At 17 months – Elle is hard to catch, literally.

 She runs everywhere; around the house, outside the house, down the street … you get the picture.

 So why would the pumpkin patch be any different?

 I laughed out loud at myself for thinking I could get her to sit still long enough for us to snap some photos of her with the pumpkins and with us.

 Was it just last year I had to prop her up on a pumpkin to take a picture?

 Crazy, isn’t it?

 We did capture a photo or two, and we found the perfect pumpkins to carve this weekend.

 We visited the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Centennial.

They were as nice as could be and all of the money from the pumpkins is donated to charities.

  1. Justin Schick says:

    That was a good picture.

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