DENVER (AP) — Denver supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement say they’re temporarily moving their protest location out of respect for a Veterans Day parade and marching in front of downtown banks this weekend.

Protesters have been stationed across the street from the state Capitol for weeks but group members say they’ll move Saturday to give space for the parade honoring veterans in Civic Center Park. Protesters say they’ll be across from downtown’s Federal Reserve building until Sunday or Monday.

Group member Jason Roth says protesters will march in front of downtown banks Saturday and urge people to close their national bank accounts and transfer to local credit unions.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore planned to visit the protesters in front of the state Capitol Thursday. He’s also visited protesters in other cities.

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  1. Jean says:

    These people down town do not realize how much they are costing Colorado. If they want to protest do it by mail. You can sleep on the cement and get cold but what you are doing is stupid Denver has to pay for your actions ,this does not help our goverment, this does not help you. We all know what has happened but what you are doing does not help this cause.

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