DENVER (AP) – The Colorado Supreme Court rejected proposed state legislative districts aimed at making more races competitive on the basis that they were not “sufficiently attentive to county boundaries.”

The ruling Tuesday means an 11-member bipartisan commission has until Dec. 6 to modify and resubmit the maps. The court heard arguments against the maps last week from some of the state’s largest counties, including Arapahoe, Jefferson, Weld, Douglas and El Paso counties.

Representatives from the counties told the court many counties were unnecessarily split.

The maps the commission submitted seek to make a third of state Legislature races competitive next year. Democrats control the Senate and Republicans the House.

The once-a-decade process to redraw legislative districts to account for population changes impacts the Legislature’s balance of power for years.

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  1. Matt Arnold says:

    The Colorado Supreme Court was correct to reject the maps created at the 11th hour by the Colorado Reapportionment Commission’s chairman, Mario Carrera, then approved by a hasty vote without benefit of public review or comment.

    The maps failed to meet the criteria set forth in the Colorado Constitution, particularly the requirement to maintain county integrity where possible, and the eleven challenges filed by county governments around the state were inevitable.

    Clear The Bench Colorado had the most complete and accurate coverage of last week’s hearing by the court, and even predicted the outcome (down to the 4-2 margin of decision):

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