DENVER (AP) — A Republican measure to give businesses the ability to use deadly force against suspected intruders got initial approval in the Colorado House.

The Republican-controlled chamber approved the proposal Thursday on a voice vote, with Democratic opposition.

Colorado residents already have legal protections for using deadly force against intruders under a law known as “Make My Day.” The bill expanding protections is dubbed “Make My Day Better.”

Several other attempts to pass the bill have failed. It’s expected to pass the House this year but will likely fail in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Supporters of the bill say business owners and employees should be protected from costly prosecutions if they defend themselves. But opponents say the legislation would give businesses too much power.

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  1. danielle says:

    I think will only help crime by allowing business owners the power to protect what they have invested in. Criminals must know citizens are standing up to them and will act! Leave politics out of this and think of the principle of any act of attempting to take what DOES NOT belong to you. I will practice my free right to carry, we can’t expect the police to do everything. Keep cutting safety budges and citizens WILL respond with ACTION. God Bless America.

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