CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – The United States paid more than $2 million to get Raymond Davis out of Pakistan. Now the CIA contractor faces felony charges of assault in Douglas County after he allegedly got in a fight over a parking space.

Davis was working for the CIA in Pakistan when he was arrested after killing two men. He claimed it was self defense.

Davis and the man he’s accused of beating, Jeff Maes, were both present in court on Tuesday. Davis was facing third-degree assault charges, but the charges have been raised to second-degree assault and disorderly conduct, as well as a crime of violence.

Court documents indicate Davis admitted striking Maes first in a dispute over a parking space in front of a bagel store in Highlands Ranch. Maes was with his wife and children when the fight took place. He told investigators that he told Davis to “quit being stupid.” He said he was then hit in the face and fell to the ground and blacked out.

Charges against Davis were increased to a felony when it was found out that Maes suffered a broken back.

“It’s the allegations on the second-degree assault; the elements of the offense are causing serious bodily injury. The elements of third-degree assault are causing bodily injury; it is the distinction between those two different elements, which is the distinction between the charges,” Douglas County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Rich Orman said.

Jeff Maes in court on Tuesday (credit: CBS)

Orman wouldn’t comment on any similarities to the assault and when happened with Davis in Pakistan.

A witness claimed Davis calmly told Maes, “I was waiting for that spot and it wasn’t right of you to take it.” The witness said Maes replied, “I have a family and I’m not going to look for a spot all day.”

A deputy said Davis told him, “I don’t understand how he can hit me five times and I’m the one going to jail.”

In court the prosecutor tried to convince the judge that Davis should not be allowed to carry a gun while free on bond. He brought up the Pakistan incident saying that, “That could potentially be a dangerous situation if Davis is allowed to have a gun now.” It was ruled that Davis can continue to carry a gun for his job.

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  1. kat derlow says:

    Clearly this is a guy who can’t hold his own.

    But whats the update on the case?
    cant find nothing

  2. WK says:

    When I first heard about this I was all for shipping Davis back to Pakistan and asking for a refund of the 2 million dollar payoff.

    But, if you look around, I think you will see there is more to the story – including conflicting witness testimony.

    At this point, imo, Maes was being a jerk.
    Davis confronted him and things got crazy.

    I’m going to withhold further judgement until more facts come out and I hope everyone else will do the same.

    1. Joe says:

      I agree with that. It’s ironic as heck, but it appears that Maes started off as a bully here and it didn’t pan out for him.

      1. Bobby says:

        Actually, it sounds as if Raymond is carrying on the behavior he exhibited in Pakistan, violent and reckless. Maes seems to the clear victim here.

      2. Phil says:

        Bobby, were you there? Are you one of the witnesses? Seems to me one guy started something he couldn’t finish. Sad that people who don’t know how to land a punch are automatically the victim.

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