LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators say it could take some time to analyze all the evidence from the bomb attack in Lafayette over the weekend. They are now examining DNA, fingerprints and other evidence.

Allyson Stone, 44, and her current husband, Chris Stone, 59, were injured when a device inside a paper bag blew up in their car as they were leaving for Boulder Saturday afternoon near 95th and Baseline. About 20 homes had to be evacuated during the initial investigation.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is helping investigate the bombing.

Police are calling Allyson Stone’s ex-husband, Michael Brittain, a person of interest, but they haven’t arrested anyone yet.

The Stones told police they found a bag with their names on it. They got in their car and when Allyson Stone tried to open it, the device blew up.

michael brittain facebook Bombing Victims Ex Husband Cites 5th Amendment When Questioned

Michael Brittain (credit: Facebook)

Police searched Brittain’s Thornton home hours later.

“They were carrying trash bags. Whatever they were carrying, they get into the black car and the FBI agent steps in and drives away 10 minutes later,” neighbor Marissa Anotla said.

“Well first when I came upstairs it was shocking. ‘Who are they here for? What are they doing?’ When I found out that they were dealing with Mike and his house I was shocked. ‘What are they doing over there?’ He’s a nice guy,” neighbor Kayla Saap said.

car explosion map transfer Bombing Victims Ex Husband Cites 5th Amendment When Questioned

(credit: CBS)

Brittain was charged in a domestic violence case involving his wife and children in August 2003, according to court documents. The Boulder County district attorney dismissed three of the charges and he was found not guilty on a remaining assault charge, according to court records.

CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger learned Allyson Stone was attempting to leave Brittain in 2003, but “was afraid of him and what he might do,” according to police records. Allyson Stone told police in 2003 her husband “gets very angry and I am scared of him because he hit me in the past.”

The Associated Press reported that Brittain had a permanent restraining order against him involving a 63-year-old Boulder County woman. It’s not clear why it was issued.

Brittain has cited Fifth Amendment when he was questioned about the blast.

“I have no idea if he’s hired counsel at all, he did invoke his Fifth Amendment right as we executed the warrant,” Gene McCausey with Lafayette police said.

Lafayette police say Allyson Stone has two children with her ex-husband. Those children are now in the care of family members other than their father.

Allyson Stone has been in the news in the past. She was severely bitten in the lip by a dog named “Spork” at the veterinary clinic where she worked as a technician in 2010. Neighbors say there were threats against her after that attack.

allyson stone Bombing Victims Ex Husband Cites 5th Amendment When Questioned

Allyson Stone after the dog attack in 2010 (credit: CBS)

Spork could have been euthanized but was spared as part of an agreement. Animal activists posted online threats saying Allyson Stone should be punished for being upset about having been bitten. Neighbors said she received hate mail and the vet hospital received death threats for nearly a year.

Investigators have not ruled out ties to what happened two years ago to her and the bombing.

Allyson Stone is listed in serious condition. Chris Stone was treated and released. The family is asking for privacy during Allyson Stone’s recovery.

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