DENVER (AP) — Colorado Sen. Mark Udall says officials responsible for mishandling remains of Americans killed in Afghanistan should be fired, put on trial or both.

Udall said Thursday he was horrified by Air Force revelations that a military mortuary twice lost body parts of war dead shipped home from Afghanistan.

Udall, a Democrat, is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The Air Force operates the mortuary in Dover, Del. Three mortuary supervisors have been punished but no one was fired.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered a review of the mortuary. Panetta’s spokesman has said additional disciplinary action is possible.

Gen. Norton Schwartz, the Air Force’s top general, told Congress on Thursday that he takes personal responsibility for the incidents.

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  1. Drew says:

    I disagree, according to what was reported, the “Lost Body Parts” were some ankle bone fragments and a very small 1″ or so piece of flesh. Hardly what I would consider to be body parts, maybe bone fragments is a better term. Unless he knows more than we the public know; and he might, I would not be putting these people on trial and firing them. We have way to much over reaction as it is.

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