ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– A theater teacher at Englewood High School has been arrested on charges of sexual assault on a child.

Alexandra Elizabeth McLean is accused of assaulting one of her students after a play at the school located at 3800 South Logan Street.

McLean, 27, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust. She turned herself in to police Wednesday.

Police said they were led to a 17-year-old’s cell phone which was filled with text messages between him and McLean which included details about their encounters.

Police believe McLean met her victim during a school production at Englewood High School.

The teenager told police McLean would drive students home. She also drove him home even after the school’s principal asked her not to do that again.

“It’s heartbreaking. We hire everyone with the best intention of working with kids and understanding the boundaries and the safety of our students is our top priority,” said Englewood Schools Superintendent Brian Ewert.

The arrest affidavit details text messages between the 17-year-old and a friend, describing his sexual encounter with McLean. The details are very graphic.

There are also text messages between McLean and the student where she wrote, “You are already 17 and this super intelligent, talent and spunky. I’ll probably be fired for being friends with you.”

The student admitted to police he had sex with McLean at least three times in her car in an alley behind Flossy McGrews, a business on South Broadway.

Police in Englewood notified Englewood schools of the charges Nov. 23, 2011. McLean resigned her position in December 2011 after the allegations became public. The superintendent sent home a letter to parents on Wednesday informing them of the charges.

Ewert said McLean’s arrest is an unfortunate reminder for parents to talk to their children.

“I want parents to be really connected with their kids and to have a relationship with their kids. If there is any inappropriate kind of grooming behavior they can stop it immediately,” said Ewert.

McLean was hired by Englewood schools in August 2011. She taught English Language Arts and was involved with the dramatic arts program at the school .

McLean is scheduled to appear in court March 6. She is free on $25,000 bond.

Comments (19)
  1. Susan Clark says:

    Really, just $25,000 bond for a sex offender? When is the law going to get a clue? These are HORRIBLE acts done to children and bond should be so high as to prohibit being able to be out on bond! A teacher no less! This is simply outrageous, and low bond does not protect our children!

    1. Jamison Yates says:

      You’ve never been a teenage boy. This isn’t a crime. I’m sorry, it just isn’t. The law says it is, but being male and once a teenager, no decent looking woman would have to talk me into anything. From the time we’re in HS and often a bit sooner, we’re trying to have sex, right or wrong. This woman didn’t have to force, trick or convince this kid of anything, or he’d not have been bragging about it. The law is the law and she’ll be punished, but it’s silly.

      1. Alexia says:

        The crime is because she was a teacher. I don’t think it’s at all silly, otherwise teens in school will be sleeping with their teachers, creating babies. Then we have an entire school where the teachers and students have families. It’s just gross and she crossed the line.

    2. Enrico says:

      Susan, get real – we’re talking about a 17 year old boy, not a young child.
      The real victim is this poor young lady who’s obviously in love and is now been stigmatized as predator by a bunch of hypocrites.

      1. Lexigirl says:

        You’re obviously not very bright. She was supposed to be in love WITH HER FIANCE! Not a 17 year old student/boy. At 27 years old, she should have certainly known better. Spare me.

    3. migrant3 says:

      The law needs to change to address this type of alleged ‘crime’. It is not on equal merit with a crime of an adult male against a pre-pubescent/pubescent female child.

      1. Lexigirl says:

        Did you read the story? It’s not a crime of him not being of consent, he is. The age of consent is 17 years old in Denver. The crime is that she abused her position of trust because she is a teacher in the school district. It is illegal for school employees to have sexual relationships with their students. Even she was aware of this, as she told him as much in a text message.

  2. denvervet says:

    Although kids @ 17 like to think they are adults in many ways most are still children emotionally. I would have freaked out if a teacher in my HS tried to pick me up or have sex with me, I was a product of graduating HS in 74. It would have had a very negative affect on me and probably ruined my trust in people at a young age. I probably was attracted to a teacher or two, don’t remember but I knew also that it was “taboo”. My feelings on this are that some parents don’t instill “rules” in their children’s lives or make themselves consistant when enforcing them, this is critical with children. If you don’t have unbreakable rules at home you probably won’t in society. Unfortunately, we all have to live by rules whether we like it or not, its called “integrity”. Maybe we should be teaching a course in Integrity and also “respect” for that matter. Today respect is lost in terminology, they want us to believe that respect is a given when the reality is that respect is earned by someone. My pet peave. I feel badly for this HS student and the ramifications he will have, I don’t feel badly for the teacher however. This is a woman who choose to throw her life and career away wholeheartidly fully knowing what she was doing. What a waste of her good education. Also, this will have an affect on other students too, a negative one.

    1. bvdbos says:

      You must have grown up in a very protected community if you think it would ruin your trust in people for the rest of your life. When I was seventeen I could only dream about having sex with someone of 27 and I still feel sorry I didn’t manage to step out of my shyness back then…

      Wether it’s morally a good thing to date a pupil as a teacher is something else. In general a teacher shouldn’t start something with a pupil or if they really are in love one of them should leave school.

      But a a couple of 17 vs 27, I don’t see a problem with that… Do the couple of months (or was it days???) till he’s 18 make so much of a difference to you? It’s not like he’ll undergo a metamorphose the day he turns 18…

      1. Elias says:

        What’s actually at stake is way more than a half-million dlloar fine. For one thing, each broadcaster who broadcast the image is liable for a fine both the stations that CBS owns, and the ones it doesn’t, but are merely affiliated. CBS almost definitely has an indemnity clause in its affiliate contracts that requires CBS to contest fines created by network-supplied programming.At issue is the fact that the exposure, while probably preventable, was not intended. If the cost in the future is a half-million per accidental slip, then live broadcasting becomes too risky and nothing will ever be broadcast live again. This is familiar territory to radio, where live callers have to be warned to turn off their radios, because hearing something live AND delayed causes exceedingly amusing speech from people who aren’t expecting it. Anyway, the network would not like to have a pricetag of $500,000 on a mistake, and is fighting to have that pricetag removed from any and all future mistakes. I would guess that the NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, is helping CBS with the legal expenses.The FCC, on the other hand, is charged with creating, maintaining, and enforcing regulations on broadcasting to serve the public interest, necessity, and convenience. If the court throws out its rulings, then they have to go back and write new ones, AND its enforcement power is diminished.British television has had nudity on it since the days when Monty Python was created, and while even the most loyal of Brits must admit that the Empire has declined a bit from its heyday, it has not yet collapsed into barbarity, except for the odd football riot.

  3. eddie says:

    @ enico. You’re bang on. Buddy isn’t quite a victim. The teacher is. She lured in by, I’d say godfearing parents,
    Give the teacher a different school. Wipe record clean. She learned a lesson, so does buddy. LIFE is the lesson.

  4. bvdbos says:

    Congrats for the guy, who wouldn’t want this when he was 17. It’s not like she’s a pedophile…

    1. Stefan says:

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  5. Freethinking Atheist says:

    Nothing wrong here. When i was 16 i was hitting on my English teacher (but didnt get any). The guy knows exactly what is going around and what he was doing. It is only the hypocrite community that makes a fuzz out of this.

    1. Lexigirl says:

      Also, she threw herself in jail by not following the law and instruction of the school, or keeping her legs closed to a 17 year old child. The crime is sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust. Had she not been a teacher there would be no crime, since the age of consent in Denver is 17 years old.

  6. Mitch Friedman says:

    But where do you draw the line? A teacher having sex with a student in HS is not OK. Yes he is 17 and yes he will not be damaged. Still the teacher should know better. We will have to see how hard they throw the book at her. Her decision was very poor knowing what would happen if word got out. She has a problem that really needs to be delt with.

  7. David M says:

    It’s a bunch of cr&p, he is 17….this was probably the highlight of his young life…Child my A$$. I would have been bouncing off the walls if I was i his place, this country needs to get a clue!!!

  8. brett says:

    Look at this for what is is. A crime committed by a teacher (person of trust) on one of her students. The fact that the crime involves a consenting 17 yr old and a consenting 27 yr old is not relevant at all.
    No one but this young woman knows why this happened because it was her choice to make it a crime in the first place not this 17yr old. His reaction was a natural which she should have anticipated.
    I can’t say one way or the other whether this woman is a sexual predator or not, evaluate her for what it is worth. If she is then deal with her as such. At any rate she will have to bear the burden of the law since she is the adult. She processed the situation and knew it was wrong .

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