DENVER (CBS4)– The Food And Drug Administration is evaluating vitamins and supplements. Manufacturers are required to report what new ingredients have been put into the products since 1994.

Colorado-owned Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers is concerned the FDA may take products off store shelves. They said their goal is to education customers about the issue.

“What those guidelines say is the FDA continues to want to remove products from the shelves and put them back into the hands of doctors to prescribe that,” said Natural Grocers spokesman Alan Lewis.

The guidelines require supplement and vitamin manufacturers to submit information on new ingredients used in their products. The guidelines were put in place 17 years ago but many companies failed to comply. Now the FDA is reminding them.

“The Dietary Supplement Act requires the FDA to establish that a product is unsafe before we take steps to remove it from the market. This is all an effort to gain more information about what’s in the market,” said FDA spokesman Devon Koontz.

The Natural Grocers chain of stores is concerned the guidelines will take away customers’ rights to treat and prevent medical conditions. They’re gathering signatures to petition the move.

The FDA said the guidelines are about safety and that those guidelines are not new, but manufacturers are being more closely monitored.

The FDA is looking to rethink the way they regulate vitamins. A special section of their website features a place where you can voice your opinion through Dec. 2.


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