DENVER (CBS4) – Publicized cases of excessive force are taking center stage as Denver searches for a new police chief.

Mayor Michael Hancock took that search to the public and got quite an earful on Monday night at a town hall at Denver’s Manual High School.

The turnout may have been small at the meeting, but the suggestions were powerful.

People wrote their requests for the new police chief on sticky notes.

Some included taking immediate action when officers get out of line, and having zero tolerance for police brutality.

The parents of murdered teen Kenia Monge of Aurora asked for better policing downtown.

“It’s going to happen again, and I would like a police chief who is going to be very proactive in enforcing the laws downtown,” Monge’s stepfather Tony Lee said.

A total of 61 candidates from across the country have applied for the position.

Hancock says there is no timeline for filling the job.

Gerry Whitman, the current police chief, has agreed to remain in his position until a successor is chosen.