EAGLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Nearly two dozen badly neglected dogs are coming to Colorado for rehab and adoption. They were found stuffed inside a U-Haul in Tennessee.

Two women from California had the dogs in tow and were headed to Virginia when they were pulled over during a traffic stop near Memphis.

Char Quinn is the head of the Eagle Valley Humane Society, but she’s also a member of a national animal response team that gets called in to major disasters and events. So last week when 144 dogs were found in cages piled in the back of the moving van without any food or water, Quinn packed her bags.

“So we got called to come in to help take care of the animals,” Quinn said. “Some of the dogs were pretty traumatized.”

Quinn spent last week in Memphis with the hundreds of neglected dogs.

“The first day it was about 12 hours with 13 of us. And that’s just cleaning them and walking them,” Quinn said. “But that’s how long it takes with that many animals.”

The two women, linked to an animal rescue group in California, were arrested in and charged with animal neglect.

dogs map Badly Neglected Dogs Coming To Colorado For Rehab, Adoption

(credit: CBS)

When Quinn came back to Colorado over the weekend she brought back two dogs still being rehabilitated — Bugsy, a dachshund with big eyes, and a Chihuahua-mix named Hauly, named after the moving van she came from.

“They’re all, behaviorally wise, very nice, outgoing dogs,” Quinn said.

Quinn is expecting about 20 more dogs to come to Eagle County. Then it’s her job to foster them and find them homes.

Quinn said there’s already been some adoption interest for the dogs making their way to Colorado.

For more information about adopting the rescued dogs, visit the Eagle Valley Humane Society’s website.

  1. Ken L Larsen says:

    People like this should be put in a cage and driven across the country without food or water, and then put in prison.

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