’s a waste of my time and theirs.”

One day Wolfie and the family’s other dog got out and the Townsends were issued a $50 ticket for not having a license. The county’s animal control unit says it doesn’t actively go looking for violators, but in Townsend’s case deputies arrived to repossess some furniture and happened to discover Matthew missed his day in court, so they proceeded to arrest him.

“Did they handcuff you?” Sallinger asked. “Yes sir, they put me in incarceration … I was afraid they would shoot my dog. I spent 7 hours down there.” Townsend replied.

Seven hours in jail for not having a dog license?

Sallinger asked the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department how many other dog owners face this possibility. CBS4 found 495 summons were issued last year for failure to have a dog license — 50 of those face arrest for failure to appear.

Jacki Kelley, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office explained, “If they like to roll the dice and ignore the summons issued by animal control, their name is run it will show a warrant and they can be arrested.”

CBS4 asked various dog owners and many weren’t aware they needed a license, and didn’t seem too concerned about it. In fact only 28 percent of dog owners bother to license their dog in all of Jefferson County.

The county say the animal licenses are needed to fund the new $10 million Foothills Animal Shelter. The license is a little star or circle that the dog is supposed to wear and help get it returned if lost.

By CBS4’s figures, Jefferson County and other governments are missing out on a lot money for non-compliance on dog licenses. Jefferson County misses more than $2.5 million a year in uncollected license fees. Denver has 19 percent of its dog owners and 1 percent of its cat owners with licenses, missing out on nearly $3.5 million in money it could collect. In Aurora under 9 percent of dogs and only 1 percent of cats are licensed, missing out on $2.5 million in revenue.

By fighting the fee Townsend and his wife April Mearsha are now in a kind of double jeopardy as she got a ticket as well.

“After they arrested Townsend they came back and gave me a second ticket for a $100 this time,” Mearsha said.

Despite the arrest and risk of fines and court costs, they are not giving up, hoping the law’s bite is not as bad as its bark.

In most communities CBS4 checked, less than 20 percent of the dogs are licensed, meaning in some case they are missing out on millions of dollars a year in revenue.

In Jefferson County it’s $30 to license a dog, $15 if neutered. The Townsends’ fight continues.

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  1. Booduh says:

    Something that was not mentioned is, the licensing fee is not a one time fee. It is yearly. And you get a ID tag for that. I put my own ID tag on my two dogs for less than $10 bucks. Plus a lot of people have their dogs micro chipped. It’s just another way for Jeffco. To pay bloated salaries and projects ( bridge to nowhere at wadsworth and Bowles ) I believe their last animal shelter director was on his way to making $300 K. Before being ousted. What a joke on the tax payers.

    1. Linda Brandon says:

      There are no directors of any local animal shelter making $300,000 a year. Check your facts. The hours are long and the pay is low for shelter workers. Many of them donate supplies and time to fund raising activities. There may be management issues in shelters, but they are usually resolved in a short period of time due to funding limits.

      I do agree with you on the bridge to nowhere.

      1. CEO ASPC 400K says:

        “There are no directors of any local animal shelter making $300,000 a year”
        CEO not directory, but yes he does make over $400,000 a year.

        “Nonprofit CEO Job That Pays Over 300k #2: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

        The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1866. It has more than one million supporters. The agency helps animal poison control, animal assisted therapy, shelter outreach and more. As of December 2008, Edwin J. Sayres earns a salary of $473,998 a year. If he were a veterinarian who treated animals who were abused, he would only earn between $55,000 and $110,000 a year. ( “

      2. SandyLester says:

        Huh? The director at the place I worked for made $325K a year.
        The workers were all union, and made at min $15 hour. Hardly low pay.

      3. Joe Bite-me says:

        All “directors” of any govt. agency in Colorado are making huge salaries, counting benefits. The $300K number above is likely very close to the facts when you consider these loafers will get >90% per year of their highest paid year for the rest of their lives, and that is where that figure likely came from when accounting for a 30-year post-retirement gravy-train of Govt. Sugar Benefits. This is true of most ALL State & Fed. Govt. workers in the USSA now, and is one of the main reasons this country is now $15 trillion in debt.

      4. JOHN T. FOX says:


      5. DrEz says:

        Wow John T Fox.. spoken like a true racists P.O.S. Maybe we should enact a law that requires people like you to be licensed. That way everyone knows you’re mentally challenged.

      6. Not You says:

        WOW DrEz, where on earth did you get racist out of JT Fox’s comment? Really, please explain it to me cause where I’m sitting I see it as a real stretch….a real real stretch. Kinda sounds as though you are the racist…one of those brainwashed by the media that says anyone against obama’s agenda, less taxes, smaller government, and less government intervention into our lives are racist.

      7. LTCB says:

        Actually, check the boss salaries again. Yes, the workers get zip. But, not the “directors”.

      8. cyberties says:

        What in John T. Fox’s reply is racist? Just because he is against gun registration, pet registration, and the re-election of Obama, he’s racist AND mentally deranged? You, DrEz, need to re-examine your standards for defining racism or mental illness because your defiintion for both is clearly erroneous.

      9. ken says:

        Well as a member of a jury it is every citizens right to not only judge the person but the law he is convicted under. So if you think dog licenses are bs how can you convict the individual? the jury is the ultimate test the issue is the jurriers are poisoned by the judges instruction. Find the man not guilty and he can never be tried again for the same crime. There is no reason to have a dog license only a rabies tag period. you get that from the vet.

      10. UAW worker says:

        @Dr. Ez,
        sounds like you’re projecting your own racism jacka$& POS slime.
        Are your ears as big as obammys?
        They’re good to grab when he’s slurping the pole.

      11. Direwolf says:

        @Not You @cyberties @UAW Worker,

        He called him “Osama Obama”. That’s the reason why he’s racist. He is one of those people who think that because Obama had Muslim ancestors that he’s an islamist.

        Just as a reminder, Obama was the President in whose term Osama was killed.

      12. Booduh says:

        I have requested information on foothills animal shelters senior executive compensation. So should everyone else. I have no kids but my property taxes, pay for public schools. If I have a tag already on my dog and is chipped too, I don’t need the counties $30 or $15 tag. YEARLY. Ok, I’ll compromise and pay it one time, even again if I move but come on this just dosnt make sense. I’ll even pay a fine if my dog is caught off the leash. If anything this is discouraging to people. I think animal shelters are needed,and I appreciate them. But this was gone about the wrong way.And I’m sick of the waste and greed of local and national government. And (publicly)traded corporations. That say they are( private ). I work for one and just like government, it’s not the workers who are doing anything wrong. It’s the CEO and senior management who are looting the company. If you don’t want the people to revolt and force regulation on these corporations and supposedly NONPROFIT ORGANIZTIONS.. Then don’t go public. CEO PAY should be tied to the lowest paid employee, no mater what the type of business. And shouldn’t exceed a certain (x’s) amount over that lowest paid employee, including stock options.

      13. truthfulster says:

        A 10 MILLION dollar shelter, what, can the animals drive their cars right up to the doors of their private rooms with bidet?

      14. Tom says:

        You sound like a shelter worker

      15. Marbran says:

        @Direwolf What race is Islam again? I’ll speak all day and night against Islam, and I’ll challenge anyone who dares call me a racist because of it!

      16. theJackal says:

        How the phuck would you know you dumb arrogant khunt…. There are government hacks that give themseleves these kind of outrageous salaries everyday, notice the poster said “former” director. Again stupid khunt you know squat….

    2. Vicky Bevis says:

      These people are lucky. Here in Harrison Co., Ohio, we pay $12.50 per dog regardless of whether or not they are spayed/nuetered. ( I lived where the cost was predicated on spaying/neutering the animals & was 1/2 of the fee here.) In return, we get a “Dog Pound” per Ohio law that isn’t even a building-just concrete kennels with a roof ( thanks to some wonderful people from the local Humane Society) & a TARP wrapped around the whole mess doubling as a building.

      I won’t expound (all puns intended) on what is a real “Cluster F***”, in the truest sense of descriptions, but suffice it to say that our Co. Commissioners are a bunch of rednecks in my humble opinion & are the reason government employees get a bad rap.

    3. George Marchand says:

      a yearly $30 “fee’ for a 25 cent dog tag and this service personally benefits the responsible pet owner? Almost as odious as the head tax our town used to charge simply for existing and breathing the air!

    4. teaisstronger says:

      People are lucky they don’t have to pay license fee for the birds in their back yard. Someone in America did get arrested for having too much birdseed in their back yard.

      Extortion like this is what makes America a great place to live.

    5. teaisstronger says:


      He better be careful, they will take his dogs to the SPCA where they will “accidentally” euthanize them, apologize and send him a bill. The local animal Gestapos across America are very dangerous and virtually unaccountable. In NJ animal Gestapos shot a dog owner to death because he attempted to prevent the Gestapo from seizing his dogs on his farm.

    6. Unaffiliated Voter says:

      Why aren’t you people voting out these officials or the pols responsible for hiring them?

    7. Drew says:

      @ Direwolf, Since when is being a muslum a race? Last I heard it was a religion.

    8. lovemypuppy says:

      ……Wake up America….It’s not a ”license” it’s a TAX !

    9. lovemypuppy says:

      …wake up America….it’s not a ”license”…it’s a TAX !!!

    10. I KNOW YOU says:

      This “Matt” is a complete idiot. He went to jail for not going to court. His dog was not licensed and if it was a “service dog” (which I know for a fact it is not) he would of had paperwork to prove it. Matt could not prove it at the time the dog was a service dog. If he could prove it (which he cant because it is not a service dog) he could have WENT to court and provided the right paperwork and they might have dropped the ticket. This guy is a real Dumba** with a capitial D. These people live in brand new house that was built by Habitat for Humanity, dont have jobs and live off of welfare. They have the audacity to complain about a dog license when they live off of us tax payers. I didnt know selling pot out of your house was a job !!! Matt its time to grow up and take responsibalty. I understand its hard for you to pay the $30 or $15 dollar license fee for your dog when you are living off of the tax payers. You need to see a dentist and do me a favor put your American Flag (which you had on the ground in the video) back up on your house. You are a disgrace to the men and women that fight for your freedom and pay your bills. I hope when you go to court they give you another ticket for felony Dumb***.

      1. ARM says:

        did you get a tax refund this year “I KNOW YOU” if so, you DONT pay taxes. Second, the house was not new when we got it, and it is falling apart because of poor workmanship. Why, futhermore are teeth an issue to you? Are you really that vain of a person? must be. Again, yes Wolfie is a service dog, and he is registered as such. Maybe you should KNOW your facts before you start spouting your holier than thou BS. Oh, And FYI we dont live off of welfare. You are one of the many people who will continue to allolw this country to rape and piilage its citizens until everyone ends up in FEMA camps. And yes, look it up there are several here in Colorado. BTW the government isnt after MAtt, they are after all of us. AGENDA 21, GMO, CHEM TRAILING, VACCINE POISONING, FLUORIDE POISONING, NWO. Look it all up!!

      2. I KNOW YOU says:

        Arm (April) this is a responce to your comment. Fist of all people who do pay taxes can get tax returns. Someone like you who dosent work and gets a tax return is just crazy. The house was in good shape untill you and Matt moved in and plus you got it for free. Being a home owner means you have to do stuff around the house to keep it in good condition. Its called up-keep part of being a home owner, kind a like having dogs there are things you need to do to be a good dog owner. Like keep them in the yard, or like having funtiure your paying on you need to make those payments or they come to repo-it. Call me what you want but you must agree Matt does have some messed up teeth and by the way you are welcome for the surgery for the weight loss.. The only reason why you have those dogs is to protect the plants you guys grow at home. You know what I mean. I know my facts and I know it hurts to hear the truth. Its sad to see Matt has you so brain washed. What is nice about living in the United States is you can leave at anytime. I am sure you can move to Mexico or Iran, or even Afghanistan. But there is no welfare there so I am sure you would want to stay here where you get stuff for free and still complain about a $15 dog license. Please post what happens in court. Hope you get a fine to pay plus court costs. P.S. tell Matt to relax Govt. is really not after him. He needs to take his meds and everything will be o.k.

    11. C. Frawwer says:

      We just moved here and went to one of the dog parks around here. There were dog police there ticketing people as they left for no license!! A one time fee maybe, but every year?! What is happening to our freedoms? Now you can’t even own a dog without paying??? We pay enough in vet fees etc!

  2. Linda Brandon says:

    The license fee funds a much improved animal shelter–Foothills which replaced the inadequate and unsafe Table Mountain Animal Shelter. Running an animal shelters cost money. Due to the recession, animals are being abandoned at the back door of shelters everywhere. Ask any staff member or volunteer at a municipal animal shelter what happens to animals when there is not enough money. The shelter staff does a fantastic job trying to place animals that lose their homes for a variety of reasons. Please don’t glamorize breaking the law by not licensing an animal. Owning an dog involves responsibility. The license fee funds the shelter. It might be good to make a donation to Foothills Animal Shelter instead of criticizing an important source of funding. Your reporting was not responsible or accurate. Please cover the other side of the story>

    1. TK says:

      First, I am in no way condoning the actions of the Townsends. They had their warning and chose to ignore it.

      And I agree with what you say regarding dog owners needing to take responsibility for their animals and also that volunteering or donating to the Foothills Shelter is a great cause.

      What I don’t agree with is that dog owners are forced to make those donations. Foothills cares for other animals (cats, rabbitis, mice, etc.). Why are owners of those animals not required to license their pets? If I own a bke, should I have to get it licensed to pay for bike trails that I do not use? If I own a pair of hiking boots, should I have to get them licensed to pay for hiking trails I don’t use? Specific services should be paid for those who use them and general services should be paid for by all.

      1. ed johnson says:

        you folks keep voteing for those good old dems. and progressives and you’ll soon be doing all those above mentioned money makers.

      2. Bilbo Baggins says:

        If specific services should be paid for those who use them, then who should pay for the costs of operating the animal shelters? Who uses them? Mostly people who won’t pay for them. People who abandon their pets and let someone else pick up the tab. If we want functional shelters then a small annual license fee for all pets would not be a burden on anyone. If a person can’t afford $10 a year for a tag, then they can’t afford to take care of a pet anyway.

    2. Mitch_Cali_Sux says:

      Because grammar is what matters most, right? Only a loser and a Liberal use this argument.

      1. Lowlander says:

        No, it’s just so basic you look completely idiotic without it, so…..

        And I assure you I am neither liberal nor a loser.

    3. denvercat says:

      My cat is an indoor cat never venturing outdoors so why is it necessary to have a license? My cat sees the vet at appropiate times and is well cared for. A dog in contrast goes out for excercise and to do their business. In addition there is some danger of the dog getting loose. The equivelant does not exist for an indoor cat.

      I agree that licenses for dogs should be a one time payment not annual based on the rational and purpose of the license for the general pet owner.

    4. gdogs says:

      “Owning an dog involves responsibility.”

      Yes, responsibilities to my dog. I don’t have any responsibilities to animal shelters outside of the property taxes I currently pay.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


      2. Booduh says:


    5. James Angryjew says:


      Lori is actually pointing out two issues, poor grammar AND factual information. And grammar IS very important; it helps get your point across right? Right! See there, same word with two completely different inflections. Why? Our old friend grammar!

    6. Dennis in WV says:

      Ok, so according to your logic, those of us who have dogs vs those who do not have pets are more responsible for paying for the animal shelter? Where is the logic there?

      Owning a dog does involve responsibility. Having your pet spayed or neutered; under voice or leash control; and having current shots should be the limit to that responsibility.

      Taxing pet owners is just another tax by the politicians to fund their give-away programs to buy votes. Understand that when a politician exploits the idiotic taxpayer by streessing “paying your fairshare” really means that the politician now has both hands on your wallet.

      1. A Guerra says:

        “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. Welcome to Ameritopia.

    7. CommonCents says:

      Lorie, you must be a liberal…

      When confronted with logic, liberals resort to ”grammar’.

      Check your own sentence structure and word usage, Lori:

      “Your grammar & facts really need to be looked at as well.”


    8. Andrew P. says:

      I don’t see why you people are calling Lori a liberal for her grammar comment. I am a conservative republican, and if I saw poor grammar, I would point it out as well. One’s grammar and diction reveal much more than one would think. Sure, my grammar is in no way perfect (I’m an accountant, after all), but if a person cannot put together a cogent and coherent comment, I simply ignore what they have to say. In the same way I ignore when dogs bark. There’s more to being human than opposable thumbs.

    9. JOHN T. FOX says:


    10. CO_Native says:

      TK, I just reported you to for your poor grammar. Be on the look out for the Truth Team because your poor grammar is conveying the wrong message.

      Lori’s just doing her part Keeping the GOP honest so nObama can Keep His Words

    11. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

      I tried to watch my grammar for a while, but then grammar turned on me, so I shot her and buried her next to her dog. In this town, you need a buy a license if you plan on keeping grammar around. Just wasn’t worth it to me.

    12. Robert Allan Hennigan Leahy says:

      No “glamoriz[ation]” is needed when one breaks the law. “[T]he law” is just edicts issued by politicians and bureaucrats. Breaking the law is no more or less glamorous than standing up to a gangster.

      This article did not “glamorize” the Townsends, it merely described the facts of the situation. The patent stupidity of the law was the “glamoriz[ation]” of which you speak.

      How can you justify requiring someone to have a license issued by an arbitrary authority for an arbitrary amount to acquire and maintain ownership of property — in this case, a dog — from some third party? Should bread by licensed?

      Where’s the legitimacy of the action derived from? Just because it’s the government? The government — acting without moral legitimacy — is just a gang of thugs and thieves writ large, as we see in this article.

    13. irishalaman says:

      So, throw a pet owner in jail to pay for the nice shelter?
      There is no penalty too severe for Socialist Do Gooders towards
      non-conformist Humans..conform to thier Righteousness or
      rot in the People Prison…

    14. CayoKath says:

      The Foothills animal shelter is a wonderful facility for the comfort and well-being of OUR pets when they get out of the safety of OUR custody. It’s also a place for them to go when WE don’t want them any more or don’t take proper care of them. It replaces an overcrowded and ramshackle facility that used to sit out on I70 near Youngfield. The place was a hazard to human and animal alike. Yes it takes money to run the place. It requires heat, light and lots of water to keep people and animals well. Then there are food, medicine, veterinary care and comfort items. And yes, the cost of extermination, because unfortunately they can’t keep them all forever. I don’t know what the director is paid as financial information has proven somewhat difficult to find, but I’ve not checked Guidestar yet. So where does the money come from? From (most likely) user fees which are easier to pass and raise as needed than mil levies and affect not only property owners. The fee is a bit hurtful to poor and old people. The rest of us should just pony up because we never know when one of our furry darlings will need the shelter. And maybe we should form a foundation to help poor and old people pay for licensing. As for this guy, well, it seems to me he made a conscious choice and now pays the price. The jail was for contempt of court, not the license violation. I disagree that we need to call people to court over such violations and advocate a magistrate system similar to Denver’s parking ticket one.

    15. subwo says:

      10 million for an animal shelter! I adopted my last dog from my LCHS i n Fort Collins and they operate on a shoestring budget. I can’t imagine what a ten million dollar shelter would look like except like our police station they call the Crystal Palace which cost 33 million. So the jefco shelter should be nice! One would say they were putting on the dog.

    16. Mynameiscommonsense says:

      Umm… Linda – the money from licenses is not “donations” – it is forced from people and it is an arbitrary fee that serves no purpose. These kinds of actions are what prompted the creation of the Declaration of Independence. Enough is enough!

  3. Lori Swenson says:

    Kudos Ms. Brandon,

    In many areas licensing animals also helps in terms of Public Health. Agencies often require current rabies vaccination prior to licensing. Rabies prevention is becoming a large issue nation wide, and licensing requirements helps ensure that owners vaccinate their animals.

    Also, Mr. Townsend did not go to jail merely because he didn’t license his dog. He went to jail because he made the decision to ignore a court appearance.

    1. Mitch_Cali_Sux says:

      It always starts like this and ends with Gas chambers, idiot…

      We are living 1933 Germany…

      1. James Angryjew says:


        Are you really comparing a dog license to the holocaust? If you think we are living in 1933 Germany you have NO IDEA about history, the Nazi’s, Germany, or I’m guessing the difference between blue and red!

      2. foo says:

        wow, craaaazzzeeee

        do you even know what was taking place in Hitlers Germany? The riots, the killing, people disappearing never to be seen again..

        No it didn’t start like this. Hitler did not begin with petty warrants and 50$ fines. It started with a bang and many guns. rivals died, dissenters disappeared.

        way to exaggerate whilst insulting millions of people who died fighting a true maniac. all while you sit in your armchair eating cheezits.

      3. GUBMINT_ABOVE_THE_LAW says:

        Remember, never call the administrative despotism: Fascist. Everybody knows only liberals get to call conservatives “Fascist” even thought the real Fascists were actually liberals. Again, unless you are labeling George Bush or some other Republican office holder, liberals will not allow you to point out Fascism no matter how subtle or naescent.

    2. James Bryant says:

      And I would have done the same thing

  4. Vic Moss says:

    My animals cost the county nothing for me to have. We should anyone be forced to pay for a tag? Another money grab for the county. When we got our dog from Table Mountain, we gladly paid the associated fees, and had no problem with that. My dog is tagged. We use the new Foothills for vaccinations of our cat. Again, we gladly pay the fees because we are using the facility. Although my cats are inside animals, they are also tagged in case they sneak out while the door is open. If someone’s animal gets out and is picked up by animal control, they are using the services and should pay. Why should an already over taxed public be required to pay more taxes for something that should be paid for by the users of that service? The government needs to learn how to make do with what they have. The rest of us do. And yes, this may be called a fee, but it is a tax.

    1. Jimbo von Winskinheimer says:

      Do you take your dog out to open space or to dog parks? What money pays for that? Or do you feel that all citizens, even those of us that don’t have dogs, should be required to pay for that? If the city/county decided to “make do with what they have”, they may close dog parks and prohibit dogs in public spaces. They could no longer afford upkeep on the parks, or animal control officers to protect the public from people’s pets.

      1. Mynameiscommonsense says:

        The local property taxes that are paid are enough to cover the “cost” of a dog park – jesus how much does a friggin dog park really cost??? Fence in an area, put in some water fountains and you’re done. Oh and animal control officers are not “protecting the public from people’s pets” you idiot. Most of their job involves relocating WILD animals from cities and suburban areas. If you feel they are hurting for help why don’t YOU volunteer some of YOUR time hmm?

      2. Mynameiscommonsense says:

        “and prohibit dogs in public spaces” WOW you are truly an Agenda 21 kool aid drinker who thinks a livable city means no cars. You people are the scourge of the earth.

    2. just saying says:

      If your dog or cat gets arrested, you still need to pay again just to get it back. Concerned Mom of 5, I’m still laughing.

  5. Ruth Pelton-Roby says:

    He was jailed for failing to appear at a court date, not for the lack of the dog license. This story underplays this in favor of sensationalism.

    1. Terri Chris says:

      Just like when the government incarcerates a father for contempt of court on child support. Government double talk.

    2. DBrantner says:

      You hit it on the head…. he failed to appear for a court hearing… Not the license issue itself…

    3. Giggles the Clown says:

      He failed to appear for not having a dog license, dumb a**. Go read the story again.

      1. Mike K says:

        Read his comment again, dumb a**. He stated that the man was arrested for FAILING TO APPEAR AT A HEARING, which is exactly what happened. The hearing was for the dog license. Doesn’t matter what it was for though, he went to jail for missing a court date, not for the lack of a dog license. You miss a court date, expect a future run-in with the authorities to land you in jail; doesn’t matter what earned you that court date in the first place.

      2. just saying says:

        Have you ever considered that the court requires too many appearances? they stick their noses in way too many places.

      3. Angela in Seattle says:

        What do you suppose would have happened if he had shown up and said, “With all due respect, Your Honor, but I refuse to pay this fee.” Do you think they’d have shrugged their shoulder and said, “Okay, have a nice day!” I don’t think so.

  6. TK says:

    Jeffco says that the purpose of the licensing iis to be able to return lost dogs to their owners. Then why is it an annual fee? You should pay once, get your tag, and be done. My dogs already have tags and are microchipped so they can be returned if they are lost. Earlier comments are correct – this is just a tax to pay for services that not all people use.

    1. Jimbo von Winskinheimer says:

      Your dog tax pays for things like animal control, dog parks and other animal related expenses that our local governments incur. That’s so those of us that don’t own dogs don’t have to pay your way. And even if every dog owner paid the licensing fee, it would not be enough to cover all of those costs.

      1. alan says:

        The government should get out of the dog park business. Let dog owners arrange for their dogs recreation.

      2. Lincoln says:

        So by this logic, each child in the county should be subject to annual tax to pay for city parks/playgrounds.

      3. Mitch_Cali_Sux says:

        How about adults make their own choice. If that choice leads to harm of others THEN the courts can get involved. Until stfu idiots…

      4. Jenni says:

        More proof how much of the news is completely made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media following the last mock election. Learn who Sarah Palin really is and why she was planted as McCain’s running mate with no intentions of winning. We have no democracy, president, or freedom of press.

      5. face palm says:

        @Jenni your sarah palin website is about as stupid as it gets

      6. Homey D Clown says:

        Jenni has a cuckoo bird that comes out the forehead every hour and a duck’s quack every 15 minutes.

      7. Jenni says:

        Look at all of the government trolls attacking here. Keep committing treason and cover up the fraud of the century.

      8. Jimmy says:

        I have to pay for your welfare, so why don’t you have to pay for my dog?

      9. My two cents says:

        I don’t have any children but the biggest part of my taxes goes for educating other people’s children. So maybe I’m paying your way if you have kids.

      10. Mynameiscommonsense says:

        LOL so you are saying the local governments incur millions of dollars for animal control and dog parks???? Give me a break! This kind of thing is what led up to the Declaration of Independence – how soon before they tax us for BREATHING?????? Oh yeah – they already will do that soon with Obamacare

  7. Jimbo von Winskinheimer says:

    Licensing requirements for animals is nothing new. If you want to live in an area, you need to follow the rules, which by the way were established well before the moron got his dog. He got a ticket – that should have been his first clue. He chose to ignore it and paid the consequences. Now he’s an idiot for trying to fight it again.

  8. Linda Brandon says:

    Please volunteer at your local animal shelter. This source of funding is needed to deal with the number of homeless animals they serve. Many of these animals are given a second chance to live because of the funding from the dog license. If you can’t volunteer, please consider donating to support these shelters. The staff needs resources from the community. Please respect the law and license your dog. Positive action beats negative reaction to a law that has been in place for years. Government does provide needed services in many areas.

  9. David Burns says:

    we are a police state. the cops do not represent the people anymore. one day we need to take back our country. it would be easy.

    1. JW says:

      Oh, the cops represent the people just fine. They may not represent you, but if a person is not obeying the laws, most of us want them to pay the price, i.e. being arrested if necessary. You can’t just ignore the laws you don’t like.

      By the way, “the cops” don’t make the laws.

      1. Mitch_Cali_Sux says:

        But they CHOOSE which laws to enforce, AND raided their right hand to uphold the US Constitution and do not…

      2. rae ekaf says:

        jw by your logic then, the cops should be arresting themselves and probably every single officeholder in a particular “jurisdiction”.

  10. Steve Reed says:

    It’s the law people, If you own a car and drive it you have to have insurance, If you own a dog it must be licensed. There’s no argument here get a damn license or be arrested. It’s a privilege your granted and fees must be paid. The same with hunting, if you go hunting you must buy a what? a License!!!! We cant just pick and choose what we want to pay, that’s why the country’s in the mess it’s in at the moment financially. What makes you non payers more special than the rest of us? if you don’t like the law fight to change it, but don’t complain when you get busted for not following it, you know you were in the wrong.

    1. Linda Brandon says:

      I agree with you. When Mr. Townsend and his wife go to court, they should double their court fees for wasting the county’s time. People need to grow up and realize the free ride is over. We need to get this country back on the right track now before it is too late.

      1. ck says:

        Free ride? Who’s exactly on the free ride? I would say the government is on the free ride (along with the created welfare state) at the working person and entrepreneurs expense.

        Please. Dog licenses are a joke – just another money grab

      2. jg says:

        Don’t worry you’re gonna get to pay your fair share of the 15+ trillion we owe to the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE…me?…I’ll be at home with my unlicensed cats. It’s pretty sad people accept these fees without question.

    2. jg says:

      thousands of people go their whole lives not having car insurance. Most are never in an accident. If you own a dog, you don’t need to get a license. An illegal law is illegitimate. If I go hunting, I don’t need a license. People have done it for centuries. The US has become one of the most insane countries in the world, thinking it must regulate everything.

      The ultimate form of tyranny is ultimately convincing people they are free.

  11. John Bailey says:

    Get it right; he didn’t go to jail for failure to license his dog. He was jailed for failure to appear in court.

    I hate it when the government imposes these kinds of fees on responsible citizens; however, they’re not jailing people for failing to license their dogs, as is claimed in the story.

    1. DBrantner says:

      If he had appeared the 1st time… he could have had his argument heard at that time and maybe would have won… He lost his credability by not showing up for the 1st hearing…

  12. Mark says:

    “By CBS4′s figures, Jefferson County and other governments are missing out on a lot money for non-compliance on dog licenses.”

    “Missing out”, are you kidding? Why is it ok for the government to steal our hard earned money and squander it on some special interest groups pet project?

    If you want an animal shelter, park, or car insurance, buy it yourself, with your own money. Don’t steal mine with fees, taxes, and stupid requirements to buy products (like car insurance).

    I own a small business manufacturing industrial equipment. When will you be required to buy my products? Oh, that’s right, I don’t own any corrupt politicians. If I did, I would be posting record profits every year, like the insurance companies.

    The next time a small minority wants to steal your hard earned money for another pet project, just say no like the majority of pet owners do to these stupid licenses.

    1. Con says:

      Heheh… pet project.

  13. Lori Rester says:

    Totally agree with those who have exposed Jeffco & the outrageous licenses, fees and taxes they continue to raise yearly for their livelihood.

  14. The soda pop kid says:

    Thank God there is a Heaven, where I will be free one day.

  15. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    The tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  16. The soda pop kid says:

    I look at govt and their love of control the way i do baseball leagues. Kids love backyard and sandlot baseball the most, with no adults, but the older you get the more adults find their ways to control it with leagues and camps and stadiums. We can govern our selves just fine, as did the pioneers, but govt wants to control the most trivial aspects of life. Religion is the same way. A man on an island by himself will come to worship his Creator, but with organized religion there is ceremony and tithes and control.

  17. Mitch_Cali_Sux says:

    I paid for a Dog LIcense in Santa Clara Ca in 1995. My dog died the next year and obviously I did not pay for another license. A few years go by and I get a bill for just under $500 for fee’s and fines for not licensing my dog. I called tghe Dept and was told I had to prove my Dog died with a signed form from my Vet. My vet didnt see my dog die so he couldnt sign the Govt form. I just ignored the whole mess form that piont. Last year I was sent to collections for $2200. Tell me this
    Govt isnt completely out of control…

    1. 001mum says:

      naw, not out of control>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>INSANE

    2. subwo says:

      California is like that. I remember we got a bill from the state with fines in the 80s after we had left and moved to another state. They figured the RN was getting x amount in wages and we had to pay state taxes on her income. I had to prove to the state that we moved and were no longer subject to taxation by them.

  18. TexasJack says:

    So this guy didn’t go to jail for not licensing his dog. He went to jail for failure to appear for court. He could have went to court on the day he was ordered and made his argument to the judge. He just decided not to go. Not having a dog license is probably not even an offense for which one could be taken to jail. I find it interesting that the reporter wants the reader to think the man went to jail for not having a license and that “others” may face jail as well. No, they risk a ticket. Anyone that decides not to comply with a summons to court faces jail for failing to appear.

    1. rae_ekaf says:

      i seriously doubt he was issued a lawful summons to appear. I betcha a million dollars it was a very defective summons. But the powers that be get away with that all the time relying on the ignorance of the sheople they control. welcome to the lawyerocracy. They own a world of useful idiots.

    2. dbrantner says:


  19. Tom says:

    Oops..thanks for reminding me to renew my dog’s license! Personally, I don’t mind the small fee. There are so many dogs out there running rampant – if mine happened to get loose, at least I know there’s a good chance she would end up in safe hands.

  20. AgendaBuster says:

    HMmmm………….. Sounds like this could also be used as a tax on bicycles too!

    After all, isn’t this just a user tax for dog ownership to pay for dog related stuff?

    Bicycles are kinda like dog owners, dogs have dog parks, bicycles have bicycle trails. This is just a user fee. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t hear about this new revenue stream he has overlooked!!!

  21. Bob Hart says:

    Why should I have to get a license at all. It is not the city/state/county’s business if I have a dog. Why does the government feel it is there right to force me to buy anything when me owning a dog or any other pet has nothing to do with them governing me. Just another way for the government to get money out of our pocket and into theirs so they can mis-manage it.

  22. rae_ekaf says:

    How is it possible to pay any fine when there is no lawful money in circulation in the several states of the united states of america? The lawyerocracy has hamstrung itself by making a constitution that requires the states to “make no thing but gold or silver coin as a payment in debt.” This is the supreme law of the land, so how can anyone pay a fine without aiding and abetting the states in the commission of a crime? Just wondering.

    1. drphil69 says:

      The key word in your quote is States… which cannot make anything but silver or gold coin… the FED is a completely different story… and what they have done with the fiat currency should be a crime, and we will ALL pay for it when it crashes.

  23. Hunter Rose says:

    “Due to the recession, animals are being abandoned at the back door of shelters everywhere.”

    Wal-Mart sells a box of 22 rounds pretty cheap…

    I see a solution here…

  24. Ken says:

    He was not put in jail for failing to license his dog; he was put in jail for missing a court apearence on a citation.

    rthe media will always try to sensationalize the story in favor of the percieved “victim”.

  25. drphil69 says:

    I love how the “reporter” frames it as the govt losing out on money…


    Personally I NEVER license my dogs. If they want to come onto my property to check my dogs license’s… they will have to do so at their own risk.

  26. keith wren says:

    7 hours is longer than the average felon spends in lockup…

  27. Sammy says:

    What a joke!!! Good for the Townsends!! And jail for a guy who doesn’t license his dog, which is ultimately what this is about?! This man has an autistic child and the dog is a SERVICE ANNIMAL! Doesn’t this poor family have enough issues! This is a goverment gone crazy and as I recall, this is how our loast Revolution occurred!! They are destroying our rights and this is the most corrupt goverment in the history of America!

    1. EaglesQuestions says:

      Will you calm down?
      The jail wasn’t for the license.
      It was for Failure to Appear.

      1. SGA says:

        Failure to appear based on some pretty unsteady grounds…

  28. CommonCents says:

    Part of the reason for licensing (in most states) is for ID -and- proof of rabies vaccination… i.e. you can’t get a license until you prove the dog is vaccinated.

    IMO, the dog should have been impounded until the owner paid the license.

    This also goes hand-in-hand with ordinances to control ‘nuisance barking’.

    1. Jean says:

      Just try to deal with a child who has had its service dog ripped away! Parents need to pay the fine and deal with that, but leave the dog out of this!

  29. scott says:

    When did it become the responsibility of other pet owners to fund shelters for the animals of irresponsible pet owners? Other than revenue, what purpose does the license serve? Don’t tell me it’s about making sure that the dogs are tagged in case they get lost. If that were the case then pass a law saying you pet needed an ID tag, and leave it to the owner to determine where to purchase that tag.

  30. Seth Ogden says:

    This is the most slanted reporting ever. The guy didn’t get arrested for not having a dog license, he got arrested for failing to appear in court after being serve with a summons. There is a huge difference here. Had the guy gone to court, he had every right to contest the license fine at that point. We can’t have people running around ignoring issuance of a summons.

  31. More Fines = Pay staff says:

    They need $$ to keep their staff. Everything gets you fined these days!

  32. Bob says:

    With all of the “revenue” these local governments are missing out on it is surprising to me that all residents are not required to own at least 1.3 registered pets for every 2nd member of their household.

    These really aren’t fees they are taxes. As as long as the feds haven’t taken 100% there is no reason that the libs running municipal gov’ts shouldn’t go after their “fair share!”

    In El Paso County the “fee” is extra if your dog has not been spade independent of whether or not she ever has a litter. As a military family, we have lived in three different states, four different countries, on three continents and this is the first time we have had to pay an annual “fee” to license our dog. We have never received any type of service for this “fee” other than the tag!

    What a CROCK!!

  33. clint says:

    A word of advice to Coloradans: (1) find out what governmental authorities (Jefferson County officials) enacted this dog license legislation. (2) demand that it be immediately repealed. (3) if they don’t repeal it, throw the Nazis out of office.

    It worked here in Lubbock, TX when the Nazis tried to force red light cameras down our throats. First we threw out the cameras, then the Nazis. All it’s about is MONEY…from your pocket to the Nazis!

  34. TF says:

    Colorado gets weirder by the day. Law after law being made for the people as those making the laws don’t have to abide them.
    Waitin’ on justice.

  35. ARM says:

    OK, let me set the record straight for all of you. First of all, animal control officers had come to the home specifically to check on the license of these dogs. At that time, the officers were informed that the dogs were REGISTERED service dogs. Now for everyone that wants to preach about the county loosing out on the money from the family, service dogs are free to license. However, this information was not conveyed at the time of the contact. Secondly, a dog license violation, even at its maximum penalty is not a jailable offense. The maximum penalty that can be imposed is a $1000.00 fine. I realize that the arrest warrent was for a failure to appear. That being said, if anyone wants to do their research, they would also see that dog licensing falls under a policy and not a law. Next, owning a dog is NOT a privelage, it is in fact a RIGHT!!! It is also a RIGHT to own a car, or a gun, and even property. This is afforded to American citizens by the Constitution of the United States of America. Futhermore, there is Supreme court rulings forbiding the collection of taxes and fees on RIGHTS. By collectiong such fees and taxes, it turn the RIGHT into a PRIVELIDGE that “Only those with a heavy purse can enjoy” Supreme court ruling. Let me continue to reiterate that these are REGISTERED service animals. Are you going to tell me that it is a privelidge to possess something that will help a person with a disablity. So next are we going to make those people that are in wheelchairs payfor a license to operate that chair, call it a vehicle and make them carry registration and insurance,etc. Come on now. Finally, they are trying to collect money from both people forthe same offense. UH DUH can we say double jeopardy. So your husband is issued a ticket for watering the lawn on the wrong day, does not appear in court because he feels the charge is not legal, they issue a warrant for his arrest and then issue you a ticket for his alleged crime. HMMMMM!!!!!!!! P.S. animal control has also said that they can and will issue a ticket to any person over the age of 18 who is on the property. I guess that being said, beware of visiting friends and family with dogs. Also, having a licensing fee to pay for the shelter is EXTORTION!!! The shelter is a non-profit organization and legally you cannot force a person or entity support ANY non-profit organization.

    1. I KNOW YOU says:

      ARM. You should be glad that there is a animal shelter. That way when you are being a irresponsianle dog own and your dog gets out of your yard or runs off again, you have somewhere to go and get your dog back. If this dog is a service dog (and thats a big if) why would you let it take off ?? You would think you would keep a closer eye on it and not let it run off. Is this a truley a service dog ?? It sounds like there is more to this story that is not being told. Sounds like someone thinks the goverment is after him.. Stupid people in this word…

  36. C. Bradley says:

    This is not complicated folks.

    If you want to live in a community you have to obey the rules. This is a free country, you get to choose where you live. You get to choose by election who makes the rules you live by, the majority vote decides. You have a choice on owning a dog. You also have a choice on obeying the rules, or becoming a “victim” of the system.

    The bottom line is, things are tough for those who make bad choices!

    1. POedPeasant says:

      So every time you move somewhere and they pass a new law you have to move? F-off. Second of all you can’t drive without a license, insurance etc. So are you to hire a moving company every time they pass a law/ordinance you don’t like? What about the handicap who don’t have a lot of money to move constantly. Get real. In a free society people should not have to have a license to drive about. I hate the whole “if you don’t like it move argument.” No if you don’t like me not having a license for my dog YOU move. and quit voting others rights away because the table could be turned one day. One more thing Couldn’t a dog fall under the 2nd amendment? Cops use them as such.

  37. clint says:

    People… Americans….you must stop whining and take a stand. Register your damn dog? Give me a break. This is SUPPOSED to be a free country. The people of Jefferson County should DEMAND that these ridiculous taxes (posing as regulatory/safety issues) be withdrawn. And if they don’t, they should be thrown out of office. Stop letting these Bozos take your liberty from you! Hold their feet to the fire.

    1. John Fox says:

      It’s not a ‘free’ country you idiot and never has been. Read the constitution to see what your freedoms are. None of them say you are free from being taxed or paying license fees. If you don’t want to pay those fees, you are free to move somewhere that does not have them.

      1. DH says:

        As PO’d said, that would require you moving all the time. I lived in Denver since I was 9 weeks and suddenly, because of PETA, they started charging every year to license dogs (and I suppose cats, though they don’t enforce that). The reason had nothing to do with costs for anything other than the owner’s dog food. Of course, that meant several owners had to feed sub-par dog food to their dogs. There were a lot of people in Denver who showed dogs and because of Denver’s new laws they would have to quit showing or be illegal (I asked about the exception to the spay/neuter required for ALL animals and they said there would be none, even after you paid for it and even if your pet was a show dog/cat). I would suspect there are other areas that is true, also. That might not be true in Jefferson County currently, but they can suddenly change it and then everyone would have to move. Your argument, Mr. Fox, isn’t even fair to people living in the county. I suppose you are one of those types who would move out to the middle of cattle country and then file suit to have cattle ownership illegal there, too.

  38. John Fox says:

    So the real headline is he was put in jail because he was issued a ticket and didn’t show up in court, not because he had an unlicensed dog. What an idiot .. you can’t fight a ticket unless you go to court you moron. Otherwise, they will arrest you for failing to appear.

    But, you do have a point. I find that filling out my yearly federal and state taxes to be a waste of time, so I’m just going to stop doing them. After all, they only server to pay salaries of bureaucrats.

    Or maybe I’ll just not stop at stop signs anymore, it’s just a waste of time to do that. I should just drive 90mph everywhere too, why should I follow the speed limit around schools, it’s just a waste of time.

  39. Free Dom says:

    Ok, you people keep talking about laws. What law are you referring to specifically. Can you please cite it? I am curious to what is says exactly. They just say in the article it is “required”, but not a law. You realize that you need a license to do something that is usually considered illegal. You get licensed so you can do it. So, it is illegal to own a dog, to drive a car, etc. “In particular a license may be issued by authorities, to allow an activity that would otherwise be forbidden”. Get educated and understand why you live in a tyranny. They have to fill their coffers and their prisons so keep letting them walk all over you.

  40. Factchecker says:

    Dogs should pay their own taxes.
    Dogs should never be elected to public office.

  41. Wm says:

    The best think about a dog license is, if your dog bites a stranger, they can catch it and find out who to sue.

  42. Paul says:

    Get over it. Pay the fee. Be a responsible adult. Would you rather your dog is put down if lost and they can’t ID you as nthe owener. It also helps strays in shelters.
    Only deadbeats try to get away with these helpful fees. If you can’t pay the fee, don’t keep a dog

    1. DH says:

      Jefferson County fired a shelter director a few years ago because she was trying to get the dogs adopted and they wanted them killed. That got a lot of attention. I don’t think paying the tax makes much difference.

    2. Mynameiscommonsense says:

      F U C K Y O U you friggin N A Z I – if you can’t pay the fee don’t keep a dog. Enyoy your continuing PRISON called COLORADO

  43. EaglesQuestions says:

    Wow! Misleading, much?

    He wasn’t arrested for the missing license;
    he was arrested for Failure to Appear.

    That’ll do it every time.

  44. BubbaHoTep says:

    What in the world does my owning a dog have to do with abandoned dogs needing a home? Or supporting an animal shelter? My dogs will never see that animal shelter. I have a vet that takes perfectly good care of my animals.

    A rabis shot is required to get a license, not vice versa, so the rabis “problem” isn’t the issue. You can vaccinate without a license.

    This country has a rabis problem because the government refuses to do anything about it. They eliminated rabis in Europe by orally vaccinating the entire wildlife population. We could do the same here, but we choose not to.

  45. GM says:

    I guess what concerned me most is that this appears to all come down to revenue. I live in Washington State and I note that here the enforcement of speed limits, appropriate use of stop signs and lights, etc has become more about the revenue generation than truely about law enforcement. I am not a speeder and have had no tickets in a number of years, so this is not a “anti-establishment” rant or such. My concern is that we have deviated from the intended reason for fees and tickets, etc, which were meant to modify behavior and create accountablity and instead have moved toward a desire to increase revenue wherever possible in order to create more income opportunity for “created” jobs with inflated payrolls on the backs of the people that they are supposedly “serving”. I find this direction rather disturbing.

  46. mmilesll says:

    I have 2 dogs and get the license when they get their annual shots at the vet. We worry about the federal government getting too big, what about state and county/local governments. Getting government out of our lives means what it says-get government out of our lives. And $10 million for a dog shelter?

  47. Justice Scalia says:

    A 10 million dollar animal shelter?

    The people in this town need to revolt. Extraction of 10 million dollars from the People for a dog shelter in golden times is foolish. In today’s economic times, it is criminal.

    This is just another tax, just this time it is a DOG TAX.


    Check into whether the local police department was properly established. Many were not correctly established with the proper enabling ordinance. No matter, if the government makes mistakes it gets a pass. You fail to pay the extortion (license) and you go to jail. Welcome to the tyranny.

  49. Nut Hings says:

    This poor guy fails to license his dog and spends 7 hours in jail yet the big Wall Street financial firms robbed the American people of billions and none of them are in jail. What’s wrong with this picture?

  50. gary says:

    $10,000,000.00 for a new shelter? hope the dogs get to watch hbo on some large tv’s for that money! how can ANYONE justify $10,000,000.00 for a dog pound?

  51. John West says:

    This guy has a dog with no license and had a warrant our for his arrest for failing to appear and while he was having his furniture repossessed he was arrested?

    What’s with this guy. He sounds odd … and broke.

  52. honestabe says:

    This couple is just another pair of self-entitled liberals who lie (service dog for mentally challenged child, PLEASE?) and feel they can obey whatever laws they want to obey. Hope the judge hammers them with stiff fines and more jail time.

  53. ARM says:

    OK, it is on Honestabe. My child does have a disabilty which is significantly helped by having these dogs with her. Sorry if your solution is something more sinister. Also liberal is very far from a description of who we are. Aslo, I have worked for this county. I left after i Was told that I could not breast feed my child and that no such accomodations would be made for such an activity. For all of you who have shown us support I say with all my heart THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both have court appearances for trials at the end of the month. MAtthew’s trial date is set for the 27th at 2:30 in coutroom 1A at the Jefferson County court house. Mine is set for the next day, the 28th same time and courtroom. PLease come and show your saupport to end this ridiculous usery on our animals and our lives!

  54. Hunter Todd says:

    Dog licenses are nothing more than just another form of taxation. Everyone should refuse to get a dog license and pay another tax!

  55. Philip B Kirschner says:

    Honestabe and Others, Service dogs are trained to provide a service from ALERT to Escorting people with autism. As such, the ADA exempts them from a fee. I know a dozen of ADA lawyers who would file this in federal court. Denver, the city that maintains a joint task force and terror fusion center to gather information on its local citizens. I have a service dog and in NYC we do pay a ten dollar a year fee, but so does everyone else. The only difference is that license reflects that my dog is a service dog and is recognized as such. Typically, service dogs are exempt from fees, but the ADA says that you can’t charge more than normal fees.

  56. Jose says:

    Comrades our plans for eliminating the Citizens Freedoms are progressing nicely!

  57. Tom M. says:

    People who don’t license their dogs are neither responsible dog owners nor responsible citizens. Their unlicensed, likely un-vaccinated dogs are a hazard to other dogs and people. If they want to live free, they should buy a farm in the middle of nowhere and live without concern for anyone except themselves. If they want the benefits of civilization and choose to live in a city with other people then they must follow the laws.

    1. DH says:

      Just because someone doesn’t have a dog license doesn’t mean they are not responsible dog owners. They may be struggling to pay for food for the dog and their vaccines, and those are a lot more important to the dog than a license.

      1. Tom M. says:

        A person struggling for food and medicine for the dog probably shouldn’t have a dog.

    2. Mark says:

      Tom, I don’t license my dogs, yet they are healthy, up to date on all their shots (my daughter is a vet), and well trained, and well cared for. I am also a responsible citizen because I do not cooperate with petty tyrants. I understand that it is every individual’s duty to ensure that his or her rights are respected, and to exercise those rights daily. Oddly enough, I used to live in the middle of nowhere (although I have the right to “live free” anywhere I choose). My closest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away. Over the years, a bunch of jerks built a city around me and have been offering me the benefits of their “civilization”. This has caused a steady decline in my standard of living (as more of my hard earned money is siphoned off to others whims) and the quality of my life (as it has become very dangerous to exercise my basic rights). The USA was founded on the notion that government, even at the local level, should be harshly limited by the citizens. Apparently most of the citizens have been asleep at the wheel. The tone of most of these comments makes me think some of them are waking up.

      1. Tom M. says:

        You should license your dogs, Mark. With rights come responsibilities. The license is a way for the authorities to identify that a dog is not a hazard should it get loose, and to pay for the care of loose dogs with money contributed by dog owners, not general taxation.

    3. Jim Steel says:

      Sir: “benefits of civilization”….. surely you jest….and yes, I do live far out in the sticks where I can just ——— suffer. Waaaaaa

  58. Robert McCartney says:

    what i just do not understand is.. when did animals becpme more important than humans, I mean really… if there was this much passion for the WORKING POOR THE SENIORS AND MINOR CHILDREN who suffer from hunger then there would be no hunger. Sounds like a bunch of misplaced priorities. …. JUST SAYING

  59. TreeOfLiberty says:

    In America you will be arrested for failing to pay a rip-off dog license fee and you can also serve time for not watering your grass. Google it. Its all about submitting to the idiots “in charge” Tell me again your silly talk about liberty while you pledge allegiance to the flag.

  60. Kai says:

    Disingenuous headline. He wasn’t jailed for not having a dog license, he was jailed for not showing up for court. You don’t get to decide you know better and can ignore the court’s orders. Or that you’re so special the laws don’t apply to you.

    1. DEEP says:

      “The court” is a corrupt cabal of thugs. F’ ’em!

    2. YeahforTABOR says:

      Unless your name is Obama.

  61. DEEP says:

    A “license” makes free people slaves….. The Government needs to back off!

  62. Randy Brown says:


  63. sb36695 says:

    It’s nice to see that they’re getting the real criminals off the streets.

  64. John Paulstrom Southwalk says:

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington


  65. MetaCynic says:

    Great start, but let’s not stop at dogs and cats. Look at all the millions of $ that local governments are missing out on by not licensing children. The logic for licensing children is the same as that for licensing dogs and cats. Feral children are even more dangerous than loose dogs, and of course orphanages must be funded somehow.

    Red light and speed cameras aren’t hauling in enough loot for the good folks in government from drivers who are 1/100th of a second too slow in getting through an intersection or who are 1 mph over the speed limit. It’s not only cars and dogs and children that are potentially dangerous. Consider all the mayhem that fists and feet and bites can cause. Even more money can be raised by licensing fingers, toes and teeth. The more you have, the more you pay. Society is infested with peeping-Toms, annoying eavesdroppers and bums who pee in public. So while we’re at it, let’s license eyes, ears and kidneys. Governments need money. That’s what’s important.

    So, come on all you people who believe that government is entitled to all the money it wants to fund its precious programs. Show some imagination in raising money for good causes. And let’s not hesitate to jail scofflaws. Putting more people in jail creates more jobs for the socially responsible prison/industrial complex.

  66. Der Jakl says:

    The eternal government OVERREACH. Owing a dog is a right NOT a privilege…you CAN’T license a RIGHT

    1. Tom M. says:

      You are correct, Der, owning a dog is a right. Keeping a dog in a municipality with rules about dog ownership means you have responsibilities, however.

      1. uh duh says:

        not to pay an illegal tax or fee on a right

  67. Rochelle W says:

    Licensing a pet is just another way for government to make a buck off our backs – and to be able to go to jail over such the small offense of not doing such?? …. in the meantime, wall street and bank officials can engage in all kinds of illegal behavior and not pay any price for it. Baffles the mind, doesn’t it?

    Please forgive me though – I’m from a farm where we don’t have to worry about such non-sense….so exactly why is licensing necessary in the first place? What does it REALLY do? Creates a tag for your dog to wear around its neck in case it gets loose? If dog owners really cared for their dogs in the first place, wouldn’t they tag dogs on their own outside of a need for a “law”? I’m all for a bit more liberty around here…..whew, there’s a rule for everything!

    Beyond that, since there IS the law….seems to me that if you want the animal then you better buck it up and conform – or don’t have the animal at all. Animals are too glorified anymore any way. It’s a shame how much time, money and energy we spend on them versus that of a human life. Maybe the farm way of life is more in-your-face reality but we see dogs as just another barn animal – dime a dozen….. you can get them by the pickup load for free.

  68. Mark says:

    Great post, but you forgot all the harm that ideas cause. We better license and regulate thinking before “civilization” collapses into anarchy caused by all this “free” thinking.

  69. Old Skeptic says:

    ARM -the whining Statist booklickers who equate “responsibility” with obedience to the criminal gangs now operating under the cover of “government” are incapable of understanding the difference between liberty and tyranny so trying to reason with them is a waste of time. Many of these fools actually believe they’re “conservatives.”

    You apparently understand the difference between a right and a privilege and a law and a policy –most of the idiots commenting here do not. With all the fools and freeloaders enabling the all the wannabe tyrants enriching themselves and the government trough, this country is rushing into authoritarianism.

  70. Old Skeptic says:

    ARM —I forget to commend you for standing up to this out of control government. Best wishes and good luck.

  71. Osamas Pajamas says:

    License politicians, bureaucrats and “public servants.” Hang those who don’t comply.

  72. charles says:

    Did they say 10 million for an animal shelter?
    Easy solution.
    This is a SPENDING PROBLEM not a taxing problem.

    The guy who got arrested should put a referendum on the ballott and everyone would vote for it. 1. That no new floorspace be constructed at more than $75 per sq ft. and 2. that no county employee be paid more than $40 per hour, inclusive of benefits.


  73. GW says:

    Note to self: Do Not Move to Jefferoson County

  74. LeoW says:

    Making the world safe from unlicensed drug dealers, er, dog owners, sorry, easier target…………….

  75. watchman says:

    Now I know I am not the brightest burning candle in the box but I can usually reason most things out given enough time. However I fail to see how having a dog licensed prevents anything. Well, ok maybe it prevents…no wait, my taxes should cover that…oh ok I can see where a city or county budget might suffer…no on 2nd thought, I pay enough in taxes that that oughta be covered as well…..Ahhhhh yes I have it now….Allie my service dog, being as sarcastic in humor as I can be…would comment and say( this of course would be, provided he had thumbs to type with) hold on a sec there stranger…lemme go get my license so I can legally bite you, or poop in the yard or sniff a rabbit track or……

  76. keith hoffmann says:

    should have said it was a mexican dog breed and therefore it dosent need a tag

  77. KJ says:

    He didn’t get put in jail for having an unlicensed dog. He was arrested FOR MISSING HIS COURT DATE!!!!! That’s what happens when you miss court!!!!! That is what is SUPPOSED to happen when you miss court!. And before you get on your high horse, I have 4 dogs, all rescues from either shelters or rescue orgs, all are licensed AND microchipped. Because that’s what responsible pet owners do. And for the record, most of us don’t have the sheriff come to our doorstep to repo furniture!!!!!!

  78. Guest2 says:

    Where I live you get a license when your dog gets a rabies shot. So the license serves as an ID, but also proves your pet has been vacinated.

    Anyway, rule of thumb: If you get summoned to court, you’d better go. Not that hard. Follow the rules and you’ll be fine.

    1. YeahforTABOR says:

      Unless your name is Obama. Then you don’t have to obey a court subpoena.

  79. David says:

    Just another tax, wait till they tax cats, and gold fish.

  80. Showtime says:

    I want to get this straight. If I go and rescue a dog from shelter, therefore alleviating the shelter of the time and cost to house and feed this animal, rather than being rewarded, I’ll be forced to pay for housing the other animals that I chose not to adopt. Sounds like I shouldn’t adopt any animal in Colorado. This system makes no sense, it rewards people for getting rid of their animals.

    1. whatevs says:

      Exactly, the nanny-state ALWAYS cracks down on the law abiding. You are punished for being responsible. Meanwhile 30 million illegal aliens are running rickshaw all over the country and are treated like royalty and given student loans, etc.

  81. Nunya says:

    Where’s the news about MF Global execs, et al going to jail? Oh yes,I remember…jail timei is for the little people who aren’t too big to fail.

  82. WyoCalGirl says:

    When I lived in Laramie, Wyoming, the license was $2.00 (yes, that’s right, $2.00). They kept it low so that people would license their dogs. AND they had a nice little animal shelter, too.

  83. S Murray says:

    This is nothing more than another petty way for people to plunder others in the name of government. Pet licensing = Pet tax. It is absolutely ridiculous, as is about 99% of what people do in the name of government.

  84. ThoughtCriminal says:

    Licenses including drivers licenses are unconstitutional. The courts do not follow the process legally either. A citation to appear is not proper notice to appear, and you can fight on these grounds. Additionally, they skip a few stages of the process, and ask you for a plea without a proper charging instrument. A proper charging instrument in most states is an information or indictment. Rule of law radio. Fight this!

    1. Spartacus 911 says:

      “fight this”

      The process is the punishment. The state always wins, even when it loses. You waste your time and money fighting an ever growing list of laws and regulations that even if there is no direct fee associated with the “privilege” still makes you jump thru a bunch of government hoops. You get a population of rule followers who assume they have to get permission from the government to wipe their ass instead of a free society of sovereign citizens. Government grows like cancer on the body politic.

      The full time, well paid, impossible to fire or reduce in size government has gotten to the point where it makes up more and more laws regulating, proscribing and prohibiting more and more private behavior that harms no one, and then busts you on the violations of these regulations and fines you whopping amounts to support the administrative/police state.

      Enough! Just follow the rules? Not this citizen.

      1. uh duh says:

        wow, spoken like a true sheep. Are you going to go to the FEMA camp willing too?

  85. palatineroger says:

    Consider fighting it under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The animal is a medical device. Federal law is much more powerful than local ordinances.

    1. Dokta Dawg says:

      Unless the dog has training to prove it can perform 3 tasks, it is likely a fraudulent claim as assistant dog. I doubt if these people trained their dog to any standards.
      Or even educated themselves about real service dogs.
      Does the dog have Canine Good Citizen certificate?
      I do not abuse the privilege of service dog by fraudulently claiming a pet to be a service dogs…Unless a dog is trained for specific tasks, they are NOT a service dog.

      1. whatevs says:

        Nonsense, the whole license situation is a rip off. You shouldn’t need to educate your dog just to get out of paying the rip off fees.

  86. walter12 says:

    I have heard that Denver has become a Stalinist type of city in the last 20 years.

  87. UYeahU says:

    This should get some fine publicity for the State of Colorado, jailing the father of an autistic child because their service dog didn’t have license. Must we pay fees and be regulated to death about everything in this country? Whatever happened to freedom?

    1. ThoughtCriminal says:

      no one fights for it, that’s what happened.

    2. Dokta Dawg says:

      I doubt if the dog is really a service dog.
      The couple is probably fraudulently claiming that.
      Service dogs must be trained to standards,
      If they don’t license their dogs, I doubt they train it.

    3. whatevs says:

      The people are their own guardians of freedom, and they are too dumbed down from their failed government schools to even realize what rights they are losing.

  88. ThoughtCriminal says:

    “Federal law is much more powerful than local ordinances.”

    That’s not exactly true. It is implemented as an agreement through State laws forced by the withholding of Federal funds (technically unconstitutional).

    You’re better off with fighting it the way I stated above.

    If the DOJ’s bureaucracy takes the case, and that is a big “if,” then they work through remediation. If it cannot be resolved through remediation, then a lawsuit is filed. This approach is like buying a lottery ticket, and hoping you win.

  89. Rick E, VA says:

    You don’t take someone’s liberty for a freaking dog license. That is criminal.

    Government once again overstepping its bounds.

  90. Allison says:

    Comments: TL;DR

    The fact of the matter is is that he was not arrested for not having a dog license, he was arrested for missing his court date. Miss your court date and you’re going to be issued an arrest warrant.

    1. Rick E, VA says:

      The point is that a dog license should never be a path to incarceration. If we incarcerate people for not paying their bills, there are countless individuals who should be locked up for getting us $15 trillion in debt.

  91. jack says:

    enjoy the rule of the obese women and negroes.

  92. drewynp says:

    There is no end to the licenses, registrations, fees, fines, etc…needed to live in this country. When my hometown told me I needed to have the fire marshall inspect my home because my wife complied with local regs and got a license to run her cleaning biz from our house, I was furious. “For what?” I asked, “So that my vacuum cleaners are safe from fire?” We have no customers in our home. I’m telling you what–when people comply with asinine regulations, everyone loses. And there is no constitutionality for being forced to license your dog. And when unconstitutional regulations are forced upon you, it is your patriotic duty to break them.

  93. tired of politicians says:


  94. jerrykregle says:

    I have always taken issue with this WHY are people FORCED to buy a dog license
    why not a cat license
    Government regulating freedoms then why not license breathing or urinating tax
    why not license for the keys to your house or perhaps get a license to own your TV
    Where will it end

  95. jg says:

    “Local governments are missing out on millions of dollars”

    LOL More like millions of dollars are staying in communities where they should be kept, instead of corrupt bureaucrats. Gotta love how they play like government is God.

  96. Jason Kahl says:


    What is freedom? where has it gone…time to pass a law limiting the power of the local government.. Its just not moral to give government this much power..

    The other dumba**’s that believe in this should just send their money too ME! and not vote either…your just TOO F N STUPID!!

  97. Dokta Dawg says:

    Service dogs are not pets. They must pass training standards and perform 3 tasks to assist a person with medical necessity.
    Far too many people abuse the right to have trained medical assistant dogs
    If this dog has not been trained to internationally acceptable standards, it is a PET dog.
    Sounds like this couple needs an education. Could be fraudulent claim for “service dog” status.
    Does the dog have a AKC Canine Good CItizen certificate?

    1. jim bob 999 says:

      The U.S. department of justice has rules about what is a service dog. You do not need a certificate from an expensive pro.

      Far too many people abuse the right to have trained medical assistant dogs”????

      Where are your facts?/ You sound very cold and angry.

  98. moreco2 says:

    I’m sick of Jeffco. Used to be a really nice place. I taking my family and getting the hell out of here. YEAAAAAAAH!

  99. lensman says:

    sieg heil! Amerika!

  100. Sam says:

    This guy’s FTA resulted from ignoring a dog licensing summons, so the real reason he was jailed was actually a county summons for an unlicensed dog with a small fine attached. Did he realize he would be FTA for ignoring the summons? Don’t know, but it seems unlikely.

    Every municipality I know of in Colorado has some sort of dog licensing law. And the licenses are renewable yearly, so the govt in question keeps raking in the bucks. Law making bodies like city councils, county commissioners, and the state legislature love to make new ordinances and laws, then they don’t publicize them or make any effort to tell people about the new or changed law, especially if it includes a “fee” (tax). Yet ignorance of the law is not considered an excuse for violating it so I guess our elected officials expect each and every one of us to read all the codes and laws EACH and EVERY year to see what has changed. Nobody does since it’s stupefyingly boring. We have way, way too many laws and too much code. It’s the people you elect, Coloradans. They are the ones who do this to us. Be careful who you vote for. Democrats are worse than Republicans about making new laws, but they all want to justify their existence with new code.

  101. H says:

    DrEZ. Show me in your infinite wisdom how he is a racist. Are you black?

  102. Justin Auldphart says:

    Wait until they have private prisons in CO…he’ll get 10 years…

  103. Bob says:

    Why do they say that the county is missing out on the funds instead of saying that the county is trying to use a new way to extort money from it’s citizens.

  104. Chapp says:

    Anyone out there willing to get up at 2 AM to get a howling dog? How about picking up a dog from crying kids, that was run over chasing cars? Maybe getting painful rabies shots because you were exposed to a rabid bat?Talk to your newspaper carrier, at the hospital, because they were bit by a dog? Or helping a citizen who hates your guts because you are trying to help them keep their dog safe? Pick up a litter of abandoned pups freezing in subzero weather, abandoned by someone who couldn’t face reality and take them to a shelter because they will “be killed?” Or maybe be the HS girl who lost $26,000 worth of prize-winning lambs because someone thought they had a right to let their dogs run loose at night? Or try to defuse a neighborhood who has one owner who has a mean dog he allows to run loose?

    As a former ACO, I did most of that. I’m not even mentioning the wild animals and livestock I had to deal with. Volunteer for 1 day, then criticize this law.

    1. whatevs says:

      No one forces you to be a friggin dog catcher. Don’t like it, then get a real job,

  105. James Brenner says:

    Obama was not born in the United States and his father was never a US citizen which is required in order for Obama to be a legitimate President. He is a FRAUD. How insignificant is licensing a dog!

  106. Jim57 says:

    A man went to jail for not having a license for his dog – unbelievable! What has happened to freedom in this country? How could law enforcement personnel arrest a man and put him in jail for not having a license for his dog?

    1. whatevs says:

      Because they could. Cps are just union thugs with more weapons.

    2. I KNOW YOU says:

      jim57, This so call man went to jail for not going to court. He was issued a ticket and didnt go to court which ends up being a warrent. He went to jail because of the warrent, which was issued by not going to court. This is not a hard concept to understand. The law enforcement was just acting on the warrent which was handed down by a judge for not going to court over a stupid dog license ticket. This really maked MATT look like the DUMBA** he really is..

  107. MadCharles says:

    And home made lunches for elementary kids in North Carolina are inspected by union honks and not allowed if they don’t meet the Moochella standards…
    Had enough yet ?

  108. nifongnation says:

    In Detroit, people don’t get dog licenses, and starve and abuse them, but government ignores it.

  109. mits says:

    this has and does happen in Plymouth Ma. I should know I was cuffed and stuffed for not having a dog licence and it was not a missed court date fact

  110. $$$ says:

    Because the journalist is much concerned about an enormous wealth to which these government entities are failing to realize, I would only add to the article’s transparent efforts of suggestion by suggesting a license be required for all of the following: birds, fish, hamsters, turtles, lizards, snakes, ferrets, crabs, snails, insects, monkeys, rabbits, etc.

  111. Rich says:

    If you are not in jail it’s only because the government hasnt figured out which of their laws you’re in violation of yet.

    1. whatevs says:

      That’s the new unfortunate truth. Stay safe my friend.

  112. MuneShadowe says:

    “The county say the animal licenses are needed to fund the new $10 million Foothills Animal Shelter. The license is a little star or circle that the dog is supposed to wear and help get it returned if lost.”
    No it is to pay the idiots at the dog pound that make 2 to 3 times your average wage that a normal person makes. Also after this over cost facility is built will they quit making payments for it and quit charging the people in the county for it.

  113. Mike Henke says:

    “they are missing out on millions of dollars a year in revenue.” it should say “people are keeping their own money and the government isn’t stealing citizen’s money”.

  114. Michael says:

    The nanny state is taking over.

  115. Buck O'Fama says:

    If our founding fathers were to come back from the grave, they would arm themselves and slaughter these self appointed potentates like rabid raccoons in a daycare.

  116. Alx1775 says:

    Nice tone taken by the article. “HARRUMPH, HARRUMPH” we’re losing all this revenue because the authorities aren’t cracking down enough on people who don’t license their pets.

    Just what we need, another crackdown in the name of revenue. Dear government, please DO less so we can pay less.

  117. ConservativeRedneck says:

    Comrade, zis is our glorious leader Obama’s dream. More and bigger government.

  118. Billie says:

    It took almost 14 hours for Godwin’s Law to raise its head on this article. How does that compare to the average for online discussions? (To me, Godwin’s Law is a lot like The Law of I Found It the Last Place I Looked or The Law of Never Use a Corded Vibrator in a Bathtub: all are instances of the Law of the Effing Obvious.)

    MetaCynic (February 14, 2012 at 2:01 pm) scoffs at scofflaws’ being jailed. Mark (February 14, 2012 at 2:05 pm) brags that he does “not cooperate with petty tyrants.” Matthew Townsend apparently decided he didn’t need to keep a court date and was subsequently jailed for his trouble. Civil disobedience is great, isn’t it? I’m serious. Civil disobedience _is_ great. But it’s not that unusual for it to come with a price.

    If I were going to be a scofflaw, I think I’d try to make sure I had a point worth making, possibly even one worth winning. No reason to think that was the case with Mr. Townsend. If he thought he had a point to make under the Americans with Disabilities Act, he wasn’t going to be able to make it without keeping his court date. There’s nothing in the act that excludes licensing fees for service animals for those with disabilities, although that may well be covered in the implementation of the act by whatever government bureaucracy handles it — as Philip B Kirschner (February 14, 2012 at 1:27 pm) claims. (I found Sections 12208 and 12211 to have some interesting exclusions.)

    Grammar nazis, I invite your critique.

    Paulbots, where are you?

  119. AlbertG says:

    The actual issue is that 80% estimated pet owners aren’t getting their licenses.. and are violating the law. If you have a law that has that high of a rate of non-compliance, maybe something’s wrong with the law.

    Right now, the animal control people are working and the shelter is funded – without the contribution of the 80%. If they lowered the fee (tax) to a level that citizens wouldn’t avoid and got 80% compliance it’d be better for society and make as much or more money. When people think they’re getting gouged by the state, it’s natural for them to try to avoid the gougers. Plus, the government needs to be more open about where the money goes… $10Million for a new shelter??

  120. ella funt says:

    When will these towns make it mandatory to license children & people, making them wear a “DOG TAG”????–After all, towns are losing MILLIONS by not doing this.—Also, they can license cell phones, laptop computers, desk computers, leaf blowers, chain saws, garden tractors, hedge trimmers, house knives, mail boxes, heating systems, a/c units, etc,etc, etc. The towns are losing MILLIONS by not taxing more items.—Wake-up towns !!!!! TAX MORE.
    How much more revenue can you afford to lose???Go after it. Arrest and jail those who don’t comply. After all, THIS IS AMERICA –Land of the FREE!!!!

  121. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    You must feed the monster or it will get angry and attack.

  122. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    I would water board the dog it looks like it has information the local gestapo could use.

  123. bob says:

    Service animal my foot! It is clearly a pitbull mix. Townsend has no idea if his dog bit or approached anyone while it was loose.

    1. uh duh says:

      Are you f****** stupid. the dog has absolutely no pitbull in it. Did you watch the story?? When was the last time you saw a pit this big. God your dumb, maybe you should just kill yourself and do the world a favor.


    The officials have a duty and responsibility to protect the public at large!
    If you want a pet you must take care of the pet!
    I support the Police as they are just doing their Job!

    1. uh duh says:

      just like all of the Nazi”s were just doing their jobs when they killed millions of jews and oh most of them were killed for commiting war crimes. need we say more.

    2. Some Guy says:

      When the law is unjust, it is the duty of the people to resist it. I can see that you’ll never be any help.

  125. dave says:

    geee just pay the yearly fee – where I live I pay $10 for yearly pet license… can get it when you take your dog to the vet. Whether you think its right or wrong, that gives the chance of your dog getting given back to you if it gets out and lost, otherwise it can either be adopted out to someone else or in some cases euthanized

    1. uh duh says:

      wow you just believe any old excuse they give you to take your money

  126. 001mum says:

    I think Matthew Townsend is playing on our emotions by saying Wolfie is a service animal for his daughter. I say> Prove it.
    In my city qualified /certified Service Dogs have their yearly fees waived.
    and so it should be.

    *Personal assistance dog licences are free if a certificate is produced from The Canadian National Institute for the Blind or Hearing Ear Dogs of Canada.*

    There is more to this story and I bet it’s not “pretty”.

    forget the grammar argument,we’re all flawed in one way or another.

    1. ARM says:

      Wolfgang as he is formally known as IS in fact registered with the United States Service Dog Registry. registry #1325****** the last six digits arenot being posted to preserve the identity of the child for whom this dog is registered. If this is not proof enough, then i really dont know what to tell you. What happened to innocent until proven guilty

      1. I KNOW YOU says:

        ARM,( AKA- Matt Townsend) “If” this dog is a registered service dog than why didnt he (you) go to court and prove it. This is where “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” comes into play. There is more to the story here Matt come clean and man up for you step-daughter’s sake. Matt (you) are a disgrace to people who really have disabled kids in this world. Matt, you and April are for sure the parents of the year. 001mum, you hit the nail on the head with this one.

  127. Dave says:

    Thou shalt not question Leviathan. Pay thou thy fees, knave.

  128. Some Guy says:

    The story here is that a man who posed no danger to anyone was kidnapped and held against his will by members of an armed gang, and the people of Denver utterly failed to come to his aid.

    Shame on all of you.

    1. ARM says:

      Mind you, he was arrested while his children watched. This, after the police had a locksmith unlock and open the front door of the home while the oldest child was babysitting. This of course completely terrorized these poor children. On of which is the child mentioned in this story. Also, just a side note, the arresting officer was in overtime throughout the entire arrest and transport to the county facility. The county paid over two hours of overtime for a petty offense that is not even jailable at its maximum penalty

      1. I KNOW YOU says:

        ARM, You must be close friends with this idiot. First of all the deputies were there doing their job to get the furinture that these great loving parents were not paying on. What kind of parents will let their kids go through this knowing that the funtiure is not their’s. Second of all what kind of parents sell pot ( sorry medical marijuana) out of there house in front of their kids. These parents should get parenting of the year award. The “PETTY OFFENSE” is not jailable unless you are a dumb*** and dont go to court. Then it becomes jailable. What a great parent Matt Townsend is. THANK GOD we have deputies who will work overtime (which takes time away from their familys) to deal with idoits and dumba** like Matt Townsend. JOB SECURITY FOR THE OFFICERS

  129. Christopher Alan Fields says:

    To Hell with the Corrupt Out of Control Terrorist USA Government, Soon we will have to have a License to have Kids. InfoWars PrisonPlanet

  130. Frank Horrigan says:

    When these goose stepping do gooder nany state nazis, ask you about your dog licensce, tell them your dog sitting for a freind in another state, then tell them to bugger off.

  131. jim bob 999 says:

    As usual, an ignorant reporter missed the largest fact! Federal law prohibits charging license fees or any taxes on assistance dogs. The gentleman said his daughter is autistic. The county is violating DOJ regulations under both the civil rights act and the Americans with Disabilities act. Hopefully he will sue for millions, which will force the county to follow the law.

  132. Lowlander says:

    Take a bunch of LIberals, who aren’t that bright to start with, and stick em at 5280ft+ elevation on a continual basis where the oxygen is a bit rarer, and they’ll either cannibalize one another or put on the biggest circus you ever saw in your life.

    Ergo, Colorado.

  133. 1111111111 says:

    When is this freaky dog-obsessing era going to end? I’m so sick of hearing about dogs, seeing them everywhere I go, watching people cart them around like children; hearing the nonstop chatter about DOGS. Every human must have a dog, and EVERY dog is a RESCUE. Billions of dogs, “rescued” from the streets. Right. It’s a government controlled corporate ring, infiltrating into every entity, monopolizing the market. Creepy and weird. They have literally taken over our world. Animal worship was predicted as a way to distract people from reality and keep humans from interacting with each other. It’s working very well. People are so twisted and confused, they actually treat their dogs like humans. I’m a dog owner by the way. We are very happy with our dog as a pet, as he is being treated as a dog. This whole thing has happened so fast, and it’s quite bizzarre..

  134. Mike says:

    Does the state have title to the dog? Is the Dog operating in Commerce? Is the town a corporation and not Government? If the town officers/clerks swore an oath of office, then why are they violating their oath of office. Do they have title over the man who is watching over that dog for the Creator? Is their claim to the dog higher than the man’s claim? Do they own the dog? maybe they should provide proof they have title over the dog or that they have commercial jurisdiction over a living dog or the man they are trying to fine. Where the damaged party? Where’s their government authority? Oh, guess they don’t have any! that guy better get educted or they will take him and his dog down the trail of tears! If this is mandatory, guess thst means the town condones slavery! He has no free will choice and if he doesn’t submit to the towns demands, they will come after his with their mercinary jack booted thug forces! Call them slevery enforcement officers for the corporations. They just can’t allow rebellion in the sheeple can they! So what do you think of the movie “The Matrix”?

  135. Real Rick says:

    A new way for the government to make money. Obama may wave his magic wand and make it a law nation-wide. Would it have to go through the Senate & House? NO NO NO! The prez knows how to get around them!

  136. Drew says:

    “Fees” are the new Tax. Anytime a new “Fee” is imposed, it free’s-up money that otherwise would have gone to pay for that service to be used for other things.

  137. Dave E. Dew says:

    Calling this tax “necessary” and trying to justify it is a sham. Taxes are arbitrary and capricious now. They might as well just call it a “just because” tax, or a “we need money for another boondoggle” tax. The government popularity contest winners work hard at dreaming-up things to spend money on in order to justify their existence, and they pick any reason they can to fund it. What’s next—a glass tax for having windows in your house? Grass tax for having a lawn? Oxygen tax? It makes just as much sense. But like I said, just be honest and call it “we need more money” tax.

  138. Chris says:

    If they fine this guy $100 for not having a dog license, he sould bill them for the 7 hours of his time spent in custody as a consultation fee to educate the police about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Townsend has stated this is a service dog, upon which the fed gov’t does not allow taxes or fees.

    1. I KNOW YOU says:

      Chris, the only problem is this is not a service dog. I know this flakster and his step-daughter dose not have a disability. He is trying to beat the system by not going to court and got bit. I see jail time in his furture. Chris, I have some ocean front property in Arizonia you interested ???? People wake up !!!!!

  139. NWO says:

    You are next people wake up..Masonic Child Identification Programs (CHIP) are a charitable initiative by North American Masonic lodges to aid in the identification and recovery of missing children. CHIP programs are supported monetarily at the Grand Lodge level, and are staffed by volunteers from subordinate lodges as well as law enforcement and dental professionals.
    The CHIP programs allow parents the opportunity to create a kit of identifying materials for their child, free of charge. The kit contains a fingerprint card, a physical description, a video, computer disk, or DVD of the child, a dental imprint, and a DNA sample. The purpose of the kit is to provide critical information to the public and to law enforcement in the event that a child goes missing. The program has been lauded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.[1]
    The videotape or DVD, besides capturing appearance and voice, includes questions tailored toward the child’s age group and can assist in finding children who might be missing for other reasons besides abduction.
    The Masonic Child ID Program has been referenced by state and local law enforcement agencies as their model for establishing this service. The difference between Masonic CHIP and others is that municipal and law enforcement agencies typically place all data that is collected (including fingerprints) into a database. The Masonic Child ID Program operates with strict confidentiality, with all data on portable computers being removed from systems immediately after the DVD data has been written. If a DVD or video is lost by a parent or guardian, they can simply have another created free of charge by attending another Masonic Child ID event.

  140. Jsmith says:

    I suspect the time he spent being processed and locked up was more than $50.

  141. Jsmith says:

    I suspect the time he spent being processed and locked up was more than $50.

  142. Spanky T Smackme says:

    They dot NEED the money, its another one of those governmet ways to steal from the citizens……As to the comment that they are missing out on several million in revenue, ITS NOT REVENUE its money they could steal from the citizens.

  143. ETEE says:

    It has reached the point in America at which, no matter what you own, do or say, something about it is illegal and the City, State or Federal Dot. Gov can shake you down to pay for their (fill in the blank with Animal Shelter/Sports Stadium/Convention Center/Welfare Entitlement/ Food Stamps,etc) and send the minions of the law to make sure you pay. Why is it that everything I was told was wrong about the Soviet Union back in the 50’s when I was growing up is now institutionalized into the law in the U.S.???

  144. john woods says:

    I had the same thing happen to me in California. The life guard gave mye a ticjket for not having a license for my dog, which was a service animal. By Federal law, a service aninal is NOT a dog, and as such is covered by the aneruican with disabilities law. The service animal is an assist aniaml,and as such is not subject to state law.
    The guy was arrested for not appearing, but if he contacts the justice department he can priocede with an action agaisnt the sounty for viilating his daughters rights under the ADA act.

  145. Mike says:

    Just another reason not to live in JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. Your entire state is messed up.

  146. tk69 says:

    THere is too much government. THis is nothing more than a way to get fees for the government. This is why juries need to judge the law prior to any conviction and nullify them if they violate rights. The government shield needs to a drop so that officers and other government officials can be suit personally as opposed to sue the county governments. ANd, all revenue other than tax revenue inclduing fines, fees, permits, etc should not be allowed to be spent by any government agency by rather should be given away on some type of lottery. It is time to take back government.

  147. Gluflin says:

    The guy was arrested for ‘missing his day in court’, not for failure to purchase a dog license.

    Suggesting the arrest was due to the failure to purchase a dog license is the type of failure in basic reasoned thinking that my young children make.

    Reporters should be a lot more honest and a lot less sensationalist.

    Rick Sallinger should be embarrassed by having written this article.

  148. FrancisChalk says:

    Colorado has experienced a massive influx of former California residents over the years. These California types are typically Leftist Democrats who prefer (like all Democrats, Leftists, liberals, greens, feminists, etc.) totalitarian control over all aspects of society. This is the logical result of the influence of too many Leftists, Democrats and their offshoots.

  149. mylibertyland says:

    The article is all about the millions lost for the gov not about the dog licence.

  150. mylibertyland says:

    oh I forgot, it has to be about Sustainability. AKA Agenda 21

  151. Billie says:

    It took almost 14 hours for Godwin’s Law to raise its head on this article. How does that compare to the average for online discussions? (To me, Godwin’s Law is a lot like The Law of I Found It the Last Place I Looked or The Law of Never Use a Corded Vibrator in a Bathtub: all are instances of the Law of the Effing Obvious.)

    MetaCynic (February 14, 2012 at 2:01 pm) scoffs at scofflaws’ being jailed. Mark (February 14, 2012 at 2:05 pm) brags that he does “not cooperate with petty tyrants.” Matthew Townsend apparently decided he didn’t need to keep a court date and was subsequently jailed for his trouble. Civil disobedience is great, isn’t it? I’m serious. Civil disobedience _is_ great. But it’s not that unusual for it to come with a price.

    If I were going to be a scofflaw, I think I’d try to make sure I had a point worth making, possibly even one worth winning. No reason to think that was the case with Mr. Townsend. If he thought he had a point to make under the Americans with Disabilities Act, he wasn’t going to be able to make it without keeping his court date. There’s nothing in the act that excludes licensing fees for service animals for those with disabilities, although that may well be covered in the implementation of the act by whatever government bureaucracy handles it — as Philip B Kirschner (February 14, 2012 at 1:27 pm) claims. (Check Sections 12208 and 12211.)

    Paulbots, where are you? Grammar nazis, I invite your critique.

  152. steve says:

    “By CBS4′s figures, Jefferson County and other governments are missing out on a lot money for non-compliance on dog licenses. Jefferson County misses more than $2.5 million a year in uncollected license fees.”

    Please stop this sort of nonsense “reporting”. What they are missing is stirring up citizens to kick them out of office for forcing ridiculous regulations and fees on them.

  153. AJ says:

    First off — does this web site routinely let twelve-year-olds write their articles? The diction and overall tone here are just off-puttingly amateur and unprofessional.

    Secondly, the fact that both this guy’s dogs “got out” is probably a good indicator that he’s not an especially responsible dog owner in the first place — in other words he’s exactly why dogs need to be licensed.

    1. Booduh says:

      That’s not an indicator. But if you look deeper, you will find out there is more to this story. The fee is really a tax onto of a tax. The animal shelter only pays $1.00 a year for the lease. I’m still trying too find out how much the directors are paying the CEO and it’s senior management. I’ll bet it’s quite a bit. Maybe I’ll go non profit pay myself a big salary and have the county build me a big building that they charge me a dollar a year to lease. Corruption right under our noses disguised as a charity. Non profits are very profitable for the self righteous who run them. We’ll see. I’m still waiting for a reply from an inquiry on there compensation.

  154. David says:

    If they are upset about the dogs being registered they should use vets to collect and track the animals. Then collect the money from the vets. They should give allowances for microchips and any dog caught without a leash should be held until the fine is paid. If you get a ticket its a good idea to pay it even if you don’t agree with the law.

  155. Tryin' to have Faith in Humans says:

    I have just sat thru a bunch of crazy reading and still can not fathom the reason for putting people down.What we all need to realize whether or not it is a tax, a fee ,a fine what ever…we are are still talking about a county that has taxed for all kind of things and have only fattened the pockets of the goverment and laid off police,fire,teachers and people we really need.They have closed schools and small business are becoming extinct.Also to the one that wrote I know you…feel better about yourself?

  156. BOtheJoker says:

    What a hoot. Sallinger reports that cities and counties are “missing out on a lot money for non-compliance on dog licenses.” And just think how much dough they’re “missing out on” for not feeing anyone who dares breath the air in their jurisdictions, or takes a poop! The possibilities are endless! The real (and unreported) story here is why a truly free people are not fighting the jackbooted coercion of these out-of-control governments.

  157. JP says:

    He broke the law. He said right into the camera that he laughed at the ticket, It’s the law. Weather the dog is his diabled childs dog is irrelevent. If you don’t like or believe the law is correct get up and change it.

  158. Kyle and Matilda II says:

    As a legitimate user of a Canine Companions for Independence Hearing Dog, people such as this do an injustice to the disabled community. Any legitimate SD owner/handler knows their service dog MUST be licensed per federal and state law, and fees cannot be charged for the license — so there’s no excuse! If it is a service dog, which seems unlikely and a silly excuse, the free license assists in providing protections should the dog be injured, lost, etc.

    “Fake” Service dogs, dogs off leash, interference by both humans and dogs, and a public lacking awareness of how to behave around assistance dogs are all problems that make the utilization of legitimate assistance dogs more difficult.

  159. I KNOW YOU says:

    ARM (April) What happen in court ??? Please tell, we all would like to know. Matt’s was yesterday the 27th and yours was today per your blog.. Fill us in on how things went. Thanks…

  160. Karen S Boyle says:

    I live in Denver. I received a ticket, paid for the license, got my dogs spayed and took the paperwork to the government office I was told to only to be told I now owed $362.50 in fines. I wrote a letter to Director Doug Kelly and let him know that I could not afford the fine and did not feel that without a warning, I should not have a fine. I complied within 10 days on everything.

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