DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos get ready to face the New England Patriots Saturday evening. But win or lose, Denver scores big in another way.

Having the Broncos in the playoffs is doing great things for the city as Denver is being noticed in a big way. The explanation is simple. Having the Broncos in the playoffs is great publicity for the city.

The first playoffs game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was just the beginning. That game brought thousands of Steelers fans and football fans in general to the Mile High City. While here they got to see all our famous attractions — from shopping to dining out, and of course the mountains and skiing opportunities. During the game itself, the entire country got to see the many cutaway shots of the city skyline and other city sights.

That’s all good for the local economy as it helps improve tourism, but it can eventually put money back in Colorado residents’ pockets.

“Statewide, households in Colorado have to spend $364 less in taxes because of the impact of tourism. So it just has great benefits for all of the residents of the state.” Justin Bresler with Visit Denver said.

The more people that hear about the Broncos means they’re more likely to hear what Denver has to offer and could likely want to come and visit.

LINK: Visit Denver


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