DENVER (CBS4)- Crews at Denver International Airport are cleaning up a sewage spill. The spill happened on Pena Boulevard over Labor Day weekend.

Tests have revealed fecal bacteria contamination at Third Creek. Signs have been posted near the creek warning people who live nearby. There is no confirmation the sewage spill is related to the creek contamination.

“We put a dam into place at our property line to stop the flow of water from leaving our property and it appears that has certainly been effective,” said DIA spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone.

DIA officials said the spill is not affecting drinking water at the airport. Environmental specialists are monitoring the water levels at Third Creek.

“We have gone out everyday and taken more samples to see if those levels are rising, if they’re declining, if they’re staying consistent. We found that they are declining,” said Schiavone.

People who live in the area are concerned.

“We have pets, so we worry because the pets do go in the water. Right now it’s dry, but we have standing water, too,” said resident Guadalupe Gallegos.


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