DENVER (CBS4) – Democrats are still trying to put together a national strategy for 2012. They are just starting to raise money for the election.

With no primaries to worry about, Democrats have been able to skip on the fundraising until now. They’ll need to save. Colorado is expected to be a swing state and the scene of a vicious battle.

“We have a lot of organizing to do,” Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio said.

A Saturday fundraiser is how Colorado Democrats say they’re revving up for the 2012 campaign. But they’re still unsure exactly who will benefit from their campaign.

“The bad part of this for Republicans is that they still have not galvanized around a single candidate,” Palacio said. “Right now the show is anyone but Mitt Romney.”

Colorado Republicans surprised everyone last week as former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum won the state, but he’s far from locking up the nomination. There is still a lot of time for the candidates to damage each other.

“I don’t think the Republican primary process has helped the ultimate nominee,” Sen. Michael Bennet said.

The Republican race has dominated the news with who’s up and who’s down. Bennet says the lack of attention could hurt Democrats needing coverage.

“I don’t think the president should wait. I think he should spend every minute he can outside Washington having a conversation with real Americans about what it is they’re going through,” Bennet said.

Democrats wouldn’t say how much they need to raise to win Colorado. With no major primary contests, they’re behind Republicans in setting up a national campaign. For now they’re message is still based in Washington.

“We’ve got to keep the eye on the ball. The eye on the ball right now for the president and for Democrats is making sure we continue to move the economy forward and we continue to create jobs,” Palacio said.

Democrats say they’ll be watching the results of the coming primaries closely. They say the debate on the Republican side hasn’t addressed what they call the real issues, so far.

Democrats have won national offices in Colorado in the last two major elections, electing Bennet to the U.S. Senate in 2010 and voting for President Barack Obama in 2008.

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  1. Asodeska says:

    Oh, a lot has been done so far,suz.
    Obama has made serious inroads into creating a Socialist state, like Greece.
    Obama had seriously damaged the economy in this country, and plans to do more with his tax increases, and restrictions on business.
    Obama has seriously damaged US prestige abroad.
    Obama has seriously damaged our military and its missions.
    I could go on, but if I listed all the errors of Obama there would not be enough space.

  2. suz says:

    So other than you support the interests of the vast majority of Americans, what else do you think about Obama’s accomplishments, Mike and Asodeska?

    This story sounds a little out of touch and as though nothing has been done so far (Here’s a little surprise for you, the best organized group in Colorado – Organizing for America, OFA CO.)

    Homework 101: Review the list – > (There will be a test ;-)

  3. Michael says:

    That’s OK. All they have to do is run on the Presidents accomplishments for the betterment of the country…..Oooops…..Well maybe they could run on what their Democraticly controlled congress has done for the American people……..Oooops again….after ramming down our throats an unconstitutional mandate for healthcare that may banckrupt half of businesses and failing to balance a budget for three years whilst spending borrowed money like drunken sailors…..Well maybe they can run on “Hope and Change” again, except for the fact that the majority of Americans are hoping for a change in leadership, maybe they should just stick their heads in the sand……….and admit they were wrong last election cycle.

  4. Asodeska says:

    Yes, they are thinking ‘How do we con the American people like we did so successfully 3 years ago”
    It is high time Americans saw the Democrats for what they are:- A bunch of con men.
    We have been fed a diet of lies and half truths for the past 3 years.
    Enough is enough.

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