GOLDEN (CBS4) – Investigators are working on a follow up to the shooting death of a jail inmate during a visit to a medical clinic in Golden on Tuesday.

The shooting happened at the Golden Ridge Medical Center. The convicted felon, identified as Jesus Octavio Aguilar, 28, was having tests at the facility and his handcuffs were removed. That’s when police say he tried to escape and a deputy shot him.

aguilar jesus octavio 040483 from golden police1 Police Identify Inmate Killed Trying To Escape

Jesus Octavio Aguilar (credit: Golden Police Department)

“At some point, I don’t know, when either before, during or after the treatment the suspect attempted to escape by running away and then the deputy ended up shooting him,” Sgt. Ryan Custer with the Golden Police Department said. “Part of the medical treatment he was receiving he could not be shackled at that time.”

Witness Nickie Donnell was waiting for her husband, who was in surgery. She said she heard yelling and then a shot. Donnell was confined to a back room while police surrounded the building.

“I’m shaking and my husband was shaking because all he knew coming out of recovery was there had been a shooting and he was really scared for us,” Donnell said.

Confined to a back room for at least an hour while police surrounded the building, Donnell said someone eventually filled her in on what was happening.

“Then they finally came in and said that there’d been a convict who’d been shot and that they needed us to just stay back in there,” Donnell said.

escape map Police Identify Inmate Killed Trying To Escape

(credit: CBS)

Aguilar was in jail on a variety of felony charges. He died at Saint Anthony Hospital.

The sheriff’s department says the deputy’s name won’t be released until the investigation is complete.

  1. susan says:

    i believe they meant the officer’s name hasnt been released

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