DENVER (CBS4)  – Couch potatoes sit up and take note — you can now be paid for watching television.

Sean Luxton and his 11-year-old son, Charlie, sit together on the couch and watch a favorite program, but they’re also working. Charlie volunteered to explain the new Viggle application available on iPhones and iPads.

“It’s cool to earn rewards for watching TV,” Charlie said.

You’ve heard of pay-per-view. This is more like “get paid to view.”

Here’s how Viggle works — download the free Viggle app, you hold up your smartphone or iPad and Viggle registers whatever program you’re watching.

Viggle is able to identify the show you’re watching and it logs you in and you get points for that,” Jason Reindorp with Viggle said.

The points then earn you gift cards to Starbucks, fast food restaurants, department stores, movie tickets; or you can elect to donate to a favorite charity.

Reindorp says it’s a very simple reward program.

“You have loyalty programs for flying on planes or renting cars, but think of all the time you spend watching TV. Why shouldn’t you get rewarded for that?” Reindorp said.

Recently Viggle users earned points for watching the Super Bowl. Sunday night they accrued more points for tuning into the Grammies. The list of shows which reward you for your couch potato status seems endless.

“What we are able to see is patterns in the way people are checking into shows. All of this really helps advertisers target to specific individuals,” Reindorp said.

The obvious question — is this a violation of viewers’ privacy? Viggle executives say no.

“We are super, super focused that no personal information is gathered in anyway,” Reindorp said.

Charlie is hoping Viggle lets him wiggle into getting to watch more television. His father doesn’t seem to be buying that idea when 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll asked him that question.

“What will you say when your 11-year-old says, ‘Dad, I want to watch TV and make some money?’ ” Luxton was quick to reply, “I’ll say, ‘Why don’t you go shovel snow and make money instead.’ ”

The Viggle app is available at the app store free of charge.


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Comments (19)
  1. Scott says:

    What about people like myself out of work that spend more time watching tv than ones working. Especially right now with the economy. I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet, etc that I can use either.

    1. Margy says:

      Gotta spend money to make money. I don’t think investing in a smartphone or a tablet to get paid for watching tv is a good move at this time. Isn’t it just really small change? A couple of bucks, maybe?

      1. Usha says:

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    2. jim says:

      If you’re out of work, why are you spending so much time watching TV? When you are out of work, looking for work becomes your new job! I guess it could be worse – you could be out protesting business… The ones who will eventually hire you… If our government finally gets the heck out of their way… Is it Novemebr yet?

    3. John says:


      Spend less time watching TV and more time looking for a job. Simple.

  2. denvervet says:

    I guarantee you that kids favorite show is not News 4. Anyhow, just another reason not to be outside using your muscles or at the gym. People don’t interact much when watching TV, this is a loose-loose situation.

  3. mmmmm says:

    It stinks that this is just for Iphones and Ipads. It is not available to Andriod smartphones as the article indicates. I have an Andriod and went to the market juist to check it out. It is not there…

    1. John Woelz says:

      I don’t see anywhere where it mentions Android OS phones/tablets.

  4. John Obeda says:

    The son of a friend of mine was super-impressed some years ago at the prospect of making money playing a role-playing game. A friend of his had just sold his own character for $1,100.00. I took him through the math and his own character. To build the character he would have to spend well over 1000 hours. Although it may be a nice bonus at the end of interest in a game, making money playing a game or watching TV is less than productive. Time is better used or invested in learning another language, skill or a trade.

    1. NObama says:

      Maybe the far left will “CHANGE” the minimum wage law, after all everyone is “ENTITLED” to a six-figure income!!!

      1. Daiana says:

        Dorothy, I am working on gitteng a bigger place than my living room to host. Let me get back to you on how many people and if there will be a cost. I do ask that the second class you bring 25 non-insert coupons with you.

    2. JDoe says:

      I dont know what game he was playing but it took me only 6 months to max my character on SWG when i played. I only played on my time off for a few hours, few days a week, spent a total of about $125. my character could have sold for $1200 till the company put a stop to all sales of characters. I think that would have been pretty poductive.

    3. Mahendhar says:

      Posted on I’d must test with you here, which isn’t something I uslaluy do! I get pleasure from reading a post that will make folks think. Thanks for permitting me to remark!

  5. John Woelz says:

    You probably have to watch TV for a week straight just to get 20% off a Starbucks coffee.

  6. Guest says:

    A lot of those “Gifts” are things you probably dont need or wouldnt ordinarily spend money on anyways.
    Not a bad Idea if you already have everything set up,but still sounds like a lot of work.Also how does it work with timing?Whats to stop someone from just channel flipping and clicking every show?

  7. tuckbodi says:

    This has got to be the most annoying website with all its refreshes. Did the similar annoying Vic Lombardi create this?

  8. Lisa says:

    I would love to get paid for watching TV but I will not go out and buy an IPad or IPhone to do it. Hope you can come up with other ways to do this Please. Thanks

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  10. Chris says:

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