DENVER (CBS4) – A group of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday.

The protesters say it’s time for everyone to join forces and make sure the government hears a unified message.

“The right thing has not been heard. People need to realize that singularly we’re vulnerable; unified we’re invulnerable. They’ve forgotten that. Workers of the world unite. There’s no other way to fight corporations,” protester Kit Karbaler said.

Protesters say people are frustrated with the government.

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  1. stan warwick says:

    the authorities have my permission to use their billy clubs and pepper spray on these losers

    1. Larry Cerney says:

      Ahhh, a freedom fighter for “We, the Multinational Corporations of the World”.

    2. jackie says:

      You must be in the 1% or watching too much faux news

    3. john says:

      yes stan they are right about it becoming bigger and worse. but see at that point both you and them stand to see what you each want. the more people involved the better for them, which would result in higher tensions and more chance for riots and a need for more force.

      The only language that all humans speak is violence. One person cannot make a change unless the act, peaceful or not, must be large enough to impact both sides.

      then agian i’m just doing this to pass time. had i not known of this i would be doing something else because i dont really care and it hasnt changed my life in any way i can see.

  2. denvervet says:

    Something tells me they are going at this all wrong. Legislation is probably the way to go but, at least they are getting their point accross. I don’t beleive it will be very effective but I could be totally wrong.

    1. Larry Cerney says:

      denvervet, The problem is there is NO chance of meaningful legislation when both parties are bought by the “Ruling Elite”, the 1%ers. None!

      We’ve had the Arab Spring, are we ready for the American Spring?

  3. Bette Rose says:

    This will be intersting to watch. The far left will jump on the band wagon and blow this thing up for all it’s worth. What started as a peaceful demonstration among a few clueless college students will explode into angry mobs of far left radical extremists across the nation. And even though radicals are relatively few in number, the Blame Stream media will play it for all it’s worth in an effort to sway public opinion.

    1. Larry Cerney says:

      Bette, Did you say the same about those who took up the call for Small Goverment, No Taxes, shouted down people at town halls of healthcare reform as “Socialized medicine” and No Compromise and were ready to let OUR country default on the debts run up over the last 30 years? You know, those far right extremist the Tea Party?

      No, I didn’t think so.

  4. Robert says:

    It is best to educate yourself before voicing an unjust opinion over something you’ve merely skimmed. This is the revolution and its only just started and were already in the hundred thousands protesting GLOBALLY no longer just NY no longer just nationally but we are the voice of the people and no matter where you’ve lived the peoples voice has not been heard for too long. This action is for the people, the 99 %. We are fighting for YOU so before passing judgement on these amazing protestors please at least know what they are fighting for.

    1. Destiny says:

      They are trying to fight for you; Robert is right.
      You are prejudging them.
      The protests are world wide, and needed.
      And there are all kids of politcal stances within the groups. All kinds of people. Generalizations, are easy, but wholly accurate.

      The Protesters need to change their aim to: END THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM! and the BANKERS!
      Creating money out of thin air, by doing nothing but butting in, and printing is crippling US, We The People, the 99% and making the 1% rich.

      1. Destiny says:

        I meant inaccurate as a whole.

  5. Chris says:

    I love people like Bette there… If they are clueless then why are they out there? They must have some sort of clue don’t ya think? And sorry to break the news to you. It’s a hell of a lot more than “College Kids” . I was there myself Saturday. Not in college, bust my ass 6 days a week at work. A lot of the people there were older people with jobs that are fed up. Maybe some of you should take a trip down to the capitol. Maybe clear that aging wax from your ears, wipe the crusty sleep from your eyes. Then look around and listen to what we, they, us have to say (Or you can just sit at home on your butt and continue to believe what your feed by main stream media and the government,)… It’s really sad when two female kids ages 12, 13 come out in front of the group and speak. And both of them sound more educated on the issue than most of you so called educated adults. And they do not have jobs, bills or the worry of the adults. Yet they can clearly see whats going on and all they ask for is their future back. A future that has been bought and sold 10x over by Wall Street and big banks.

    As for Stan you really sure you want that? I mean look at N.Y. Because of the cops and their brutality, macing women and older lady’s already penned in by nets. And all that did was make the movement grow larger and stronger by the hundreds. If the cops come in like you want that just means it will get bigger. N.Y. Is proof of that. However the D.P.D. Told us on Saturday they had no issues with the protest. They were there to observe and stop any trouble makers. Which SURPRISE there was none. A few of those same officers also said they were on OUR side in this fight..

    Denvervet.. This can actually be very effective. For proof only look at the news over the summer of places like tahir square and other places. People took to the streets protested their governments and ousted them all. Why would that not be possible here? Remember it was your money, your 401k, retirement, pension and so on that has paid for the bailouts, wars and so on. While your losing your money to their greed. They are stuffing their pockets with the profits from it.

    1. Destiny says:

      Indeed, and do what you can to save now, because the 401k will be gone soon along with social security.
      Don’t say nobody warned you. You will wish you would have listened to the losers that “need to get jobs” and need to “get a life”
      Ironic, that’s what they’re all trying to do. Gain some life. Some freedom.
      Some security. And most of them work their ass off.

      There is a war to come. No one knows exactly who will fight who, but basically it’s the rich against the poor.

  6. Art Judd says:

    larouchepac dot com —- can save you time.

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