DENVER (CBS4)– A well-known attorney said the police in Denver are going too far in their response to the Occupy Denver protests.

David Lane said that includes one man who was cited for honking his car horn in a show of support for the protesters.

Protesters told CBS4 Stan Bush they believe police in Denver are starting to take the protest personally. They claim officers are focusing on minor issues because of a grudge.

Daniel Garcia is a supporter of Occupy Denver. He said it is a sign of solidarity when he honked his horn while driving by since he couldn’t be with the protest.

Protesters claim police typically stand by and do nothing even though an unnecessary honk is illegal. Garcia was pulled over by an officer on Saturday after pressing his horn.

“He asked me why I was honking and I said to show my support for Occupy Denver,” said Garcia.

He was issued a $60 ticket and claimed he was threatened to be towed if he returned.

“Denver Police are number one, harassing protesters who are exercising their First Amendment rights and number two, using over-excessive power,” said Garcia.

Lane calls the police response to Occupy Denver outrageous. In recent days, police have positioned a full-time detail at the protest. On officer is standing on Broadway ready to ticket anyone who stops while driving at the demonstration.

“It is clear that if you honk your horn in Denver, you just don’t get a ticket. The only humans on earth who have ever gotten a ticket for honking their horns are people who support Occupy Denver,” said Lane.

Lane said he plans to file an injunction against the Denver Police policy in Federal Court on Monday.

“The government can’t be picking and choosing which messages they approve of and try to squash the ones they don’t,” said Lane.

Garcia said he plans to fight the ticket and more.

When asked if he would honk in support the next time he drives by the Occupy Denver protests, Garcia responded, “Oh, yeah.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock declined to discuss the Denver Police policy in regards to the Occupy Denver protests.

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  1. Cj says:

    People were warned that if they honk, they would be ticketed. But I guess this person like the dead beat ows people think they are above the law.

    1. Josh Kucey says:

      yeah just like the cops

  2. Occupy People are TRASH says:

    I support the Denver Police.

    Please rid us of these socialist class warfare tools created by their incompetent leader hussein obama.

    If they don’t like the USA take the first flight out to Cuba.

    1. dvp1453 says:

      You’re a first class idiot. You surely don’t have to agree with these people, many don’t’ but it is their right to voice their position just as you unfortunately have the right to voice yours.

  3. 76Patriot says:

    Honk if you love your freedom

    1. Occupy People SUCK says:

      These losers don’t represent freedom. They are a group of degenerates looking for handouts.

  4. Migrant3 says:

    Attorney Lane picks winners like Ward Churchill.

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