DENVER (Denver Business Journal) – The Denver Post on Wednesday offered voluntary buyouts to its newsroom staff, saying it hopes to trim up to 20 positions, or about 8 percent of its news staff.

The Denver daily said it’s taking the action “because of financial pressures,” and that layoffs may be needed if not enough buyout volunteers step forward.

denver business journal Denver Post Offers Buyouts To News StaffRead more on the website of CBS4 partner the Denver Business Journal.

Comments (2)
  1. John says:

    How about we get rid of a couple of idiots named Tina Greigo and Mike Rosen.
    Those two are almost enough reason for me to cancel my subscription.

  2. Humberto says:

    Yeah, Griego has to go. But Singleton has set the liberalized tone and pace of the DP. His agenda didn’t work. So most likely the paper needs somebody with some fire who won’t pander to the liberalized elite in this town.

    Other dailies are making it but not without negative change. The Chicago Sun-Times farmed out its printing and most of its pre-press to the Trib. So those jobs are gone. Also, I got a serious problem with targeting the 55 and over crowd. Most likely those people will never work in journalism again.

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