CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (AP) – Three Douglas County men have been given stiff fines after they were caught reselling Colorado big-game licenses on Craigslist.

The three were convicted of aggravated illegal possession of wildlife after they were caught offering prospective clients the opportunity to hunt trophy Colorado elk and deer without a license for fees ranging up to $3,500.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said Monday that Zachary Morrow was sentenced to two years’ probation and fined nearly $22,000. Gary Morrow and Jacob Morrow were placed on two years’ probation and fined more than $9,000.

Authorities said clients were accompanied by the license holders and allowed to kill the animals. Under Colorado law, only a legal license holder may shoot a game animal.

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  1. TheTruthWillSetYouFree says:

    These articles are so ridiculous and one-sided. If you would like to know the truth read this:
    First, the Morrow family is a close, loving, ethical, proud family who happens to love hunting, which has been passed down for generations. (AND THEY JUST HAPPEN TO BE INCREDIBLE, ETHICAL HUNTERS!) After generations, Jake and Zach, both being very entrepreneurial, looked into offering guides since they knew they were able to get hunters to big game animals that some hunters may not see in their lifetime. In 2009, with the economy being in such bad shape, they decided to offer up their own legal tag for that year (not allowing them to hunt that year, but to allow someone else to use their ONE tag to possibly get an animal of a lifetime). THAT and ONLY THAT was the crime that everyone is speaking about. They used their legal tag and sold it to A hunter (each of them) and guided these two hunters on the hunt of their life. (THE BEST PART OF THIS WHOLE THING IS THAT ONE OF THE TWO HUNTERS WAS ACTUALLY AN UNDERCOVER GAME WARDEN AND HE WAS THE ONE THAT ACTUALLY SHOT THE ANIMAL! He certainly did not need to do that, nor did he need to drink beer to celebrate after and then drive home.) They plead guilty for this one misdemeanor, paid their fines, and did their community service. THAT WAS IT! But, the DOW decided they wanted to try to bury the Morrow family by bringing their own DAD into this whole process. Just because the boys happen to take their game to their own Dad’s ranch, and because Gary has always helped his sons hunt when he could (even though he had nothing to do with these two hunts). Gary had even heard about his boys doing this well after their hunts were booked and told them it was a very bad idea and they should not do it. Not to mention the family would not be able to hunt together that year, which never happened until 2009. But, the DOW wanted to get the whole family, so basically told Gary he would have to plea the same deal as his boys or they were going to give his own boys felonies or a much stiffer sentence. He agreed, even though there was no evidence that he had anything to do with it. As a matter of fact there were false statements made that are now being looked into with the Case that Gary filed after the guilty pleas where completed. Gary’s hands were tied and he was basically blackmailed to plead guilty because his hands were tied and he is a FATHER first and did not want his boys to go without hunting with their children later in life. Gary had to wait until that case was finalized before getting the actual truth out. Now his hands aren’t tied and the truth will be set free!! They are talking about 3 separate elk here, one of which was shot on Gary’s property while Gary was in Cabo on a cruise. How on earth should Gary pay for that when his son shot the elk on his own property with a legal tag, for the season? Families have been known for years to let someone in the family shoot and put which ever tag is legal on the animal (whoever’s name is on it). Everyone knows it happens even though it is also against the law, but really, are we just getting ridiculous? Every time I hear the words poaching, criminals, or this has been going on for years, it just makes my stomach sick. The truth will come out and it will certainly not reflect well on the DOW!!

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