DENVER (CBS4) – The fate of an Iraq War veteran accused of killing his girlfriend and covering it up by staging a car accident is now in the hands of a jury.

The trial has been going on for three weeks.

Brittney Brashers and Robert Walters were having an affair. Brashers was found dead in her car with Walters last November after a car accident. Prosecutors say that the two had an argument earlier that day and that Walters beat Brashers to death and staged that wreck to cover it up.

In taped conversations Walters also told his wife that he killed Brashers and covered it up by wrecking the car.

Brittney Brashers (credit: CBS)

The defense argued that Brashers died in the wreck and that it can’t be proved she was killed before hand. They also say that Walters made up the story to his wife to scare her into leaving him because he didn’t love her anymore.


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