Colorado Springs, Colo. (CBS4) – Firefighters in Colorado Springs are calling a 4-year-old girl a hero after she made a phone call that likely saved her mother’s life.

Katelyn Clibon’s mother, Melissa, has diabetes and the 4-year-old found her unconscious.

Katelyn couldn’t remember how to call 911 but she did know how to get a hold of her grandmother who then called for help.

With her mom by her side, Katelyn remembered the scary day.

“You were in the bedroom laying like this (laid her head down) with your face down on the head of the bed,” she recalled.

Katelyn’s mom knows just how lucky she is.

“Certainly done above and beyond what any little girl should do,” Melissa said. “Mommy’s hero and special little mouse.”

The Colorado Springs Fire Department has a different nickname for Katelyn, calling her “Little Hero.”

“She did something that most children aren’t going to know how to do,” fireman Michael Evers said. “And help her mom in a situation where Mom may not have been able to get help.”

Katelyn has since practiced calling 911 and the family now has an emergency red button on the phone to make things easier.

Fire officials say children should be taught how to call 911 about the same time they go to school.


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