DENVER (CBS4)- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said the city will appeal a controversial decision to rehire two police officers. They were fired after beating a man in 2009.

Officers Randy Murr and Devin Sparks were investigated after the incident was caught on video. It shows Michael DeHerrera talking on a cell phone to his father when the officers threw him to the ground and struck him several times.

michael deherrera Hancock: City Will Appeal Decision To Rehire Fired Denver Police Officers

Michael DeHerrera (credit: Denver Police Department)

At first, the officers were suspended a few days without pay. Later, they were fired by the manager of safety at the time.

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On Tuesday, a civil service commission panel ordered the officers to be rehired. The panel said it’s illegal to change the original punishment.

“We will never tolerate the use of force or accept the use of force if we are to build the kind of trust in the law enforcement department that all hope to have and deserve in our great city,” said Hancock.

The mayor said the city will ask the commission to hold off on reinstating the officers pending an appeal.

When asked if he was angered over the decision, DeHerrera said he was dismayed, “I really thought we were in the stretch of things and that this would be over and done with.”

  1. Christine Chambers says:

    I agree that the city should appeal. Those two people DO NOT belong in a policemens uniform. They belong in jail for assuault and battery

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