DENVER (CBS4) – No more Kardashians! That’s the message a Denver area woman is promoting in an online petition, which is getting thousands of signatures.

Cyndy Snider, 41, started the petition in early November and it has gained signatures quickly. But the alarming response has her in need of overnight security.

“I think they’re popular,” a man on the 16th Street Mall said

“Honestly, I think the Kardashians are hot,” another man said.

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are everywhere.

“They really annoy me, but they’re entertaining,” a woman said.

But Snider is doing anything but trying to keep up with the Kardashians. She’s started a petition to get their show off the air and it’s gaining thousands of signatures.

Cyndy Snider talks with CBS4's Evrod Cassimy (credit: CBS)

“It’s not per se the Kardashians themselves, it’s the show itself. It’s the value of the show and what it portrays,” Snider said.

Snider’s petition on is directed at the producers and writers at the E! Network. She doesn’t consider the show’s material appropriate.

“I’m not aware of anybody in my neighborhood that’s going out and leaking their own sex tapes. They’re also not, as far as, with Playboy that’s got a mom behind them that’s saying, ‘That’s terrific,’ ” Snider said.

While Snider’s disapproval of the show has gained support, there has been some serious backlash.

“I’ve had death threats. That’s been my latest, in the past 2 days I’ve had death threats … over the Kardashians, and I’m a Kim hater.”

While she admits to only watching three episodes, Snider can’t seem to escape hearing news about the Kardashians. She hopes her petition will bring about a change in programming.

CBS4 tried to contact the Kardashians and a spokesperson for the show about the petition, but calls were not returned.

To take a closer look at the petition and voice your opinion, visit

Comments (204)
  1. Chuck says:

    Blocked E Channel on all my televisions. No more E as long as they promote anything Kardashian. Hope others do the same. Send E a message loud and clear.

    1. Amanda says:

      why just not watch it? there is other stuff on E! that’s great. its just called self control. Who cares if they are on TV or not. If you don’t like them don’t watch. Simple as that. Man people need to get a life and care about something more than trying to remove them off TV. Why not use those efforts to boost our economy.

      1. rich says:

        Amanda Pathethic.

      2. Diane Lyn says:

        Amanda, it’s not just a matter of changing the channel. They are everywhere! Magazines, the internet and now Sears and Walmart are selling their junk. As nice as your concern for the economy is, why don’t you go off and do something about it instead of responding here. What kind of life do you have that you have to lecture people to “get a life”?

      3. Cassy says:

        I could agree with Amanda, because personally, I have NEVER seen 1 minute of that show, but unfortunately my teen daughter probably thinks that these girls with loose morals are how a young should aspire to behave, i.e. have sex tapes and splash it for everyone to see, so that you can get fame. I agree to sign that petition because of the teenagers watching what’s on TV and who are less discriminating.

      4. Geraldine Scott says:

        This is why America is where it is right now and being rejected by other countries with moral values. Too many Americans easly trun thier eyes and said the “hell with it, it’s not my business” America is your business, it’s mine, it’s ours. We own it to the next generation if we want to have an educated country which is not only about looks but brain also. More foreigners are getting higher level… of education than real Americans. B/c they are too occupied about their looks than getting an education. That’s what they see all the time , on tv, in magazines “sex sale” It’s about time we tell the youths that u can make as much money as celebrities without the fame, and if it’s the fame that u seek, u can still have it by going to acting, design or music school.

      5. Roy Warren Lucier says:

        Amanda, it’s not that simple. We need our voices heard, so that the advertisers, and the channel, are aware that we are TIRED of the constant barrage of Kardashian everywhere we go. Chuck did a great thing, in completely blocking E! Network, that’s what I’ll be doing tonight!

      6. Sarah Lopez says:

        THANK YOU AMANDA!! My thoughts exactly! It’s called a remote. The other thing is this little word known as ‘IGNORE’ its the word used to not give attention to things that bother us. There are more important things in this world to worry about! Kudos!

      7. Misty says:

        Absolutely agree, that’s what the remote and the guide are for. We all know some of us are more “freespirited” than others and I feel sorry for her because it’s obvious that she’s just trying to find happiness for herself in a world where she is expected to make everyone else happy.

      8. Sylvia Martinez says:

        Why ask why? People are so beyond ignorant…and this woman in the news is beyond Pathetic! Just look at her, no wonder she claims she hates Kim…she wishes she could look as good as Kim! The majority of people hating on Kim and her sisters are dumpy wall flowers who have NO life! It takes no guess to that, and men who claim to hate them, wish they could date them but know they too…are dumpy wall flowers that could not get a date with anyone other than a 1 800 number!

      9. Jackson says:

        Diane Lyn

        Amanda, it’s not just a matter of changing the channel. They are everywhere! Magazines, the internet and now Sears and Walmart are selling their junk. As nice as your concern for the economy is, why don’t you go off and do something about it instead of responding here. What kind of life do you have that you have to lecture people to “get a life”?


        Diane, I find it hysterical that you would dictate behavior to her, while asking her what kind of life she has that would have her dictate behavior to others.

        The irony of your statement is beyond hysterical.

        What kind of life do you have that allows you to dictate to her?

      10. Caz says:

        WHAT other stuff on E! is great ? In S Africa we have “Girls of Mansion” being Holly, Bridget & Kendra ! HELLLOOOOO, that was over LONG ago !!!! “Holly’s World” – yes gr8 !!!!!!!!!! REPEATS of shows from STYLE TV … C’mon E! needs to WAKE UP or SHUT DOWN. One of most time wastign Channels right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      11. MarkinFL says:

        Amanda has it right. If your child is such a slave to television then that is your failure not television’s. If you are unable to ignore the Kardashians then perhaps you are paying attention to the wrong things in the first place. I’m hardly aware they exist, I just can’t resist articles about people trying to ban what other people want to see.
        This is America. Everyone has a right to be their own personal type of idiot if they so choose. If someone wants to live vicariously through others, its their loss, not mine.

      12. Ted Turner says:

        Amanda, you are wrong and we are right!! Got it?

      13. losdog says:

        Nothing wrong with doing something you believe in. She believes they need to get off, so she’s going to try and get them off. you just wrote a whole paragraph making a point. maybe you should get a life.

      14. Ross says:

        I love the show hope they dont cancel , some people dont like just need chanche the chanel many people like the Kardashian’s , just live them alone patetic people

      15. jessica says:

        Wauuuuuu only bcz they are beatifull , famous and millionar the peoples so jelous lol , I like the show, if you dont like just dont Wach !!

      16. Romel Pasaoa says:

        Hey Amanda idiot! What exactly does that make people who are sending this woman death threats? They go out of their way to find her personal information and to throw death threats at her because she just wants polluted, useless trash off the air. It’s called Freedom Of Petition. Don’t like it, move to another country. Plain and simple. Ugly monster! If Chuck removes it, it is his freedom to do so. What entitlement do you have to tell him not to? Just shut up and go on brainstorming your 95th death threat to this woman!

    2. Steve says:

      Yes,thank you, get those brainless, self-centered wonders off the TV. But leave SNL alone, as they hit the those leeches right -on.

      1. sonia says:

        You all stop hating leave the girls alone and go l ook a life

      2. Guy Falkes says:

        @ Sonia ….. why don’t you try getting a life.

        Kardashian ….. just another word for bush pig.

    3. Josh says:

      first off we might wanna start thinking about taking shows like Jersey Shore, or some of these other reality tv shows of the air as well. people wanna talk about sex. values, and such but they never seem to remember it us who put these people there. for once might wanna start thinking about putting yourself in their shoes…… if fame & wealth were thrown to you would you take it. This WHOLE family is working really hard to promote a brand and a name. there personal lives are none of our business. how would you feel is all your supposed dirty laundry was aired all over the place. this family isnt promoting sex or violence like these other reality shows on tv. all i am saying is that this women might wanna think twice about who is she is criticizing before realizing that the Kardashian family has nothing to do with what is wrong with society today.

      1. Jassi says:

        I agree, there’s a lot of other shows that are not appropriate besides the kardashians, as for the parents concerned with what their children are watching its up to the parent to control what their kids watch. Reality T.V is the norm now, and thats because we all watch them, so attacking the Kardashians does not make sense, whats on television in general now a days is what really should be questioned.

      2. Niki Blue says:

        I totally agree! There are far worst shows than the Kardashian’s. People are just trying to get their 15 mins of fame by pulling ridiculous bs like this. I actually feel sorry for them…

    4. dora says:

      why petition? Snider, you are just so happy that you are getting this attention having this nerdy look ugly woman…hello!

      1. AntsAunty says:

        Hey look..Khloe left a coment…

      2. Geraldine Scott says:

        if it’s not important to u it’s important to us, to take them completely off the air, so that young girls can stop seeing them as role model.

      3. Geraldine Scott says:

        if it’s not important to u, it’s important to us to take them off tv, so that young girls can stop seeing then as role models.

      4. Dale says:

        wow–dora obviously has the proper IQ to relate to the Kardashians–dumb as a rock and proud of it!

      5. GARY says:


      6. Jewel says:

        The woman’s looks are irrelevant, but apparently you feel she has to be gorgeous in order for her petition to be credible. You must be a Kardashian fan.

        Why is it that people use the argument, “oh she’s ugly, so she’s jealous, and that’s why she made the petition and hates Kim,” blah blah blah, when somebody dares to disagree? Especially if they disagree with a member of The Beautiful People?

        Such thought processes push women back 100 years. Beauty does not equate credibility.

        Would you feel the same way if Ms. Snider were beautiful? Would you feel the same way if it were a man who started this petition?

    5. CHERRI says:


      1. we speak says:

        we do its called change the channel

      2. Niki Blue says:

        You do have a say…it’s called picking up your remote and changing the channels. There are a lot of shows I don’t like e.i. Jersey Shores, Basketball Wives LA just to name a few, but you don’t see me ripping the hair out of my ass to have those show to be pulled off. Get a life ppl!

    6. Franky Bulbasour says: — Check it out

    7. Georgia E White Murray says:

      i JUST DO NOT LIKE Kim. The rest olf the girls are ok.Rob is my favoritei

    8. Georgia E White Murray says:

      Love Khloe .She is the most honet and up front of allo. She did marry for LOVE

    9. lisa says:

      I hope all of you who feel this strongly . . . dedicate as much time to your community as you do trying to get a cable TV show cancelled!?! Vounteer lately?

      1. Misty says:

        Amen, Lisa!

      2. Notamused says:

        I volunteer 6 days a week for a household item recycler who helps over 200 families a week. How about you?

    10. sami says:

      I so agree with you what amanda said the kardashians are only human, and people make mistake but those girls are real and really down to earth.They will not tolerate such dumb ass people and kim prolly made the best decision about kris anyways cause i just seen in kris eyes he was just a role on useing her cause she was a kardashian. well if there everywhere than really stay at home and read old books or something gosh damn people and the women shouldn’t have did that in the first place in order to recieve the death threats. Some people needs some common sense not hatred to other people, worry about your people that are hating and actually don’t sit down and take the time to listen to the girls you prolly would understand not because they are “everywhere” they are a big family,GET OVER IT!! i like them…and I swear people these days people got nothing else better to do than do anything for money.but leave the kardashians alone really grow the hell up IT”S LIFE..

      1. savvy blonde says:

        Go back to school and learn how to spell and write. No wonder you like the Kardashians…you’re an idiot.

      2. StrangeBrew88 says:

        No kidding. She has got to be the dumbest excuse for an Internet poster ever! I’m betting that she screams at her mom when her mom insisted that she do her homework, and little Miss Can’t Spell Anything Right just wants to watch these useless media cows called the Kardashians. No wonder the world laughs at America.

    11. StrangeBrew88 says:

      Even Daniel Craig and Reese Witherspoon hate the Kartrashians and the Kartrashians’ fans, too. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning to the end of these pathetic famous-for-nothing LOSERS!!

  2. christina says:

    You people need to get a life.

    1. ron says:

      YOU are the one that needs to get a life if you live and breathe by what the Khartrashians are up to all the time. HO CARES???

    2. lisa says:

      WOW, u seem really angry, maybe u need to get some d**k LOL

    3. cindy says:

      Go do what the Kardashians do and go get a life You dont have to watch them They are successful they make their own money and they dont put up with BullS love them or hate them GO SELL SOME THING AND GET FAMOUS HATERS

      1. Noni says:

        You are an idiot.

  3. DEI says:

    Give me a smal break. everyoone has the choice to watch they want to watch and the freedom to turn the channel. The Kardashian”s are the only “reality that I enjoy. It kills me when others think they have to think for the rest of the world simply because YOU don’t like the show or it doesn’t appeal to YOUR value”s. If you don’t like it Change the channel.

    1. EV says:

      I praise Cyndy for raising awareness. I also agree there are other bad reality show too, however thirteen yr olds aren’t watching the Housewives franchise. It’s the unrealistic impression and brainwashing via viewing that if you sell yourself to the highest bidder for the right amount, you can land a pro athlete and all the plastic surgeries your sell your soul money can buy. I personally dislike the show and don’t watch E!, but I can’t stand hearing about them on HLN! It’s just too much for the educated adults to be hearing about a staged wedding on Prime News, so many more valuable things to be shared.

    2. Lissy says:

      100% correct. People need to stop living in a fantasy world. What other people do or don’t do doesn’t dictates what I choose to do or how I choose to live my life. That’s just a show. a SHOW.. Love it?? no… Hate it?? No. Entertaining heck yeah Role Models?? No way.

  4. angie says:

    If you hate the Kardashians, you might enjoy the comedy web series “Keeping Up With The KarTRASHians” on :)

    1. Jerry Walker Vaughan says:

      Just looked, so funny!!

    2. EV says:

      I peeked thanks funny. Hey, you can put lipstick on a pig, but at the end of the day….

    3. collette asicit says:

      Really Gees I thought that was my Personal nme for them. I am sure glad my 4 Daughters grew up before all this reality trash, Disrespectful, foul mouthed , loud mouthed,squirting breast milk and making comments that would make one sick at the stomach..come on and Jersey shore should go too. If these shows are role models for the kids today…God Bless Tomorrow!

      1. Cristy V says:

        Collette Asicit~

        You are helping to over-populate the world with your 4 daughters. Are you aware of overpopulation and birth control? You had 2 too many.

        Also, unless the TV raises ones kids, the TV shows they watch should not be very influential as to how they turn out. They should be well-rounded and know the difference between Reality TV and real life.

        Also…… if your spelling and puncuation skills were passed down to your daughters, I am scared how your daughters will affect others.

        Helpful Hint: I don’t know about you, but I learned to capitalize my first and last names in Kindergarten.

        P.S….Haven’t you heard?……..THERE IS NO INVISIBLE MAN IN THE SKY! lol

  5. annoyed with ignorent people says:

    when is someone going to get a petition started on all the really annoying people like Kardashian haters… Just because you don’t like something… doesn’t give you the right to try and change it for everyone

    1. alyce1213 says:

      Oh yes, it does! It’s called freedom of speech. If they can take be on television and in our faces constantly, people who don’t like it have an absolute right to object.

      1. EV says:

        Love u!!!!

      2. Petition the Petitioner says:

        And E has the right to air it as well. So, all you haters are hypocrites!

      3. joe says:

        wow writing r hard. you need to get a life all you are doing is giving them more power by crying about there show. if you dont like it dont watch it

    2. Andy Painter says:

      Learn how to spell ignorant, before you call someone that. It has an “a.”

      1. RENEE says:

        Oh wow …didn’t know we were being graded on here. SMH! I bet you felt good about that comment ANDY PAINTER, lol! This isn’t the spelling bee nor english class.

    3. Lizsandra From Texas says:

      Annoyed with Ignorent people, No kidding you dont know how a spell.

      1. Tami says:

        so deal with it

    4. marie loue home says:

      did you read your comment before submitting it?? you sound utterly stupid.. hmmm someone didn’t go to HEY!! just like Kim K.

    5. .... says:

      and you spelled ignorant wrong.

    6. nicki says:

      lol, loser! who’s the “ignorant” one??? I can see now why you are all for the kartrashians……

  6. LIz says:

    I think the world would go on just fine without the distraction of the Kardashians. Too bad they have nothing better to do than a show about themselves. It sounds very unfilling to me.

  7. amber rotz says:

    Everyone that commented on this article should take a five dollar bill out of their wallet and give it to their local shelter. Stop wasting your time with this garbage and put your heart into a cause that matters.

    1. Diane says:

      and how do you know that we don’t already do that? You must like telling people what to do. Make sure you send your five dollars too!

  8. chris says:

    All you Kardashian haters out there need to get a life.If you don’t like a show don’t you know how to turn it off, I’m a 62 year old Grandma and I love it! Aren’t there REAL issues you could complain about??

    1. Marti says:

      Hey you, grannie. YOU NEED THE LIFE. Can’t you understand that their scripted shows are no more than soap operas but at least with soap operas, they admit what they are and hire actors and writers.

      1. laura says:

        OMG! You guys are too much. I am laughing so hard. The whole thing is so funny!

      2. Petition the Petitioner says:

        Hey Marti, who cares? It’s entertaining. Every show on television is scripted. Why is reality any different, and why do you care? Jealous maybe?

        Get over it! Spend your time on something that REALLY matters like stopping world hunger.

        This petition is a joke! What is hilarious is that people who never watched it will watch it now out of curiosity. E will continue to air it because people WILL continue to watch it. The people signing the petition probably have NEVER seen an episode. …..and the Kardasians are laughing all the way to the bank, because this idiot petitioner has created more buzz…..

        I guess she never took a marketing class in her life?

      3. StrangeBrew88 says:

        To Petition THe Petitioner:
        And I’m guessing that you must be one of those who sent her death threats as well.
        Go send death threats to Daniel Craig and Reese Witherspoon as well since they both hate the Kartrashians. You are much of a pathetic 14-year old lowlife who is as trashy as the Kartrashians. Have fun making your 4,000th death threat, psycho!

    2. RENEE says:

      I agree with you. Can’t wait to see Kim give Kris the boot. SO wish Kourtney would do that to Scott!

    3. stephanie says:

      Oh, my God…*laugh* That comment was just hilariously obscene….

    4. CHERRI says:


  9. Noel says:

    I would like to watch Lamar, Rob, and Bruce… the rest annoy the !@#$%^&*( out of me. KRIS needs a muzzle.. her parenting skills (or lack of) are the reason these !@#$% act like they do. PLEASE don’t forget Kim made a disgusting cheap movie that will taint her forever. Kris Humphries should be thanking St. Jude on a daily basis that he got out of that family in just 72 days!!!!

  10. Amanda says:

    What’s funnier (or more pathetic) than the popularity of the Kardashians are the people like this women being so upset by it that she started a petition to get them off the air. lol What’s even funnier than that is the hate she’s getting in return for her hate of Kardashians. lmao I mean, are ppl’s lives that empty???

  11. Noel says:

    Amanda… tis the

  12. Vinny says:

    I don’t hate them I just don’t watch them, well not true I enjoy the porn video

  13. robert corn says:

    as far as im concerned take off all sports off tv sports sucks

  14. catmiko says:

    Cardassians – alien race from star trek

  15. dae says:

    the way i see it is take all sports off tv and run good programming

  16. Renee says:

    Is this lady serious??? She is clearly seeking the publicity. Instead of petitioning to have the show removed, she can simply press the channel button on the remote. SIMPLE SOLUTION! She must not have a job or life. Get a man lady! You might be a happier person. And while your at it, pick up a bible..thou shall not judge!

    1. Notamused says:

      The Kardashians are like a bacterial infection. They make you sick. My flesh crawls just seeing Khloe. She’s really creepy looking, like some sort of demonic doll. To all of you who don’t hate them, why bother posting here? Oh, right, when it’s your opinion, it’s all good. But if someone disagrees with you, woe to them. And RENEE, get the bible thumping off of here. Especially when you tell her to get a man. What a religious hypocrite.

    2. Me says:

      You probably shouldn’t say not to Judge while in the same sentence you are judging her.

      1. Renee says:

        I wouldnt exactly call me a religous person but more like a helper. Trying to help the person who is trying to ruin my Sunday nights. I was not trying to be a role model in anyway, just giving her options of how to solve her problems. She is clearly unhappy (GET LAID) and doesn’t know how to change the channel (flex and contract the index finger). Snider is a bully.The Kardashians did nothing to her. Its not like they are on Disney or Nickelodeon. Its E! people. Nothing but reality TV. If you don’t like that reality show, you probably dont like any so stop watching E! PROBLEM SOLVED…

      2. doranne1964 says:

        Sigh. That verse from the Bible means you are not to condemn someone to Hell. I love how people who have nothing else to do with the Bible love to drag out and misuse that particular. You “judge” all the time. When you correct your child, you are “judging” as far as a behavior being wrong. Don’t lie and tell me you have never “judge”. You even do that in the voting booth on Election Day as far as who is the best candidate for the office.

      3. Renee says:

        Lets get something clear. I never said I do not judge because I do. I’m far from perfect and will never be perfect because perfection does not exist.Treat others the way you want to be treated. Got it from my mom (not the bible). When you openly judge people you just opened the door to be judged. I bet if the Kardashians came back at her with the same rude comments, they would be wrong and would be sued. Where is the freedom of speech there??? Our society is not right and its not suppose to be perfect. Our lives would be boring if we all looked alike and liked the same things. Just accept that their are going to be people different from you. You can not change it!

    3. doranne1964 says:

      I press the buttons on my remote and I do not watch their show. All okay, I agree.
      However, their photos are EVERYWHERE I go, so what say you about that? Aren’t unemployment, foreclosure, our servicepeople interesting enough for these writers and producers? How about a reality show that inspires people for a change? What have we become as a society loving trashy tv like this?.

      1. Renee says:

        I somehwat agree. I like the show but could careless what the hell they are weariing, where they are eating or where they flew to. Put the blame on the writers. I never go to their websites or buy magazines. When Im interested in something, I simply go to google and tyoe in the topic and WA-LAA, my interested topics pop-up. Kardashian free articles…hope that helps!

    4. figmant says:

      renee…. read the bible….thou shall not steal…. $17 mil for a sham marriage…. come on are you real

      1. Renee says:

        Didn’t realize the $17 mil came out of your pocket. Really hope you can recover from that. Come on, you seriously can not be upset about that!!!! Be upset about poverty, war or Jerry Sandusky!! He’s been out molesting little boys and yall are worried about the Kardashians. Put your negative energy towards something that can actually make a positive impact on this world.

    5. wickedgirl76 says:

      Either way, you’re just a f–king idiot, Renee. Daniel Craig and Reese Witherspoon hate you, too!

  17. Ellen says:

    That lady Mys. Snyder is right.

    I agree with her 100%.

    Here I am facing hard economic times, and Kim Kardashian has no care in the world, hosting a wedding and getting a divorce she can afford, and get more money off of it. Not only that, but isn’t it funny how Kris Jenner had a book ready and got it published about divorce, too? WELL, goes to show her mom probably told her to divorce him and make herself famous and the topic of the conversation.

    1. Petition the Petitioner says:

      What you don’t seem to grasp is that the PUBLIC made her famous. She just did what any intelligent person would do in that situation. She grabbed the reigns and went with it.

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy the book, don’t watch the show and don’t buy the magazines. It’s as simple as that….. What a concept….

      Unfortunately this Snider woman is looking for the same notoriety as the Kardashians and her 15 minutes. And she’s doing it while hurting people that she doesn’t even know……

      She is the lowest of the low.

      1. That's right, your ol' Pal says:

        I unfortunately know this woman and her actions don’t surprise me one bit, always needing some sort of attention. The unemployment checks must not be coming anymore huh, Cyndy? Get a life and change the channel if you don’t like it. There are far more important things that you could spend your unemployment hours on.

      2. StrangeBrew88 says:

        If what she is doing is hurting YOUR chances to see the next episode where Khloe trashes Shia LaBeouf, or when Kim talks about her next man to videotape of them doing the nasty, then you seriously have some psychological issues brewing down inside. Have fun making your 34th death threat to her, psycho!

  18. me too says:

    I wish them muthafckers would threaten me! People know who to pull that sh!t with. If she does not like them hoes, then she doesn’t like them!

  19. CO-Skier says:


    1. Petition the Petitioner says:

      I’m not a fan, but I have enough intelligence to turn away if I don’t like something. Rather than creating an idiotic petition.

      If you people spent the same energy on something that really made a difference, like world hunger, I believe that we could change the world. Unfortunately, you piddle away on trivial things that make no difference.

      Small minds…..

      1. MadeInHell666 says:

        I don’t really watch tv or cable. but I use the Internet a lot. About every time I bring up my Home page there is some idiotic story about Kim K and her sisters. Or about the other celebs that are ALWAYS in the spotlight. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga to name a couple.

        People should have gotten Springer pulled off the air too. Hell, I beat its the same people that like talk show trash like Jersey Shore and Kim K’s show.

      2. wickedgirl76 says:

        And what does that make your need to respond to 50% of people here? Not intelligent enough to run away if you don’t like something? Like this petition or what haters have to say, huh?? Looks like someone couldn’t get her stories stright. Not a fan, my a–. SERIOUSLY, SHUT UP!!

  20. catina says:

    well i think they should take off all sports off of tv and have soaps on

  21. Darrel says:

    If I looked like her I would be K haters too.

  22. sassy says:

    just give me the ring i/ll watch

  23. Truveda Deere says:

    YES ! MAKE IT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where do I sign

  24. ron says:

    Betcha with that ass every time Kim farts,it takes an hour to work its way out of those cheeks

  25. Tim - father of two says:

    This move is long over due! These badly scripted and acted shows are a waist of air time. It’s unfortunate that we promote those who are misguided, selfish and shallow. But for those that would continue to support these shows (as well as other like it) and run out to purchase all the new lines of products; I’m sure they’ll gladly and thanklessly take your money.

  26. sweetness says:

    I know if they pay the haters, they will be on tv doing what she payed to do so, don’t be mad at the Kardashian be mad at the payer. I like the Kardashians, they trying to made a living like we all trying to do. In the one I love to watch is Khloe, she keep the family together. Wish you and Omar all the happiness in the world.

  27. Katy says:

    I seriously doubt the Kardashians are so important that people should send death threats over a petition, that’s ridiculous, grow up people!!!

  28. J_A_A_K-Dashian says:

    its funny how all these people hate the KARDASHIANS but yet they know how to spell there name they know who each one is.. i think people need to STHU and just watch them.. they entertain me and all the haters can keep talking there going all the way to the bank and poeople keep on hating on my KARDASHIANS I LOVE THAT FAMILY…

    1. Tyler says:

      says the idiot who thinks (s)he is a kardashian. look who doesn’t have a life? you.

  29. Who_Cares says:

    I hate the Kardashians and will not allow my children to watch them whoring around or that vile filth. BUT, to say that the show should be taken off television because you don’t like it is a little weird and extreme. Everyone has the right to free speech guaranteed to us under the constitution of the United States of America, but some people would be better off not exercising that right. What a joke your life must be if you biggest problem with this world is trying to get some classless tramps off television. To each their own and I hope this woman realizes that there are way more important things to fight for than this nonsense. Just change the channel or block E from tv and you won’t have the problem of seeing their show.

    1. MadeInHell666 says:

      They are all over the Internet too for us that use that.

  30. figmant says:

    Where do you sign the petition? I’m not a hate just had enough of scammers and thieves, like banks, congress, oil companies and KIM $17 mil wedding. Dam I would get married to shriek for half that.

  31. Sabrina says:

    If you are so worried about the Kardashians then you should be getting a petition to cancel Jersey Shore, 16 and pregnant, Teen mom, South Park, ect… should I go on?? There is so much trash on TV these days. But the point of living in a Free Country is YOU have the choice to watch it or not!!! Don’t like then change the channel. How would you even know what is going on if you hate it so much then??? You would have to be watching the show!! Turn it off!!! No one is making you watch it. People need to stop worrying about what is right for someone else and trying to take other peoples rights away from them. Remember people this is a FREE COUNTRY and more and more people are trying to take that away from us. That is why its your choice to change the freaking channel and watch something else!!!!

  32. druid0621 says:

    Death threats? This woman should get a medal. Kim is an empty vessel – but her fans are emptier – and quite brain dead.

  33. Starrjazz105 says:

    DO NOT TAKE THE KARDASHIANS AWAY!!! If you dont like or care for them don’t watch the shows! Don’t read the books! And just dont support them AT ALL. Whatever happens to Kim in her love life is between them! I wanted her to be with Reggie anyways.

    1. Renee says:

      Agreed! I think Kim and Reggie owuld have made a better couple. But hionestly, I think Kim and Kanye West would be the perfect couple. Their personalities match and their passion for fashion.

    2. Renee says:

      Oops typos down there, didn’t want to fix them (for those on here calling out comment errors)

  34. Love Kim says:

    Get a life Cindy Snider. Can I boycott Obama? There are real problems that matter. 15 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT!!!! Watch the Discovery Channel or something of worth if you don’t like the K family. Really people.

    1. Starrjazz105 says:

      Thank you! No one is making her watch the shows

  35. Kemi says:

    This lady needs to get a job or a life, what Kim and her family does is called entertainment, if u don’t like it watch something else! Let it go already!!!

    1. treschanna says:

      @ petition how is it any different than the people the kardashians have hurt and used simply for the sake of fame?personally i believe that all reality shows should be taken off the air all they do is promote and verify negative stereotypes about women when they were already bad to begin with. Even congressmen and other men in power have began comparing women in power or even women in general to the women from reality shows..don’t believe me? look at the fact that more news reports feel the need to comment about what a congress woman is wearing and how she looks as opposed to commenting on their positions when it comes to important issues.

  36. marla says:

    This show is vulger and not fit for families, it does not have appropriate material for families to watch, get rid of it and replace it with something else. While you are at it sears is carrying the kardashian collection. What is a family store doing carrying a line from this trashy family.

  37. john says:

    nothing entertaining about cruel fur hags

  38. Christen Wilt says:

    i think their show needs to go off air their show is so fake they use anything to get publicity first it was “Kim’s wedding” now they are using her divorce Kris the mother is using Nicole Brown Simpsons death to sell her book just think of the pain it will cause Nicole’s family who i am sure have slowly moving on from the tragedy that happen Kim’s rumors of supposedly sex tape with her soon to be ex it’s all for publicity its stupid not the kind of image someone should be representing if their father wasn’t a hard working man who left them money when he passed away there would be no Keeping Up With THe Kardashians

  39. jENNY says:


  40. Petition the Petitioner says:

    Bottom line, it’s none of your freakin’ business what I watch. There are over 100 channels on the television. Find another if you don’t like this one.

    People like to watch them, like to hear about there lives. They wouldn’t be all over the media if people didn’t care about them.

    A very small minority is trying to dictate what people watch on television. This is wrong, and people who sign it are hypocrites. Because I’m sure they watch television that I wouldn’t like as well.

    1. treschanna says:

      well we have the right to freedom of speech you can find something else to watch as well hun i’m signing that petition

    2. Notamused says:

      I signed it & I don’t watch tv. My daughter gets to watch 1 age-appropriate dvd a day, she’s 3. If you like it, then you must have an outstanding I.Q..

  41. Faith Brown says:

    These girls are famous because of a nasty sex tape. The show should be called Keeping Up With The Pimp And Her Prostitutes.

  42. rylie says:

    So dumb…. Raise awareness to somthing that matters!

    1. Lamisa Andrea Edwards says:

      i agree

  43. mike hunt says:

    go away u fat armenian chimp-banging skanks/ u cornered the market on hair remover—r u happy

  44. k says:

    Who saw this coming LOL like I said the K gals r only good for shoes….anyone who thinks they r worth more than what they r wearing have serious mental issues….including the men that continue marrying them =)

  45. marsha atkinson says:


  46. MadeInHell666 says:

    I see all you Kim lovers say turn the channel and all that B.S. Well, you can’t go a freaking day without hearing or seeing her F-ing face. Hell if you watch the evening news I’m sure something will pop up about her.

    You people do not realize that in this day and age,its impossible not have to hear the name of all these stupid celebs in the news. Evey where you turn you hear about them. You hear about them radio, TV or Internet. So yeah, people get tired of hearing about them.

    1. treschanna says:

      Finally a voice of reason

  47. Cupcake says:

    Just in case any of you missed the memo…
    Petition for Kardashians to disappear from the E! Network………

  48. SG says:

    Entertainment has gone downhill. We have little of professional celebrities anymore. Everything seems to be reality anymore. The people doing reality shows have no background or little background in entertaining. Entertainment today has no morale’s. Women and even men walk around half-naked today in front of children and the people wonder how our children get these ideas of sex, drugs, etc. I think reality shows should be dropped completely. People do not like or do like reality TV, so why argue and just get it off the tube and then nobody can complain. I read an article by a Hollywood producer stating, “It’s going to bite the entertainment industry as long as there is reality TV and it is also going to affect cable TV networks”. There are educated entertainers that are out of work because of reality TV. These people were trained to give quality entertainment. I so agree with the producer I mentioned. I do no subscribe to cable TV. Who wants to subscribe to junk television? I want some programs with wholesome quality. I admit the only reality TV I watch is Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, etc. They are not constantly flaunting their bodies or cussing. Yes, some of the shows that I mentioned do, but they put a limit on it. Why don’t they show the Kardashian’s in the middle of the night when kids are in bed. As long as the people view the Kardashian’s the more money they make off you (the consumer). Do you think they care that you are broke from buying their products. Money changes the mind and the Kardashian’s have their money and are running to the bank laughing at the consumers for watching their show and buying their products. Actually, the Kardashian’s and their producers are smart as they have the money and we are just poor suckers.
    I think that it is just a poor mentality that people have to make personal attacks toward one another on this comment board. It just shows one’s mentality. Either you like the Kardashian’s or you don’t. Personal attacks should not be involved in this. Maybe just give your opinion regarding the show and not your opinions on another’s person’s post. Now I can see why our world does not get anywhere. Everyone is too busy scheming and plotting against each other and blame others. Go ahead and bash me and that will give me my answer about you.
    I seen a commnet on here, “Oh, why don’t you learn how to spell”. That is so high school behavior.

  49. SG says:

    The Kardashian’s didn’t have fame thrown in their face;s. They had a choice to accept their situation or decline. Everyone has choices. We reap what we sew.

  50. rick says:

    my kardashian got plugged up too but i did not need a petition to unplug it i just ran a snake down it mines not as ugly as these three but the same stuff goes in and out of it

  51. Lamisa Andrea Edwards says:

    Seriously, if u dont like them , dont watch the show. Nobody is forcing any of u to watch it. To try to get people to sign a petition because YOU dont like the show is rediculous. It just sound to me like you a hater. It doesn’t matter whether the wedding, their show, or even Kims ass is fake its all tv. there are other reality shows that are way worse and aint even worth looking @. So are you going to boycott those shows to. The point is they making money and could probably care less how u feel about the show.

  52. tere says:

    Many viewers are upset due to KIM KARDASHIAN took Marriage as a JOKE. Many people out there trying to find love and believe marriage is a sacred form of unity and love. The Kardashians used it as a joke to boost their ratings. Instead she was found partying with no care in the world of her exhusband. He probably also did it for the boost. I were married I would try to work it out. Kim is in love with herself and her money just as her sisters. Its a fake family. If KIM had any respect for herself as a woman, she would have taken off the internet the SEX TAPE she did but instead it sales. That is her way to boost herself in media. Its sad these women dont go to school and get real knowledge instead their mother influences them to do all of this and she is part of almost all. These women you never see them helping poor people nor going to the communities on numerous occassions to help anyone out there instead they strut their stuff around and stage comments here and there to boost ratings. There is nothing positive about that show nor the JERSEY SHORE Program. Its all sex and booze. Nothing positive the networks are giving out to society. KIM YOU REALLY NEED TO COME DOWN TO REALITY and GET YOURSELF IN SCHOOL AND STUDY. YOUR NO SPRING CHICKEN ANYMORE. Your getting older.

  53. AntsAunty says:

    “Do`nt like them do`nt watch them”…they are being shoved down our throat at every opportunity!..I can`t get away from them…even so-called serious news programs..and as long as there are people defending on this site..they will keep being shoved down our throats..Now Sears is carrying their line?? Family store??? When Kims rollercoaster ride relied on a sex tape and how much her ass jiggles? Gawd please make it stop!!!!

    1. Franky Bulbasour says:

  54. we speak says:

    you want to do a reality show why not do a show about whats going on in this country people living in there cars or losing there homes and jobs lets get really real here .I dont want to hear what (KIM) did this weekend on my morning news channel, to me thats NOT news. keep the show i don’t care.I have my remote handy, but to me that show and others like it are not real .seems tho its sad that our kids think it is .

  55. April says:

    I like pop culture, and I don’t have any problem with the petition. Its a good way to let E! know that the channel is oversaturated with the Kardashians. Even the Kardashians seem a bit sick of themselves and needed Kim to have a fake romance and fake wedding to make the show more interesting. The Kardashians should have taken a look at what happened to Kate Gosselin; no one is interested in watching someone desperately hang on to their material life while allowing their marriage to crumble.

  56. Lovethem Kgirls says:

    I welcome the Kardashian Show, Its funny.

    Think about all the simulated murder on TV from 9 to 11:00 with CSI (all of them)
    Criminal Minds, NCIS etc..
    Then we have CNN, real TV, its the spooky-est thing on TV.
    The big cuts of job is coming,we haven’t seen any thing yet!!
    so I welcome the Kardashian Show!! Im glad I have a tv and cable.
    Let get a partition together to make it an hour long show……lol

  57. James Ellis says:

    You can also sign our petition we have over 200k signatures—->

  58. Guemes Bill says:

    Does your life suck so much that TV has taken over? You watch only three episodes and you form an opinion on what is right for viewers….How pathetic, find something more meaningful in life to focus your efforts on. Sure the Kardashians are good at making money and the girls a beautiful, thats not a sin nor is it illegal…get over it.

  59. jimmie says:

    Probably pimpmama Jenner behind the threats -can’t stand to lose her Kash Kow.

    1. Notamused says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! You’re probably right! Kash-Kow, I love it!

  60. Amy91 says:

    I think its funny that there is a big white girl and 2 small brown girls. Its like an oreo cookie

  61. rockysfan says:

    I’m totally a Kardashian hater. This family is absolutely disgusting and if Kim didn’t plan this whole wedding debacle she’s dumber than I thought. I think she thought she could out do Khloe, sorry missy, Khloe has it all OVER you! Go home, go away. What’s the website for the petition?

  62. Obamamustgo2102 says:

    Wow the one on the left needs to visit a gym more often…

  63. stevo says:

    Am I wrong, or did no one know who these people were until Kim made a home made porno that got leaked to the public?

  64. bigbambu6 says:

    F@ck the Kardashians…………they all suck! even fake face Bruce Jenner!

  65. yomamma says:

    You bunch of HATERS!! You’re the idiots for watching their programs! I’ sure no one is twisting any part of you. It’s called BUSINESS, this is what most of americans do. YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN IN LIFE! This family is marketing their line of what ever they believe will sell/fashion. Why are you just picking on them? How many reality families don’t have a line of something?? Go out and do something useful in your community- go volunteer somewhere. Stop being stupid and ignorant.

  66. yomamma says:

    Damn Snider she looks like she’s in her late 50’s! Fat ass ungly four eye monkey! no wonder she hates these girls. Hmm, wonder if she’s one of those so called “CHRISTIANS”?

  67. Gary T says:

    I do not care what Hollywood promotes. Decent people will not send thier money to Hollywood. Did not one of the Kardashion girls appear in prono movies? I do not hate them, I just hate what they stand for!
    Boycott all of Hollywood’s material, not just the Kardashions!!

  68. Charlie K says:

    Big Deal!
    This Kardashian is just a woman with big tits, big mouth and low moral.

  69. Troy says:

    LMAO…it goes to show the world we live in, people are doing petitions to boycott a nobody and others doing petitions boycotting the boycotters, when there are so many important issues in the world like the future of our children, schools, the economy, world hunger, world peace, the ozone layer, cancer, AIDS, Wall Street, Washington D.C., and people are angry over the Kardashians being on Television – what exactly is this family doing to anyone’s life, better yet how do they affect your everyday lives, are they taking money from your family, taking food off of your tables, downsizing and releasing you from your jobs. WOW.

  70. Mary says:

    I Love the KARDASHIANS Show! it’s Great Entertainment on E!, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  71. Priscilla says:

    Enjoy the Kardashians Show and love the Kardashian Kollection at Sears,
    looking forward to watching the New Season.

  72. Ja Jada Jade says:

    Maybe if Cindy Snider lose some weight and grow her hair longer then she will have a boyfriend. Stop being so jealous of Kim.

  73. Jeremy says:

    Almost all of these “reality” shows are staged. The only appealing thing about the Kardashians is their looks. Once you get past that, they are trash. Get them off the network, and replace them with more Tosh.O!

  74. Jorge says:

    The 3.5 million people who find “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, I pitty them, because they need to get a life.

  75. Jan says:

    Do you realize that when you go to sign the petition, and ad for Kris Jenner’s QVC clothing is on the page? Irony or Kardashian konspiracy??

  76. Ted Turner says:

    Just take “E” of TV!!!



    1. kacy says:

      Quit yelling. Do you know your parents spelled your name wrong? Hm… maybe that explains the yelling.

  78. donna says:

    Kardashian’s are a family that glamorizes immoral behavior. in their earlier years of the show i remember an episode where the 2 younger sisters were messing around with a stripper pole and raising up their blouses when their brother and a friend was babysitting them. how sick! where was child protective services? but no they are the kardashians and its ok. look at how these women curse their mother. telling her f..k you go to hell, yelling at her and bruce. khloe told ther to suck a d..k. do we want trash like this on our televisions? dont buy their merchandice lets break the kardashian bank.

  79. Deja says:

    I think the people who are saying “change the channel” are missing the point completely. When you “change the channel” what you are doing in effect is abdicating your personal responsibility as a member of this society. Why not air the workings of a slaughter house 24/7. I’m sure there are LOTS of twisted people in this world who would just love to see that and have it at their disposal at will. Don’t like it? Don’t want to watch it? Then change the channel. Our country has become a form of the Catholic church when it comes to child abuse. Just change the channel and it will all go away……………….NOT REALLY.

  80. roz says:

    This woman needs to get a real life. Leave the Kardashians alone.This woman needs to watch less television.

  81. kacy says:

    For anyone who thinks Kim is pretty, wipe off the makeup and see she’s really just plain. But seriously, if we were to petition for a show to go off tv, how about “bridezillas”? Really, do you know anyone so nasty and self-centered to act like that? If so, sorry about your luck! If I were a man, I’d run hard and fast!!!

  82. Yolanda says:

    Ms. Snyder is to be admired not be threatened. Get those trashy people out of TV, they do not deserve to be seem much less on tv. There are people that are just sick of these reality tv shows that have no talent. You might as well keep the old western tv shows and I Love Lucy, Gomer Pyle, etc. Some shows with values and morals that are good examples of how America was shaped, not this kind of trash and gold diggers.

  83. Jasmine says:

    There is nothing wrong with what Amanda said. Stop wasting time on a stupid petition about these girls, and focus your energy on a petition that matters. The Kardashians are relevant because people make them relevant. Far more people watch their show and like it than the few that will sign this ridiculous petition. As long as millions of people watch their show and buy their products, they aren’t going anywhere. So if you don’t like it, don’t watch and leave the people alone that do. Make a change where it matters. Kardashian haters are outnumbered. Not to mention that there are so many other horrible shows on t.v. that Keeping up with the Kardashians looks like Sesame Street now days. So to repeat Amanda, GET A LIFE!

    1. Srmartinez says:

      you are so right, petition the tv stations for putting worse shows than this on. I remember when MTV was music videos, now they have all these stupid shows on. Petition that!

    2. Romel Pasaoa says:

      You should take your own advice and get your own life, Jasmine. Are you one of the uneducated idiots who threw that woman death threats? It’s statements like yours that encourages fame for idiot porn stars to get when they don’t deserve it. It’s statements like yours that enoucrages 13-year old future porn stars to buy these idiots’ products. If the Kardahihos advertise that it is okay to jump in front of a train, would you encourage that? With your own grade school existence, I think you do. Dumb loser!

  84. Laura says:

    I agree with her 100%. The Kardasians have no values whatsoever. E and Ryan Seacrest please get them off the air!!

  85. uggs says:

    I agree with you, but please look at uggs.

  86. Srmartinez says:

    I believe it’s crazy to pick on E! So many tv shows are just as bad that should be cancelled, like family guy and that’s on a regular channel! Don’t watch the show. They are also aging and before you know it, they will be cancelled. Just let it be and go on with your life. Someone else will take their place anyway. And as for Kendra, at least she’s for real, you shouldn’t even compare her to the Kardashians. She was a playboy bunny and has changed her life. What about the Duggars 19 Kids n counting? Sister wives? Everyone jumps at the chance to make some money, how much will Cyndi make when televison calls her for an interview or when she decides to write about why she started this mess? If the Kardashians don’t have morals then they’ll have to answer to The Man when the time comes. There are better things to do Cyndi than to create hate. We have too much of that already!

  87. Alexa says:

    Why didnt you create a petition to make president Obama make the life of the troops
    (the people that truly cares about this country) a little bit better? so they can have purified water, so they can get loundry done every week not every month? Or why dont you create a petition to help in some kind of way to stop or at least try to stop all the hunger in our country ? You all are a waste of time and life!! Worrying about this when clearly there are MORE I M P O R T A N T Things to worry about than the Kardashians!

  88. Cyn says:

    This woman is jealous and that is the main crux of her complaints. I am from NYC and live in Cheyenne Wyoming not to far from Denver and if you lived here you would understand why women here are so petty and jealous. I get this all of the time because I take care of myself, work out, eat right and do not smoke and drink, these women are homely and over weight and women like the Kardashians just remind them of their short comings.

  89. Cyn says:

    I am 47 and this woman looks 10 years older than me!

  90. Jamie says:

    Cyn, picture please….. bet you look just the same as she does, 47 ! Mirror needs to be cleaned or replaced.

  91. Joyanna says:

    mediocre little rich girls…what do they do? What do they contribute? What are they good for? Attention? Do something to earn attention. Nose jobs, trainers, cosmeticians, stylists, etc. and they want attention!. They’re neither pretty nor smart, nor are they talented, unique, graceful, well-spoken, educated, interesting, outstanding, giving, caring, compelling, funny, witty, kind, skilled, poised, gracious, strong, generous, helpful, humble…I could go on but I’m bored by the subject matter. That said, they are great role models for girls who want to become completely useless adults and take up space in this crowded world.

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