GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)– Greeley residents are shoveling out of some of the deepest snow to hit Northern Colorado. There was so much snow, the University of Northern Colorado cancelled classes on Wednesday.

Tree limbs and power lines are down and still falling across the city, leaving smashed cars and damaged roofs. Classes were cancelled on the UNC campus because of concerns about the danger of falling branches.

“Trees started coming down around 1 in the morning. It definitely woke us up,” said UNC Student Miya Rahn.

Rahn is one of 35,000 people in Greeley without power.

“The power, it just made that “click” and turned off and we haven’t had it since 11 o’clock last night,” said Rahn. “No heat and no food, how are we going to cook food? So we just have to bundle up and eat PB&J.”

Xcel Energy said about 20,500 customers in their service area in Greeley have lost power. The additional amount without power is covered by a rural electric company.

Amidst the cleanup there is the sound of cracking and breaking tree branches.

“Just a bunch of cracks everywhere. You just year a bunch of snow falling. Then after that it’s just a big boom and you hope it’s not your car,” said UNC Student Manuel Castillo.


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