DENVER (CBS4) – The federal government has announced that it will be cracking down on the medical marijuana industry in California, and supporters and opponents of medical marijuana in Colorado are paying close attention.

Late last week California’s four federal district attorneys announced that they will not allow large-scale, for-profit enterprises in the name of medical marijuana. (Full Story on

Colorado, like California, is one of 16 states where medical marijuana is legal under state law. Colorado also has one of the biggest medical pot industries in the country and so far the entanglement of federal and state rights over pot here hasn’t been too strong.

Brian Vicente, a spokesman for Sensible Colorado, told CBS4 he’s not sure how much Colorado might be affected by what’s happening in California.

“It was certainly very alarming,” he said. “It was one of the more bold and aggressive statements we’ve seen from the federal government on the issue of medical marijuana.”

Vicente said that landlords who are looking to rent out their spaces to medical marijuana businesses might be less likely to do so now. There might also be some new fears for registered patients in Colorado.

“For patients that are concerned that if they go into a store the federal government could show up, it’s going to give people pause,” Vicente said.

Sgt. Jim Gerhardt of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association told CBS4 he hopes this is the beginning of a domino effect.

“Professionally, I’m very pleased that they’re taking this action,” he said. “We would like to see more states engaged, including Colorado, in this exact same framework.”

California’s regulations are different from Colorado’s, but Gerhardt thinks momentum may be building for a widespread re-evaluation of medical marijuana dispensaries and the way they involved are prosecuted.

“If there is a crackdown in Colorado at some point in time, from my point of view, it could put the entire industry out of business,” Gerhardt said.

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  1. marie says:

    Remember Obama’s declaration to NOT use federal funds to go after the MMJ users and providers in states whose citizens had voted to make it legal??? I remember. There is a ground swell of others who will also remember that he has broken that declaration-come the next election.

    The US Attorney General’s office comes directly under our President. He can stop this and place our resurces where they are badly needed elsewhere. But it seems like those who’ve gone before him, he had become just another politician. I worked for his election and voted for him. He has now lost my vote!!!

  2. Bob says:

    It’s a ploy by the Federal Government to try and figure out a way to have total control over the industry they will partake in after finding out how well states have done so far with collecting taxes and fee’s they want all the money much like prohibition marijuana will be legalized by the federal Governmnet once they have all their ducks in a row I’m not a proponent or an oponent I’m just saying watch and see

  3. David says:

    drug investigator how about major ass hole Gerhardt should have a partial sex change so he can be self-serving…..

  4. denvervet says:

    I would like to know the real reason for this. They never gave a solid reason. Are the pot stores doing things they should not be doing? That would be my thought.

  5. tom says:

    that’s okay – the drug gangs will be happy to step up.

  6. Greta says:

    Im sick and tired of NMDTF sending out their best looking “model” type officer to brainwash our thinking. I’m so focused on Gerhardts good looks that I can’t even hear the news story!

  7. BOBBY says:


  8. ron jackson says:

    cp and all the rest of you simple minded fools should just stick your heads in the sand and leave well enough alone. the federal govt. has no right to tell states what they can and can’t do. to deny cancer patients or anyone with chronic pain any type of relief is crimminal. the first time thease federal fools have someone with a terminal illness close to them beg for some relief, will they then say it’s allright?

  9. frank says:

    Yes great news. Lets let the federal gov run rough shod over states rights. The feds can’t pay their bills and we have a skyrocketing unemployment number. The real number not the one that is being manipulated prior to being released and they want to put a whole industry that employs people and pays enormous amount of taxes. out of business

  10. Steve says:

    There are some people who actually have physical problems, can’t afford insuramce, and can’t find full-time work with benefits. Also, the medical marijuana industry is the only industry in Colorado that’s growing, creating jobs, and is heavily taxed. Your compassion is underwhelming, CP. Also, you can move to a state where you wouldn’t have to worry about this ‘scourge’.

  11. CP Connell says:

    GOOD NEWS!!! Stamp it out! It is a scourge.

    1. myright says:

      what right do you have to tell me what to do????????

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