DENVER (CBS4)– Denver’s mayor is moving ahead on a plan to develop the Interstate 70 corridor near Denver International Airport.

Mayor Michael Hancock said there is international interest in his plan. He said developers from China and Korea are among those who have inquired about the plans.

“Denver, unlike other cities, we have the opportunity to seize it. We have a great airport, internationally recognized fifth busiest in the country, tenth busiest in the world and people are saying why haven’t you developed that land out there? What’s your vision for it?” said Hancock.

Hancock will unveil a new economic development strategy for the city, which includes developing the Brighton Boulevard Corridor as a gateway to the city, later this month.

He also plans to combine the City of Denver’s fleet maintenance departments.

Hancock also plans to consolidate city services and resources for kids under one roof and move police officers from desk jobs to the street.


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