DENVER (CBS4) – Great strides are being made in Colorado in treating and preventing diabetes. The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Aurora is leading the way on several research fronts.

One new study could have a big impact in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

Julie Sklar is no stranger to having her blood drawn. It’s a regular occurrence as she takes part in a new study of Type 1 diabetes.

“This whole study has helped me feel so much better, so it’s all definitely worth it,” Sklar said.

The 15-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes just this year.

“Finding out news that you’re going to have a disease for the rest of your life is a shock, and something that I wasn’t ready for,” she said.

It’s also been an adjustment for the active high schooler.

“It’s part of every minute of your life. Your blood sugar’s always changing and you just have to be really aware of it (and) take control.”

Sklar took control by taking part in the study of a drug that may slow down the progress of Type 1 diabetes.

“We’ve had some people respond, using less insulin, better blood sugars, and overall just easier to manage Type 1 diabetes,” Dr. Aaron Michels with the Barbara Davis Center said.

The anti-inflammatory drug could slow the destruction of insulin making cells and allow the body to keep making insulin longer. Sklar went from needing five shots of insulin a day to needing just one.

“I had some awesome results. I’m only taking one shot a day, very little insulin, I’m feeling so much better,” Sklar said.

“If we’re able to maintain people making insulin hopefully for years after diagnosis, that would be a huge success,” Michels said.

The study is in the very early stages and will need a lot more time and testing, but doctors at the Barbara Davis Center are encourgaed by the early results.

LINK: Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes


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