DENVER (CBS4)– When people are hacking and sneezing all around you during cold season, can you keep those germs from invading your body?

Porter Adventist Hospital infectious disease specialist Dr. Katheryn Springer said she has heard of a lot of different methods people try to keep from getting sick, like Airborne sold as an immune support supplement with Vitamin C.

“What I’m not sure of, if you already eat a healthy diet do you really need more of the stuff contained in Airborne?” said Springer.

When asked about zinc lozenges, Springer replied, “There are many studies out there and they show variable results.”

Springer believes zinc can cut the duration of a cold by three days, but it has to be taken early and frequently.

“And it does leave a bad taste in the mouth. It’s sometimes difficult to take that many pills when you’re already not feeling well,” said Springer.

There is a new product called Nozin, a nasal sanitizer that you swab in the front of your nostrils. It’s mainly ethyl alcohol, the same ingredient you find in hand sanitizers.

“Alcohol is very effective at killing bacteria and viruses,” said Springer. “I would say if you’re flying on an airplane or if you’re around a lot of people it probably does help.”

The Pocket Purifier is a device that claims to kill germs on surfaces using compact ultraviolet light.

“UV light is actually very effective at killing viruses, bacteria, molds,” said Springer.

When asked if it could help prevent a cold, Springer replied, “If you could use it on every surface that you touch it probably would but I don’t think that’s practical for most people.”

The doctor’s plan for cold prevention is wash your hands often and avoid touching your nose or eyes. If a virus makes its way to mucous membranes you’ll be sniffling within 48 hours.

Springer also said nasal rinses will keep your nose free of infection.

  1. Renee Defibaugh says:

    My Vitiman c, zonic 3 days
    and allerga Clartin do not help me
    nothing. I had cold many yers.
    Humdifity do help same things.
    I am keeping use Allerga every
    day. I am patience with it.
    Same Dr told me Nasal spray
    but nose dripping with cold every
    day not help. Dr gave me speical
    new things. I do not know use to use
    It is hard time. I had infection
    and He gave me antibotic with
    nasal spray worked for two weeks
    later one month my nose was back problem
    I did not understand why.
    I have to cold problem my life.

    Thank you, Renee

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