DENVER (CBS4) – Federal authorities are searching for a man who stole seven assault rifles. They are offering a reward for information the leads to an arrest.

The man first hit a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Loveland. Then he broke into a Sports Authority in Fort Collins.

The break-ins happened late at night when no employees or customers were around, apparently by smashing a store window.

The thief got away with seven guns from two stores.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which regulates the firearms industry, is concerned, saying he is a danger to the community.

The burglar seen in surveillance pictures is only described as a man with a medium or stocky build.

guns stolen map Feds Worried About Man Who Stole 7 Guns

(credit: CBS)

Comments (3)
  1. Linda says:

    Geez, the feds are worried about seven guns but weren’t worried about over two thousand they let go into Mexicos drug cartels, wow.

    1. BC14 says:

      Well, Linda, that’s because Barack Hussein Obama has been working “under the radar” to subvert the US Constitution, and his go-to guy at the (in)Justice Department (that would be Eric Holder) is doing the gun running – er – gun walking – for him.

  2. Felix Alray says:

    Since when do sporting goods stores carry assault rifles? Do drive-bys now count as a form of hunting?

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