TELLURIDE, Colo. (CBS4) – The hunt for two boys who went missing near Telluride is in its third day.

Christopher Ihinger, 12, and Danny Eberly, 14, disappeared Sunday. Ihinger’s father and a friend were rock climbing near Gypsum Gap at the time.

The boys opted against doing the climb and stayed near a river close to the base of the rock and near the group’s pickup truck. When the men returned, the boys and the truck were gone.

Aaron Ihinger says his son Christopher isn’t really an outdoorsy kid but he wanted to go along on Sunday and brought his friend along.

The men said they had the boys in view for all but the last 15 minutes of the climb and when they could see the area again the boys and the truck were gone.

The sheriff’s department is using ATVs, a helicopter and a plane to search the rugged terrain.

Ihininger’s climbing partner says he saw another another car in the area.

“Perhaps there was another party there, perhaps someone stole the vehicle, perhaps there was foul play,” Ihinger told CBS4.

Ihinger said the hours and days since the disappearance have been gut wrenching. “We just want our kids back,” he said.

The description of the missing vehicle is a 2007 white Ford crew cab. It has four doors and the license plate 801RBH.