DENVER (CBS4)– Snow plow crews have been patrolling the streets in the Denver metro area since snow began falling Wednesday evening. But don’t expect those blades to clear side streets.

Denver Public Works typically does not clear side streets. Only in true emergency situations where the weather is not expected to clear, a foot or more of snow, and temperatures are not expected to rise for a prolonged period of time will plows work residential streets.

“There’s not enough snow and it’s not going to be cold for that long, so it will melt off before we have to plow as necessary,” said Denver Public Works spokeswoman Christine Downs.

The City of Centennial will plow side streets after Thursday’s storm. Other cities like Lakewood and Aurora will follow Denver’s example.

Comments (6)
  1. George says:

    Side streets plowed ! Ours was plowed once in 39 years !!

  2. Steve says:

    City of Denver needs to save the money to pay for the Occupy protestors.

  3. Jim Walsh says:

    Well what the hell is news about this? We have lived out here for nigh 30 years, and have yet to side these pricks clear the side streets. I think we should get a discount on our taxes, if we are going to have to dig our selves out after every major snow storm.

  4. Kat says:

    I am always amazed. Aurora cleared side streets and alleys. Denver needs a better city engineering department to figure out snow removal

  5. Bryan says:

    funny I live on a side street with a hill and in an apartment complex with over 500 residents.. we can’t get up the damn hill. I guess there is no amount of money that can run a plow down south Bellaire st. Kat I agree.. time for some new city engineering. yesterdays main road plowing was horrible!!!!… I even saw a police car in the ditch, 3 cop cars near by and 4 officers looking at the stranded car going DUH maybe they should have plowed this street. OY!

    1. Geo. says:

      I’ve lived in Denver most of my life. I’m a retired city employee. The services that we taxpayers pay for have been steadily declining. Have you noticed how bad the condition of the streets are. Pot holes everywhere. The snow removal this last storm was the worst I’ve seen in years. It sounds like the city’s attitude is..”Why plow, when it’s going to melt eventually anyway.” Wow…That’s progressive leadership. The city backed off cleaning up the Occupy Denver site…They requested the protestors remove their stuff?? Sad!!!!!!

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