WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are investigating a party that happened the same night as a deadly crash that killed two teenagers in Wheat Ridge.

Investigators will look to see who may have purchased alcohol for underage drinkers.

“We’re trying to determine if in fact alcohol was provided to people who were underage,” said Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis.

As of right now alcohol is only being looked at as a possible factor in the crash that happened early Sunday morning at 28th and Oak in Wheat Ridge.

Rain Walsh, 17, and Tyler Lovell, 18 died in the crash. Two others were critically injured. A Twitter feed for Andre Lang, 19, states he has undergone four surgeries.

Police believe all four teenagers were at a party in a neighborhood near 13th Avenue and Pierce before the accident.

“We’re aware of the location that it took place, we are in the middle of talking to neighbors, other people who may have been at that party,” said Davis.

Investigators won’t confirm whether any of the teens were drinking but people in the neighborhood where the accident happened said they saw an empty beer box near the wreckage.

“There was evidence of alcohol on the ground and around the car,” said witness Kathy Plummer.

Police said if anyone served the teens alcohol they could be facing two different charges; one of them is a fourth degree felony for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which carries a sentencing guideline of two to six years in prison.

In addition to criminal charges, someone could also be held responsible for the crash in civil court.

“You’re letting yourself in for civil litigation that people don’t consider sometimes,” said Davis.