LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Longmont are trying to find the teenagers responsible for herding a group of geese into the road and running them over with their SUV.

People watched it happen Sunday near a home at 12th Avenue and Sumner Street on New Year’s Day. Three of the geese died. Another that was hit and injured is being treated at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

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“It really upsets me that people would think of doing this to any animal,” Allison Mata with Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center said.

They hope the injured goose will start using its legs again.

“Initially we noticed blood coming out of his mouth and his pupils were dilated.” Mata said. “Most geese would react by pulling his leg back, and see he just kind of drags along; he’s not standing up.”

At Loomiller Park there are hundreds of geese. Police say they were targeted by a car full of what were apparently high school boys.

“The car pulled up into the street, (a) passenger jumped out of the car, chased the geese into the street. The guy gunned it and ran over the geese striking four geese, killing three of them,” Jeff Satur with the Longmont Police Department said.

Police say it could lead to a felony charge of animal cruelty.

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“Anytime you’re injuring animals, and intentionally injuring animals like that, it’s a very serious offense,” Satur said.

“It’s so sad that they have to resort to something like that,” Longmont resident Lynn Stevenson said.

People who enjoy the geese say it’s just so senseless.

“They probably think, ‘Well, people hunt geese, so it’s not a big deal that we do that.’ But if they were out here enjoying and watching them, it’s just so hard to understand,” Stevenson said.

“He’s made some progress already,” Mata said.

At Greenwood rehab they’ve named the survivor “Victor.” He’s on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs and starting to move his legs in a makeshift pond.

“Even if it’s the slightest movement, just to kind of get those legs moving,” Mata said. “Mostly I hope that these people are brought to justice. I hope they find the kids that did this and that they learn a lesson from this because they’re living beings.”

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On Wednesday evening police said they identified one of the teens involved but his name hasn’t been released. They said they believe the suspects are students at Longmont High School. Police said they located an SUV with damage that is consistent with the crime.