DENVER (CBS4) – Mullen High School officials are revealing more about why famed football coach Dave Logan was fired last week.

School leaders now say Logan and members of his staff committed recruiting violations.

Ryan Clement, the president and CEO of Mullen, wrote a letter saying Logan has earned his celebrity and standing the old fashioned way, through hard work and commitment. He referred to Logan’s coaching work and his job on the radio as the voice of the Denver Broncos, and mentioned again why a program like Mullen’s can not be run on a part time basis.

As for the future of the school and its coaching search, Clement wrote:

“Determining the right person to fill the job will be a decision guided heavily by the insight and input of our search committee. There are no favorites, no leading candidates and no inside tracks.”

Logan told the Denver Post Wednesday that he “has never been sanctioned in his years of coaching and finds the timing of this a bit curious.”

CBS4 so far has not gotten a response from the Colorado High School Activities Association over whether Logan had improper contact with recruits, as Mullen stated.

In a related development, Cherry Creek’s football coach Mike Brookhart has resigned from that role. Brookhart says he will stay on as the school’s basketball coach, but wanted to have fewer duties.

It’s not known if Logan might consider the Cherry Creek job.

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  1. Woody says:

    Regardless of the validity of the allegations, Mullen was not forthright in its handling of this situation. If in fact there were violations committed, they should have been presented to the media outlets at the time of the firing. If they found these to be the basis of dismissal Mullen should have disclosed this when asked. By “self reporting” over a week later shows their wanting to “cover up” either the violations themselves, or the lack of a valid reason to dismiss Logan. My personal feeling, and that is all it is, is that Clement got his feelings hurt when he was told his coaching skills were not needed, and threw his weight around based solely on emotion. Now Mullen is looking to stop the backlash.

  2. Jeff says:

    I doubt Logan knowingly made any violations. As I have been told, the new guy in charge of the school wanted to be part of the football coaching staff and Logan turned him down. Sounds like a crybaby is mad he didn’t get his way.

  3. JC says:

    What if the allegations are true? What if Logan and his staff knowingly cheated? Would you expect the administration of a Christian school to just look the other way?
    What if what Mullen is saying is true? You and others are just chastising the only ones that are doing the right thing.
    Intelligent people wait for all the facts before making judgement.

    1. DH says:

      I think that Mullen’s continually saying they couldn’t tell anyone any real reason for firing Logan and then, after a lot of protests and a petition signed by many, they said he had committed these violations. They also didn’t say anything to the CHSAA until after the protests and petition against the firing. The timing is just considered strange.

  4. LEE PARODI says:

    Mullen deserves everything they get. Why fire a successful coach who donated his time is beyond me. Now they’re trying a smear campaign. POOR!!! Let’s all hope Logan gets a job at a competitive high school and buries Mullen every time they play.

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