DENVER (CBS4) – Police in Denver are investigating a fatal accident involving a light rail train and a pedestrian.

The incident happened around 1:03 p.m. at 24th and Welton streets in Five Points.

A witness told CBS4 while the train was stopped at the intersection a woman, who appeared intoxicated, ran up to the front of the train and began beating on the glass, asking the conductor to let her on board. The conductor motioned for the woman to move out of the way and once she did the train began to move again. Witnesses said the woman then somehow slipped and fell under the train and was dragged.

“She was trying to get on the light rail and the driver took off and somehow she got caught under there and we saw her rolling around,” witness Ryan Collins said. “I don’t know if she was completely underneath it but she got pretty twisted up.”

“She cleared the front of the light rail to the side and that’s when the driver started to take off slowly,” witness Mark Candelaria said. “She must have got hooked onto the side of the train and tumbled.”

The victim is described as a white woman in her mid-to-late 20s. She was transported to a hospital where she died.

Trains aren’t allowed to pick up passengers except for at designated areas.

A Regional Transportation District spokesperson said there have been five incidents at the intersection since 1996 with three involving vehicles and two involving pedestrians.

The D Line light rail service going north had to end at 18th Avenue and California Street for several hours while police conducted the investigation.

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  1. maranda says:

    if anyone is at fault here it is the rtd driver. an intoxicated person is actually being resposible by taking the lightrail. conductors are public servents and in being so are responsible for the public’s safety. the train should never have moved if someone was close enough to push the button or touch the train. the conductor should have gotten on the loud speaker and told her to step away from the train. shame on whoever wrote that she learned a lesson. Whoever you are you will one day learn your own lesson.

    1. tim says:

      the rtd driver is not at fault. It is sad this happened but people run up to these trains all the time trying to get doors opened once they are closed. as unfortunate as this is, people need to take responsibility for their own actions. You were not there and you do not know what happened. stop trying to lay blame.

  2. Andrew says:

    Well it sounds like the woman was at fault, if in fact she was drunk like the witnesses say,she probally learned a pretty tough lesson…Never run in front of a train while drunk.

    1. Denver Reviewer says:

      She did not learn anything, she died.

    2. mandlebrot says:

      Thank you @Denver Reviewer. She was my friend and although it was reckless this stretches far further then her “learning a lesson”

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