LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Hundreds of college students have joined the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in Boston. They’re calling for an end to corporate greed and more education funding.

The movement started with a small group in Manhattan and is now into its 25th day. The protests have now arrived in Colorado.

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“I think it’s great. It’s been going on about three weeks; started with one city,” protester Ken Worthy said. “Now there are 3,000 cities around the world taking place; even Longmont.”

Much like the protests and rally’s across the country there’s not one unified message as people are gathering for a variety of reasons. Some are protesting corporate influence in government and others are frustrated about the banking bailouts.

One common theme seems to be that corporations and the rich are benefiting at the expense of most everybody else. Others are rallying for things like job creation and election reform.

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“Basically I’m against corporatism and government. I feel like democracy is a great system if it’s not controlled by corporations,” a protester said.

“We will never get our government back unless we get money out of the elections, because there is just too much big money in elections,” another protester said.

Tents and makeshift shelters have sprung up near the state Capitol as part of the local movement. About two dozen people are camping there.

There was also a “Take Back Wall Street” rally in Fort Collins Monday as some Coloradans are finding that this is a good place for them to express a variety of frustrations with corporations, money and the political system.

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Next up is an “occupy” protest for Boulder. That’s scheduled for this weekend.