DENVER (CBS4) – Controversial cuts to RTD service were approved Tuesday night after a late night vote by the Board of Directors.

Tuesday night’s meeting included a public comment portion that last more than 2 hours as people protested the cuts.

RTD says the cuts will save an estimated $11 million. The bus service would be replaced by the Regional Transportation District’s Call-n-Ride service.

Many in the blind community who attend the Colorado Center for the Blind say the reduction in service of the 401 route in Littleton means their lifeline to the rest of the world will be cut off. They also say the move takes away their independence.

Despite the protests the board passed the proposal.

The cuts and reductions in service will go in to effect in January 2012.

Comments (8)
  1. Hilary Laufle Osborne says:

    Is the RTD serving the public or itself?

    1. Jake says:

      It is trying to stay financially viable, having the program go bankrupt only means more cuts in service throughout the metro area. If you are opposed to the cuts in service then you should be the first one to vote for a tax increase to fund the service (something I support) as well as fare hikes. It is important to remember that just because it is run by the city doesn’t mean the general fund should have to always make up shortfalls on programs that are meant to be self sustaining.

  2. not your bussiness says:

    greed greedy and greedier you serve yourselves not the needy and the dissabled which the buses system is meant for what blnk do you need to save millions for anyway cooperate greed of course

  3. not your business says:

    to jake raise taxes raise taxes what good does this do when are wages are 2 years behind these tax raises keep taking from the poverty level and give more to politacal dinners and all ceo yearly bonuses where does raising taxes really get the needs of poor and disabled just poorer and more disabled of transportation

    1. Jake says:

      You obviously would rather rant on this board with broad incoherent talking points then have a rational conversation about the article. If you are just looking to hear yourself talk please do so without filling up space that can be used to have actual meaningful disussions.

  4. Robert says:

    Gee! WHy don’t they just buy cars a d drive to where they need to go?

  5. Alicia says:

    But it’s ok to put on a ballot a huge tax increase to fund illegals in schools, but let’s not help working taxpayers who are blind.

  6. Private says:

    You need to correct your story. The board actually RESTORED certain service originally slated to be cut, in response to the complaints from the blind community. The Denver Post and 9News got it right. You did not.

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