FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Three months after a major blaze in Old Town Fort Collins CBS4 now knows what led to the arrest of the suspect in the case.

Benjamin David Gilmore, 30, is a beekeeper with a honey store in Fort Collins. He was ordered to stand trial on charges including attempted murder and arson.

Gilmore and his wife exited court hand in hand, but it’s his wrists that may determine if he remains a free man.

Someone was seen leaving the blaze in a dark hoodie. In the debris of the $10 million fire investigators discovered a Rolex watch inscribed with the name of Benjamin David Gilmore.

“At this time we’ve heard from the prosecution and its evidence,” Gilmore’s brother Andrew Gilmore said.

The defense will come later, but will have to explain why Gilmore’s wrists had burn marks when he was arrested.

In his car was a black hoodie, gas can, firewood and fire starters.

“Obviously we are concerned about the results and wish things could have gone better, but we love Ben. He’s in our family. He’s a native Coloradan,” Andrew Gilmore said.

The defendant was a supporter of the Occupy Fort Collins demonstrations and claimed to his wife that he had burned his wrists on a fire pit at the site.

The defense could only use Friday to suggest the items found in Gilmore’s car had nothing to do with the arson and the hoodie belonged to his wife.

Gilmore is free on bond. He’s due back in court for an arraignment next month.


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