DENVER (CBS4)– Occupy Denver protesters showed no signs of leaving Civic Center Park on Sunday.

Several dozen activists were seen sitting, standing, holding signs and even sleeping on the sidewalk at Colfax and Broadway.

On Saturday, about 1,000 protesters marched through downtown Denver.

They movement started in New York last month. They blame corporate greed for the nation’s economic problems and claim they won’t stop protesting until there is major reform on Wall Street.

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  1. DL says:

    What does 47% mean? How many of the 47% are children, retired, disabled??? How many of the 47% are earning so little that they are under the threshold of paying federal income tax? Even if they aren’t paying fed income taxes, if employed they are paying social security and medicare withholding, not to mention the local taxes they are likely contributing. I pay taxes, and these people are out there to help all of us — even you. Too bad you can’t understand it.

    1. lat0505 says:

      what are you YOU not understanding?

  2. jdub says:

    I was in the area and stopped by to listen to some of them talk. They are talking some desperate measures. Should be fun to read once the news gets a hold of them. I also found it strange that one of the young rebellions there that was trying to moderate the meeting was wearing a skirt and another with an arab head dress. They seem to be some people to keep an eye on, but I’m sure the eye in the sky is already doing that. Kind of freaky if you asked me.

  3. Remove the Complacent Cowards says:

    To the anti-Americans who comment negatively about these people. I was one of them down there the other day marching. I’m a business owner in my late 40’s who has had it with being taxed to death. I’m being asked to raise my property taxes to cover more of govts mismanagement of money while my own head is barely above water.

    In case you haven’t looked lately, we have a 14 trillion dollar deficit, the country’s credit rating has dropped for the first time, Congress raised the debt ceiling, our bill with China rises, there are states that are talking about filing for bankruptcy, inflation is increasing, the dollar is worth less. Do you think it impossible for the dollar to crash? Do you think it impossible for this country to go into a depression? Do you think that China is not going to want a piece of our turf when we default on paying them back while we still borrow from them? Do you recall a little country called Tibet? It’s still not free. China is not giving it back. They want us, too.

    This is only scratching the tip of the ice berg with all of the problems that are going on in this country. These kids out there are taking the hit for cowardice dirt bags like you because they understand that their future is grim. No…their future is grave.

    But you…you hide your frightened little head in the sand like an ostrich, in denial, and have the nerve to ostracize these people who put themselves before the hazard. They are fighting your fight for you. They are smart enough to see what’s going on in this country and brave enough to do something about it. What can you say about your pathetic self? You are the trash. You are the teat sucker who’s not pulling his weight in this battle.

  4. denvervet says:

    I drove by, its a motly crew but I am glad they are protesting, what they are protesting about is not clear. Protesting does work, I am a child of the 60’s, I remember all the student protests.

  5. IDK says:

    @denvervet the above comment is a perfect example why we have an inexperienced loser in the white house –

    I am glad they are protesting, what they are protesting about is not clear.”

    are you serious?

    The problem is caused by the gullibility of those who sold their votes for the promises of irresponsible politicians.

    get a clue!

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