DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers will begin an ethics investigation against a Republican lawmaker whose traffic stop has rocked the stability of the House GOP.

A committee of lawmakers is meeting for the first time Monday to discuss the case of Collbran Rep. Laura Bradford. Denver police say officers suspected she was driving drunk late on Jan. 25 but that they couldn’t detain her because of a constitutional provision that protects lawmakers during session.

Police have apologized for mischaracterizing the traffic stop and alleging she used her position to avoid arrest.

The episode has created a rift for Republicans. Bradford has threatened to leave her party, jeopardizing the GOP’s one-vote advantage in the House.

Bradford could still face a charge for having a gun in her car while allegedly intoxicated.

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  1. Marie Cribari says:

    The Denver police should be apologizing to the citizens of this city! I want a Denver police officer – any officer to tell me that if I or any citizen had been pulled over, suspected of being intoxicated and in posession of a firearm that they would have used discretion, not tested me for drunkeness and sent me home in a cab!
    I want to know why this would, by stretch of the imagination, be considered fair and or appropriate police action no matter who the person is or what position they hold!

    This whole dog and pony ethics show is nothing more than a ploy to take the attention off of a good-ole-boy mentality that has obviously existed for a long time and try to place that attention on an issue that isn’t actual the issue.

    If the police had been doing their job, then Bradord’s sobriety and firearms violation may be up for discussion but her ethics would not.

    If there wasn’t an over-all attitude of special exemptions for our elected officials for everything from insider trading to common DUI laws and then some atiquated language in the consitution to torture and fall back on; these same self-servers would not be wasting our time and tax dollars trying to deflect the real issues here. Which of course eventually leads to them having to behave and be treated just like any other citizen.

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